Free Field Find: 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV

The words “free car” rarely have any association with a vehicle of even modest desirability, but it appears in this instance – at least for Alfa Romeo fans – there may be a chance to end up with a decent car for just the cost of transport (and your time). The seller mentions that this sorry looking Alfa Romeo GTV has been on his property since he owned it, and has decided it’s time for it to stop taking up space in his field in Big Bear City, California. The fly in the ointment is you have to grab it by February 25th in order to get it for the one-time cost of $0.00. Find it here on craigslist on the Inland Empire page.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Erik for the find. Free cars are always interesting to me, because there’s usually some story behind why the owner doesn’t want a dime for the thing. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the cars are pure garbage or so obscure that a very small part of the population would even be interested. I ended up having to do that with some parts I had stashed away for a very unloved project car I had sold, where the only way to get back the space they were taking up was to give them away. This, on the other hand, is a vehicle that more than a few folks would like to own, so Id’ have little issue with the seller asking $500.

However, there is undoubtedly joy that comes with getting rid of an eyesore and not having to do a damn thing for it other than writing an ad and opening the gate. There’s a good chance the interior is completely roached given the Alfa has been sitting exposed in an open field for ten years, and God knows how many years before that since the seller bough the property with the car on it. The sun has clearly done a number on the paint, which likely wasn’t that nice to begin with. This generation of the Alfetta was a low point of sorts for the model, as it was strangled by emissions requirements and the huge federally-mandated safety bumpers.

Still, they are cars that will generate approving nods and smiles at any classic car show, and there’s a decently-sized enthusiast community for the model that should make parts sourcing a breeze. Given the GTV has resided in a dry, desert-like community for over a decade, I doubt rust is a major issue, which has certainly killed off plenty of these cars in the past. Plus, with the right wheels and mild lowering kit, this Alfa will look quite sharp. The only obstacle I see is if the seller lives in a hard-to-access area, which may factor into his decision to offer it up for free. Would you make the trip to Big Bear City to grab this free Alfa Romeo?

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  1. Mark_K Member

    I see a couple problems with this car.
    1. No title. California is a title state, so no title is a big issue.
    2. Rust. Big Bear City is a ski resort, so there could easily be rust issues.

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    • Doyler

      I saw this earlier on craigslist and it piqued my interest. What are the difficulties about title? I do live in California and one thing I’m curious about is situations like this which I sometimes see.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Those wheels are really cool,& could be worth it
    to take the car.
    Because of the lack of title,this is probably a parts car.

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    • Steve R

      Check the DMV’s website.

      Steve R

      • Phlathead Phil

        It ONLY needs to be out of the system and not reported as stolen.

        You can do a title/ VIN search for little dinero.

        After that a vin verification by an independent DMV Registration agent (and there are many) and a Bill of sale with a motorized affidavit and you are good for a title once you PAY.

        Key word here is PAY.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        That should be ‘Notorized’ not ‘motorized.’ Damn auto correct.

        Revenge of the Nerds is what auto-correct and auto-spell is all about. They are never gonna let the H.S. Bullies making phun of them for wearing pocket protectors in math class!!

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  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Oh my gosh, an old dilapidated, worn out, weather beaten, field find that doesn’t have a 5 digit starting price! I don’t believe it! Seriously though, this is a good deal for someone’s restoration as a parts car. I am sure the usable parts on this are worth the hauling cost.

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  4. gaspumpchas

    if I ws closer I’d be on my way with my trailer. As bluetec said, nice to see a free one once and a while, instead of expensive rust buckets that shouldnt be fixed. Good luck and stay safe!

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  5. Steve Clinton

    What’s free today will put you in the poorhouse tomorrow.

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  6. Frank Sumatra

    Appears to be worth every penny.

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  7. Derek

    I’d have that. Cannae take as hand luggage tho’…

  8. chrlsful

    it stopped/sat there 4 a reason. Sacrilege tho (these are fun to wrk on, drive’n sell). 1st I’d see if it would start, dx the ‘leave it’ reason. A day or two (even if 20 hrs) spent right there – would tell me if worth a drive off or get the tilt-bed. Can U say “HotHatch”? a bent6 of just over 1 tun w/transaxle 5 speed? How else can U have both fun AND lotta swears at once than a road side restart after a decade or 2 of sitting? A real sense of accomplishment !

    Now – Cali? really don’t wanna mess w/that. Don’t U have to pay all sorta fees for the yrs it was not run, if an in-state re-register, even w/change of ownership? The re-titling also a hassle (Cali again) but not as much ofa deal killer.

    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Your post was very difficult to read (& decipher).

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  9. Howie Mueler

    Deleted now.

  10. Araknid78

    kinda sad

  11. Bill McCoskey

    Likely ad was deleted because some adventurous [or crazy] person grabbed this car with a trailer or rollback truck.

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