French Barn Find: 1936 Peugeot 301D Coupe

The Peugeot 301 was built from 1932 to 1936. The body style changed some, but the mechanicals didn’t. They could almost be mistaken for American prewar cars except for the placement of the headlights. This one, listed on eBay, is a less common coupe. The eBay listing shows the location to be Bergenfield, New Jersey, but in the description, in the last line, it’s revealed it’s really in the United Kingdom. Bidding is just over $2,000 with reserve not met. The asking price for this old coupe is about $20,000 on other sites. It’s said to be mostly complete, so there must be a pile of parts included although there is no mention or picture of them. It also has rust in the usual places.

In the one picture provided the engine looks complete, at least from here. There is no word on its condition, so you can assume it is stuck. That’s a 35 horsepower 1465cc flathead four.

It’s hard to imagine what it would take to restore this car, to make the one on the right look like the one on the left. The description says it’s mostly complete, so unless by “mostly” they mean by weight, there must be a big pile of parts somewhere. Replacement parts will be difficult to find. It will take a very special person with lots of time and a pile of money. Hopefully, there’s someone out there who would like this Peugeot for their collection.

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  1. Rodney

    Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to put the headlights in the wrong place?

    A: One (apparently).

  2. Jim Mc

    Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to put the headlights in the wrong place?

    A: At least two. One to hold the headlight(s) and the other to say “un peu plus au centre, Francois”.

    • Mountainwoodie

      tres drole

      • Nick

        Zut alors! Les maudit colonist! ;-)

  3. Dairymen

    Oui oui Francoise, petite peu seulement!

    Ok we showed we remember a little French from when in school. That’s a beautiful car but I think when you see the pictures you don’t realize how small it is. Hyman had a convertible for sale last year and they’re gorgeous but I was surprised about the size. Nice find!

  4. doug6423

    Restomod it so you can put the headlights where they belong! :)

    • Derek

      You mean behind the radiator grille, I presume…? D.

      Like 1
  5. Steve W

    Maybe local pickup in New Jersey means shipping to there is included.

  6. Nick

    I know I may get crucified for the idea (sacre bleu) but… wouldn’t this make a really cool hot rod?

  7. IanM

    Is there enough room in the engine bay for a Boss 429? More seriously, I agree with Nick, because that was the first thing I thought of when looking at the low roofline and side profile. There are some nice sweeping curves on the Pug for a talented metal stylist to work with. Just a thought. Sorry if the purists don’t agree, but either way, it’s a car I did not know existed so good luck to the successful bidder whatever their plans may be.

  8. Nick

    I agree with the street rod idea if you can stuff a V8 into it, or something smaller and turbocharged, like a 3.8 from a grand national? Or a (gasp) Mitsubishi Evo motor hooked up to a Tremec 6 speed?

  9. Horse Radish

    Another British Ebay seller/flipper, who thinks there are still suckers in the US who have Dollars and no sense.
    From what I can tell (in the photos) the car still sits in the barn somewhere in France where the seller bought it……

  10. MikeH

    I also wondered if the car was still in France, being sold through an English broker, who is trying to sell it through and American broker. If it has been offered for 20K before, the price is way over the top for a car that needs everything and we don’t even know what is missing. Parts aren’t that difficult to find, but if you need big stuff, shipping is expensive.

  11. Clay Byant

    Willys gassers had nothing on this thing………………….

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