Fresh Off The Boat: 1971 Opel GT

1971 Opel GT

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Let me start by saying I’ve always liked the Opel GT. I think they are great looking little cars and while they aren’t particularly quick, for what they are they are fun drivers. That being said, Americans don’t really seem to care for these miniature Corvettes. So that leaves me wondering, how do our European readers feel about them? This ’71 just arrived in Abergele, United Kingdom and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of £1,000.

American 1971 Opel GT

The seller states that this car is a nice car, but needs work. It supposedly runs and drives well. There is rust that needs to be addressed and the interior needs some work. As they put it, “Like all American Barn Finds however it does need a little TLC but nothing a home mechanic can’t do“. So do you think you could handle this project at home? I would highly recommend taking a closer look at this Opel. Did it end up in the UK simply because no one wants Opel GTs in the US or because it has serious issues? I would be sure to ask lots of questions, have it inspected and make sure all the paperwork is in order. So how do you feel about the Opel GT?

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  1. Rick

    I’m not sure I agree with the statement that Americans don’t seem to care. There is a huge following on these cars, and the Import show at Carlisle, PA every May has at least 20 or more on the field. That said, finding one that isn’t a rust bucket is getting harder by the day – the one above is no exception. They are tiny, intriguing cars and would love to have one in my garage!

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  2. Horse Radish

    of all the choices that are out there, why this ?

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  3. Mark P

    Call the Wheeler Dealer guys……

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  4. PhxBarbie

    I had a ’71 just like this, only silver. In the few years I had it I took it on numerous road trips from Ohio to Florida, and finally from Ohio to Manhattan Beach, CA when I moved. I remember stopping for gas in the Smokey Mountains, just a gas pump in someone’s front yard, and they were truly mesmerized by my little silver shit bullet.

    They offered up homemade lemonade and we sat in the shade and talked about life and what it’s like to ride over great distances in a roller skate. It was very close quarters for sure, and I would not recommend doing it, unless you or your passenger are a good mechanic and you have an exceptionally good sense of humor.

    It was definitely a very high maintenance car, and I wisely sold it as soon as I broke up with my mechanic/boyfriend.😃

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  5. Steve B

    I had one this exact color in high school. It was an attention-getter with the ladies and the instrument panel was really cool for its class. But I abused the crap out of it and wore out clutches constantly. Eventually it wouldn’t pass smog and some redneck bought it to turn into a drag car. Good memories though.

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  6. Doug Towsley

    I always thought these were cool little cars and under appreciated. At one point i resolved to try and find one and restyle it a bit as a European rally type car, or at least race type generic thing. When i did run across one it was just bad timing for me and couldnt take it on.

    Growing up as a kid, we had a Opel Rally GT that was more Boxy than this, Kinda Datsun 510 ish with a few more curves. It was a fun, peppy little car, My Dad put a lot of miles on it. Would have kept it but it started sprouting oil leaks everywhere and my Dad didnt have the skills to replace them all (Gaskets and seals) and every mechanic told him the costs would exceed the cars value, so sadly we sold it on cheap to someone. So, years later, I thought these would be a styling wise step up, but if the motors and drivetrains were similar i thought it would make a better purchase. Anyone who has one now has a cool little car.

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  7. mdburich

    Bought a 70 GT, stripped it down, repainted , redid the interior, had parts re-chromed,
    new tires, and gosh knows what else. Gave it to my son for his 16th birthday but he felt too exposed next to his buddies and their 4×4 trucks. Sold it on ebay for a significant profit even after $2000 in parts and pieces. Wish I had it back now! Replaced it with a Saturn Sky which is called the Opel GT in Europe. The GT was more fun to drive and got more attention.

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  8. Sunday Driver

    If you don’t like the styling on these cars, you don’t have a soul.
    Sexy little cars that get a lot of attention. I love my 71.

    Too many people had these when younger, and ran them into the ground, modified, or learned to be backyard mechanics with them. I’m guessing why that’s most of the bad memories about them.
    Lot’s of parts available from Opel GT Source. This one looks to be a good starting point. Check the battery tray for rust, had to build a new one for mine.

    From whatI’ve researched, I believe there were a few gents on the design team for this car that also had a hand in the Stingray design. But that could also be just folklore.

    As time marches forward, because of the (under) value of these cars, it will be more difficult to find good examples. Forever the “practice/shop” car.

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