Free Delivery? 1956 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood


It’s got too many doors for some folks and it’s yellow, but this old Caddy listed here on eBay looks like a nice survivor and is a very well optioned car. Options include A/C, power windows, power steering, antenna and brakes, auto dimming headlights and even foot control for the radio. It’s very original, runs and drives and everything works. The chrome and stainless is in good shape and it is said to be rust free. It does need suspension and lots of interior work.


It will need a lot of help inside. It needs pretty much everything.


Things under the hood look unmolested and original. It could use some serious cleaning and likely a tune up and fresh rubber bits, but it runs and the tranny shifts smoothly.


This end looks really nice. The drivers side floor pan was replaced with a new OEM Cadillac pan and rust in the inner fender well by the battery was repaired. If this car is as good as described, it might not take much for it to be a nice driver. The work on the floor is suspect and likely will need to be redone and there might well be other rust repair work needed. It does look hopeful, though, if the buyer can live with the horror, shame and scorn of having two extra doors and likes yellow. Would this Cadillac be worth a look? What do you think it might be worth if there are no other serious issues? This looks like a car I might be able to sleep in, so I’m very tempted. My wife might even come to love and accept it and let me sleep indoors again eventually. Perhaps somewhere, “We all live in a yellow submarine” is playing and someone is imagining themselves at the helm of this grand old barge.


  1. roselandpete

    I still don’t understand why people are down on 4 door cars.

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    • Bingo

      Because they’re not cool. They’re grandpa cars. 2 doors are the single hip guy down the block cars. Overall styling on 2 doors is better also.

      Bring on the negatives, I love them!

    • Dovi65

      I don’t understand it either, and hate the phrase “too many doors”
      So … keep up the demand for cars with TOO FEW DOORS, that just means the prices for classic sedans, & wagons will remain realistic, & within reach of us with limited budgets
      #sedanlivesmatter #wagonlivesmatter

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    • Reggie

      Two doors or four doors it’s a cadillac it’s all good!

  2. Howard A Member

    Years ago, my old man had a building business and he had a regular painter named Lester, and Lester loved big Cadillac’s. ( How he could afford them on a shiftless painters salary was never discussed) He had a car very similar to this. I was just a kid, and it seemed like the Queen Mary to me. It was the 1st car I rode in with power windows, and I remember pinching my fingers in the back door window. It’s weird, this car looks ok on the outside, but a mess inside. Lot of work with these, but without question, the nicest car made in 1956. Lester knew his cars.

  3. Howard A Member

    Pop quiz. Does anybody know where the gas filler is on this car?

    • Stang1968

      Behind the taillight like many GMs of this era.

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    • Reggie

      The left rear tail light!

  4. Tom P.

    Under driver side tail light. It lifts up aon a hinge.

  5. Tom P.

    Under the driver side tail light
    Press reflector and lens pops up

  6. Stang1968

    Whats up with that replacement floor pan? It doesn’t look welded in. It looks like it’s held in with plastic filler. I’d be checking that out for sure.
    I’ve always had a soft spot for this generation of Cadillac. The Fleetwood would be an awesome cruiser, four doors or not.

    • Steve H

      I love old Caddies like this Fleetwood, 4 doors and all… but bondo holding in the replacement floor pan? Haven’t seen that one before.

  7. Trickie Dickie Member

    Interesting story I read online while back. A Chevy owner had his 1956 Bel Air two door hard top stolen from his driveway. Middle of the night, he didn’t know this until early morning. Several hours later the car was found in a self serve gas station way out of town. According to the station clerk, several guys drove in with the car, one came in and prepaid $20 for gas. Then the guys proceeded to walk around and around the car, rather excitedly he said. The another car pulled in, all the guys got in that car and left, leaving behind their stolen car and $20 for gas. Cops figured they didn’t know where to put in the gas. Big LOL please !!!

    • David Frank David Frank Member

      On the farm in New Mexico in the 1960s, we discovered our above ground gasoline tank had the lock cut and there was a large puddle of gasoline on the ground. We reported it to the Sheriffs Department. They commented that our neighbor’s old Cadillac had been stolen and found abandoned nearby with a strong smell of gasoline. It seems the thieves were clever enough to find the gas filler, but didn’t realize the Cadillac had been converted to LNG so the gasoline tank had been removed. I guess the thieves couldn’t take the fumes from the gasoline in the trunk and puddled in the spare tire well! Good thing no one was smoking! Records showed there was over 50 gallons missing from our tank!

  8. KO

    Sign me up for horror, shame AND scorn. Love this Caddy!

  9. Chris in Nashville

    I prefer the 4 doors. These are not sports cars and making people climb over to get in the back is a pain. If not for the impending move to Europe and the chance for a Tatra… I would be checking this out.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      As a current Tatra owner, and having owned several over the years, if you are heading over there, let me know. I have good contacts. My email is my name [At] [no spaces between first & last name].

  10. ccrvtt

    Grandpa had one of these. Back then Cadillac was the Standard of the World. Nothing cheap about them. The Fleetwoods were the pinnacle. They had that delicate chrome strip along the rear fender peak to make them instantly recognizable.

    Too bad about the dreadful state of the interior, but if all the hard parts are there (i.e. the truly substantial chrome bits) it would be nice to see a full resto going from the inside out.

    Oh, and it needs wide whites for sure.

  11. Coventrycat

    The hip single guy down the street is now a fat, balding, twice divorced old guy that looks like an idiot trying to stuff himself into a two door. Seen it at plenty of shows and cruise nights. Buy a car that fits. You ain’t 25 anymore.

  12. David Frank David Frank Member

    It’s always great to read that others like 4 door cars as well.

    No one as commented on the title, but in the Craigslist ad,, he says “I CAN DELIVER THE CAR TO YOU ALSO..NO CHARGE ……..ONCE ITS PAID IN FULL…..” He didn’t say locally, but surely that’s what he means. It’s a fun thought though.

  13. Rustytech Member

    Love it, four doors and all. I even like it in yellow ( at least it’s not pink ) was this an OE color for these as I don’t recall ever seeing it before? Another inexpensive family cruiser. Keep me comin.

  14. RJ

    My DD is a two door coupe. I find myself longing for a four door DD again. Much easier to open a rear door than fiddle with the tiny seat lever that often doesn’t work correctly to begin with from lack of regular use. Also fighting with the seat belt retainer that is attached to the headrest is a PITA.

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