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Free, Plus Delivery! 1974 Dodge Travco

When a vehicle is free and the seller is willing to transport it to you, there might be some alarm bells going off in your head. Of course, who can blame anyone that has a rodent and bug-infested 1974 Dodge Travco on their property, taking up all sorts of valuable project car or truck room. There’s no drivetrain and the seller offers it could be used as a fiberglass shed if you so desire. Find it here on craigslist near Hartford, Connecticut.

Image courtesy of Burnfuzzle

There’s only one photo offered, so we have to imagine what the potential interior could look like. These Travcos were quite spacious inside, and like any R/V, loaded up with couches and tables and kitchenettes. Of course, by now, none of those components work and a raccoon has likely been living in the fridge if the Travco in question has been left to the elements like this one has.

Image courtesy of Motorhome Magazine

It’s a bummer so many vintage R/Vs end up this way. When you see how nicely they clean up when maintained, it’s hard not to be impressed by the potential. Of course, like so many other interesting classics, the values of these things even when restored are quite deflated relative to the investment they require to look this good inside (and out).

Image courtesy of YouTube

Sadly, I’m sure the fate of this Travco will be something akin to the photo above, once its few remaining parts of value are stripped. There is no drivetrain, but the seller notes it comes with the Dodge M300 front disc brake axle and the rear axle is a Dana 70, so perhaps the old girl still has some parts left to give. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jimmy for the find.


  1. Francisco

    Transport this to some off street in Seattle or San Francisco, and some bum can have a luxury apartment.

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  2. Jim B Clark

    Now THAT is patina!

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  3. John

    Had one of these, 24′, I think it had the 360 in it. The drawback was the P-30
    chassis, was crap, took it on the road a couple times, no turning radius, hard to handle. But we rented it out the rest of the time, made $$$$$, only thing ever got broken was a rt. side mirror.
    By the looks of the interior, a good chlorine pressure cleaning would do wonders for it. I think if I was inclined I would but a diesel in it

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  4. 71FXSuperGlide

    Ready for someone’s very own version of ‘Breaking Bad’.

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  5. KeithK

    A the owner of a vintage camper I can tell you that the biggest weakness of box built RVs is water leakage. The stick built frame rots and the floor turns to poo. In short the Travco was fiberglass shell built and less likely to leak. That’s less likely ,not never. There is also quite a cult Travco following. This one may not meet the crusher.

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  6. Jackfringe

    Oh come on show the real interior.
    Then imagine the smell of wet mold and rotted floors along with a green algae grown over all things with rust.
    I see rotted seats and rusted frames for every thing .
    Send to the junk yard and scrap it all.

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  7. Chebby Staff

    Seems to me the offer is for an M300 axle, “free” with lots of hassle. Isn’t it hard to scrap fiberglass, like old boats and such, because no one wants to take it?

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  8. Wayne Thomas

    Cummins 4t and elbow grease could make for a great YouTube restoration and travel channel.

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  9. Ross Blankert

    Deliver to San Francisco downtown area. Many Homeless will love this.

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