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Yes they are rusted out and incredibly rough, but when was the last time you were offered a pair of Jeeps? The owner isn’t sure what year they are, but by the looks of them they are CJ3s (I’m no Jeep expert so please correct me if I’m wrong). They have decided to clear out their yard and just need these gone ASAP, so if you are in Lodi, New Jersey and want a free pair of Jeeps, you can find this pair for free here on craigslist. Special thanks to Tom M for this great tip!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. JW454

    You can’t beat the price on these.

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  2. jim s

    money to be made on these if you do not ship them to far. great find.

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  3. Walter Joy

    3A I believe

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  4. Steve

    M38 military jeeps, I believe. Not civilian windshields.

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  5. Steve

    Looking at more pics. 3a is correct.

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  6. hhaleblian

    Play some CCR Lodi when backing the trailer up to these beauts. If you’re under 60 I understand if you don’t understand.

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  7. alphil

    The red one is a CJ2A.The 3A has a higher hood to make room for the F-head engine(4 valves in the block like a flat head,4 valves in the head,like an over head with valve cover).The other one is probably the same,but (I’m stretching here)it does look like it has the black-out running lights(directionals/parking),in which case it could be an “M” or military designation.I believe those were 24 volt.Boy I wish those were in Atlanta

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    • Rustowner

      The CJ3b is the model with the noticeably higher hood line to fit the F-head motor. CJ2a’s and 3a’s look very similar. Main visible differences between 2’s and 3a’s is the taller and more rounded windshield frame and the C- channel frame on the 3a’s. These both look like 3a’s.

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  8. Rick

    They’re both CJ2As; 3A hood is distinctively higher as was pointed out by alphill

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    • Rustowner

      Negative. CJ3b’s have the high hood, not the 3a’s.

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  9. Todd Zuercher

    They’re both obviously 3As. Come on guys – the 3Bs have the high hood for the F-head engines. The 2As have the split windshields. The M38s look like 3As but I don’t see any of the distinguishing military characteristics (blackout lamps etc) of them on these trucks. In any case – free is awesome.

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    • Rustowner

      I agree with you. Windshields from 3a’s often end up on 2a’s, so that makes it hard to tell sometimes. CJ3a’s have one piece stamped C-channel frames unlike the 2a’s which are welded together from many pieces. One can usually tell the frames apart just from looking at the front frame horns, provided they haven’t been plated over, plow mounted or otherwise obscured.

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  10. Rustowner

    I have and have had more than a couple of these, lol. There lots of fun to drive, fix and collect.

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  11. Rustowner

    Can’t seem to get them out of my system!

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    • Nighttrainx03

      Rust owner you would have been in hog heaven if these had been close to you lol. What a deal.

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  12. Rustowner

    Few more in the fleet of Jeeps.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi Rustowner, neat collection. 2 more won’t hurt. GET GOING!!!

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  13. z1rider

    Just need a pic showing how many levers are sprouting out of the floor. If one or two of these have OD you would really be in the money.

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  14. Keith

    Ad is already gone as of 10:30am EDT. Damn, and I live right nearby. Someone got a bargain

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  15. rangeroger

    I have a ’42 GPW with a T-90 trans and included Warn All-Range OD out of a wrecked ’46 CJ2a . Fourth lever sticking up confuses a bunch of people. Paid $600 for CJ and the Warn is worth at least a $1000 by itself.
    Also have a pile of parts in the back of the garage from the CJ , including the ’64 F-head that was in it. Actually fit under the lower hood of the ’46.

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  16. Doug Towsley

    WOW!!! My wife would have crapped purple twinkies if i could have dragged these home. (Big time Jeep fan) where when growing up any day was a good day when you went “Boonie Bashing” up in the hills around where she grew up. Ad is gone and no surprise, i dont know about New Jersey but here in Oregon the ads lister would have had been swarmed with responses and probably fist fights in the driveway over who was getting them.

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  17. Doug Towsley

    Okay, going out on a limb but I love telling this story, So, we all know so many of these guys who drive around in their big pickups that NEVER see a load of gravel in the bed, or off road. Many people surmise what they might be compensating for right?
    So, i used to work maint for a County govt and we had a snow day, most got the day off but i was on the short list that no matter what you came in. So i waited a bit and then told them i was on my way but slowly. Im cheap and put my money towards important projects not a $40,000-$50,000 lifted leather interior AC monster truck and was driving a old $300 Nissan wagon. (I take it skiing up in the Mts too so a dent or ding who cares? but its cheap to drive and maintain) So i got going a bit too fast and despite snow tires fishtailed and then spun 180 and slid into a ditch, No big deal-No harm no foul.
    So a bunch of weiners drove by in their big trucks and just stared at me. No way do they have tools or want to risk a scratch for a crappy little car like mine.
    And then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A thing of Beauty! A mid or Late 1980s Jeep Wagon 4×4. Nothing flashy but you could just tell, this was a well sorted rig. Off road lights, bash guards and just had a subtle air of competence. A young lady, late 20s or early 30s. Long beautiful hair, stunning beauty farmers daughter type. Ironically she also had a baby in a seat strapped in. She pulls over, “Are you okay? Do you need help?” You bet! So she hops out, opens the back hatch, inside laid out were shovels, picks, several types of lift jacks, bags of sand, tow straps and most everything you could imagine.
    My eyes misted up, How cool is this chick??????????? Im married, and she reminds me of my wife when she was younger. So i asked, “Im not keeping you am I?” She tells me “Hell no!, Im just out playing in the snow! Im having fun!”
    So I hooked on with her tow strap to the snatch hook under my car (Datsuns and Nissans are good for that) and she EXPERTLY pulls me along the ditch and I eased the car out in 1st gear. This girl KNOWS how to operate.
    I Thanked her profusely. Told her how awesome she was. While we were doing this we had blocked the road. A bunch more wienies in their big trucks were backed up waiting for us and annoyed. Screw them. I flipped some off as we drove away. No one offered any help.
    I still say this today. Country girls just rock!

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