Frank Sinatra’s 1985 Chrysler Lebaron!

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Often when we talk of the rich and famous it is easy to imagine a luxurious and even exotic machine. Frank Sinatra was seeking a low key and comfortable vehicle to be driven around in, and his pick was this 1985 Chrysler Lebaron Town and Country wagon. Although low key, this wagon is a turbo model, and is thought to have been the last car that Frank owned.  Coming up for auction in February, you could wind up being the proud owner of this famous wood applique machine. Check out the auction info here on H and H auctions.

Tinted to the hilt to conceal his identity, Frank was driven around Las Vegas for nearly a decade in this Labaron. From what we can see in the pictures this Chrysler is quite clean and original, but an aftermarket cassette deck has been installed which only seems right for the famous singer himself. There is even a Sinatra cassette and an Elvis cassette tape in the glove box.

Based on the overall condition, and having been Vegas bound for a decade, I would guess that this could very well be a low mileage machine. There are no specific details as of yet, but I am sure they will follow shortly as the auction draws closer. Quite clean, and having been owned by the famous Frank Sinatra, what do you think this Lebaron will sell for?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Matt G

    It will go for a song…

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    • MotorWinder

      ROTFL … good one!!
      nice pun to kick off the comments!

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    • Wrong Way

      And of course, a dance!

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  2. Ike Onick

    I wonder what the luggage area was used for?

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    • Sam61


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      • Francisco

        Frank drank Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

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  3. Mike

    Why have tinted windows? If people saw Frank driving, no way in hell would they think it’s him in THAT. Probably they would think he’s in a Vegas tribute show.

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  4. Mountainwoodie

    Kind of pathetic. Get Jon Voight’s convertible from George Costanza and have a stable of lame steeds.

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    • LMK

      Ha ha ha………

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  5. Tiberius1701

    Could The ‘Aftermarket Cassette Player’ be any more low rent? One would at least expect a Pioneer or Sony.

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  6. Martin

    There are 57 Frank Sinatra’s listed in the white pages, including one in Vegas….

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  7. Uncle al

    HAHAHA….this car has been on E-Bay on and off for a year now….guess people are not really interested in a RAT PACK car…

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  8. Bluetec320 Bluetec320

    I would have thought that Frank would rather have the Chrysler New Yorker, New Yorker.

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  9. Mark

    Now we know why Nancy opted to buy a quality pair of boots made for walking…..

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  10. Tom

    This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George bought Jon Voight’s LeBaron…… Hopefully this one wasn’t owned by Frank Sinatra the dentist too…

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  11. Del

    Frank was caught dead in this car.😂

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  12. Will Fox

    Take `ol blue eyes’ name off of it, and you have a $4300. winter driver. Maybe. And to me, that’s ALL this is.
    Seriously…..Sinatra was seen behind the wheel of this POS?! No way; maybe just his bodyguards.

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  13. Mike

    Frank was a spokesman for Chrysler in the early 80’s. There even was a 83 Chrysler Frank Sinatra Edition. Lee Iococca gave it to him . Frank has too much class and would never buy a POS like that!

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  14. Mike

    Correction: 1981 Chrysler Imperial FS Edition.

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  15. hatofpork

    The 1985 LeBaron. It Was A Very Good Year….

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  16. IkeyHeyman

    And one more for the road….

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