Fox Body Rarity: 1986 ASC Mclaren Convertible

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On the surface, these ASC McLarens should have all the trappings of an instant collector car: limited production, improved performance, interesting looks and equipment – so why aren’t they more sought after? More than that, why do so many end up looking pretty tired, such as this example here on craigslist for $2,800? They were quick and certainly good looking for the era in which they were made, but certainly aren’t prized by any stretch. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Levi Andrus for the find.

While the 1980s weren’t kind to any performance cars, the ASCs – known then as American Sunroof Corporation – were actually pretty decent performers, which some engine and suspension enhancements that made them respectable performers. Still, this didn’t seemingly do much to move the McLarens up in the collector car foodchain, barely even registering next to classics like the Buick GNX and Saleen-modified Mustangs of the same era.

The seller notes that this ASC McLaren has tired cosmetics, including this strip of unsightly bodywork along the bottom of one of the doors. The construction of the McLarens was also significantly altered from stock, featuring a steeply raked windshield, custom tonneau cover and custom trunk lid, among other tweaks. Unlike so many other “performance” cars of the era that were barely warmed over versions of their stock selves, the McLaren cars were fairly radical compared to showroom versions.

One of the other major cosmetic issues of concern is the need of a new soft top, which has collapsed plastic windows at the rear corners. My worry with damage like this is whether water has gotten in, as it’s a lot harder to get out if it’s been outside for a prolonged period of time. Still, I can’t help but love the looks and those gorgeous basketweave wheels. Just make mine a hardtop and I’ll happily save a few grand off the asking price of a same-era Saleen. Anyone with me?

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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    I suspect this is a love-hate car. Either you love it or you hate it. I don’t know a thing about it so I’m probably one of the more indifferent ones regarding it.
    Being the body was apparently significantly modified, I suspect it would hard to impossible to find certain parts if needed.
    Before I’d even consider this is would have to have a very detailed inspection. What’s with the not so much as one engine of under body picture?

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  2. Jeepster

    ASC’s, Tojans, Zimmers, etc. In 1986 we would just point and laugh at these non factory custom wannabe’s as high school kids. One day we saw a firehawk, with the uglified screaming chicken & ha ha again until the owner tore into the throttle. WOW

    Barnfinds needs a writeup on these 1980’s “custom house” cars & see if us readers can find and submit some in our local Craigslist. That would be fun.

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  3. guy

    More intersted in the red Olds F 85 or at least I think it could be maybe Tempest?

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  4. Maestro1

    guy, I think it’s a Cutlass. As far as the ASC is concerned, i guess it’s interesting, after inspection try it at $1900.00 or under.

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  5. Scott Carey

    So, I had one of these, great driver, mine was an 86 White one. One of 3 exactly made the same, 5.0 FI, auto. Blue interior. Basically, a Mercury Capri….
    But, many parts were super obsolete, and, I was afraid if I ever damaged it…well. it was $3000 at purchase, and I sold it for $5,500 5 years ago. I miss it a bit in the summer.

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  6. Vincent Difilippo

    I own a1987 ASC McClaren. What people don’t know is that it’s the Ford convertible mustang lx 5.0 that McClaren took from Ford off the production line and made it look more like the convertible Mercedes-Benz of back then. All the parts come from ford except for the convertible top/motor and tonneau cover. Of course I molested mine as in any 5.0 with different headers and so on to make it quicker. My classic Insurance company values it at $25,000 with only 60,000 miles on it. Grab this one. One day you will see that it will be sought after since only under 3,000 over the years 1986-1992 were converted.

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  7. Wrong Way

    I like it, but like was said I would rather have a hard top! Never did care for soft tops!

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    • Suttree

      Seems like a new convertible needs a new top & a new set of tires right about the same time. The tires are a must and the top replacement is put on hold for another day.
      I think this is how convertibles with ratted out interior come to be in many cases.
      Rust, rotten top, scarce parts and the rest are forgiven with me at $1,000 on this one.

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  8. Troy s

    Different take on the 5.0, style seems aimed at a more sophisticated crowd compared to the fox mustangs and Capri’s of the time. Add claims quarter miles in the thirteens and fairly quick 0-60 times of around 5 seconds which would have been significantly better than my ’86 GT, interesting car.

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