Fresh Motor in ’98: 1984 Chrysler LeBaron

Ironically enough, one of the Seinfeld episodes that made the Chrysler LeBaron the object of many pop culture references was just on the other night. It was the last episode for the supposed “Jon Voight” car, as it burned on a city street after another character tinkered with the motor. It seems Hollywood loves to see LeBarons on fire, doesn’t it? Fortunately, this example here on eBay is in fine shape and a desirable Mark Cross edition.

The Mark Cross package effectively added high-end leather trim that appears to be holding up well in this photo. Although Town & Country models received this leather option as standard equipment, the package allowed base model owners to add an extra dose of luxury to their wood-trimmed drop top. This car has under 100,000 miles on the chassis and is being sold due to the previous owner passing away. The real incentive to buy, however, may not be the interior but instead a recent engine install.

If that receipt is accurate, the drivetrain could have far fewer miles than the chassis (which doesn’t have that many miles to begin with.) I would assume new means new – not new as in, “different.” I’m also a bit jealous that it was possible to track down a replacement motor and have it installed for less than $2K! Anyway, this could be the best feature about this LeBaron, as it likely means there are plenty of miles left in this example, which appears free from any major corrosion – an uncommon occurrence for vehicles from Ohio.

The seller provided ample pictures of the  typical rust trouble spots, like the fender wells and rockers. All areas look impressively solid, and the paint looks pretty sharp, too. I also spy what appears to be a recently installed exhaust system and tight-fitting top, all of which seems to indicate a lifetime of attentive owners for this LeBaron. While Hollywood may love burning them down, someone clearly enjoyed keeping this LeBaron alive. Bidding is still well under $5K at the moment with no reserve; is this one worth saving and driving?

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  1. Dan

    Makes me think of the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, and yes, hollywood tends to like setting them on fire.

    • DAN


  2. Rod

    There is something appealing about these cars. They are not great cars but if you took care of them they would provide relatively good service. If you are looking for a convertible and have limited funds this is a great option.

  3. Howard A Member

    Probably stirring up some ghosts for Scotty G as well. Seinfeld was, and still is, one of my favorite shows. A show about nothing. This particular episode, was extremely funny, I thought. I do think it had an impact on the collectibility of these cars, which normally, would be zilch to nil otherwise. Good cars, K cars were, I’ve had many, in all forms, and they still make good sense today. Dependable, economical, and in this case, fun. Collectible,,,,,hmm, not yet.

    • VWBussed

      Did you know the previous owner was Jon Voight? LMAO!!

  4. dirtyharry

    If I could only have this car or the “firing squad,” I am not sure of the outcome.

  5. Scot Douglas

    Recent means 19 years ago? We’re not talking paleontology here… :D

  6. whippeteer

    100K miles is a lot on a K Car. Hence the engine replacement in ’98. However it does look like it was well cared for and garaged all its life. It also probably saw limited use if used at all in winter based on the condition. Too bad they don’t have anything showing the mileage when the engine was replaced.

  7. grant

    “Recent” engine install? Oh, well my ex and I recently had a child. She’s 19 too.

    • Jeffro

      Nice! I actually lol.

  8. OA5599

    I think you’d get a smile and spontaneous conversation everywhere you go in this rig.

    • Adam T45 Staff

      Spontaneous conversation has got to be better than spontaneous combustion!

  9. Sam

    Don’t know where to start. My grandmother had a Dodge 400 sedan as her last driver before giving up her license. The Valparaiso Indiana Police Dept had a fleet of K-car police cars (crime rate went up). Mark Cross is the bigger “pimp” as Lincoln/Ford was not willing to match Chrysler’s bid for naming rights. A co-worker of mine at the bank bought one these new…he was very proud. The front seats look comfy and would make nice office chairs. Oh well….

  10. jaymes

    john with a h,lol john voit the dentist’s car

  11. mark

    With a bare bones basic K-Car you can add a Chrysler badge to it, add leather seats, call it a LeBaron and charge a lot more for it. Reminds me of the infamous Cadillac Cimaron.

  12. Wiley Robinson

    I bought a LeBaron for $20 once. Yep, that was all it cost me.

  13. Steve in Charlotte

    I once worked with a woman who had a LeBaron turbo. Seemed it was always in the shop. She called it the Anti-Chrysler. :)

    • Greg NJ 2 SC

      I had a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus I called the anti-Chrysler lol

  14. Murray

    Just when I thought there was no class left in Hollywood I learn that they love to burn these things to the ground, more petrol and matches to them I say……

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