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Fridge-Colored Falcon: 1963 Ford Falcon Futura

030416 Barn Finds - 1963 Ford Falcon 1

This sure is a white car, it’s almost refrigerator-white. This 1963 Ford Falcon, found here on craigslist in Culloden, West Virginia, is really, really white. It’ll take $5,500 in greenbacks to buy this Falcon and it might be worth a look if a person is looking for a Falcon that they wouldn’t lose at night.

030416 Barn Finds - 1963 Ford Falcon 6

The body of this beauty looks to be in good shape, but is that some waviness around the bottom of the driver’s door and rocker panel area? I guess this would be an easy color (tone?) to touch-up if any bodywork was needed. The black wheels really highlight the stark whiteness of this car, and although I’m typically a stock wheel guy, I think these look pretty good here. There is no mention of any rust but the West Virginia area isn’t exactly Tucson when it comes to humidity so I’m guessing that there may be a spot or three to deal with.

030416 Barn Finds - 1963 Ford Falcon 4

The bright-but-not-quite-white interior looks pretty good, I really like the console in these Futura models. This one is an automatic so you’ll have some extra room to stretch out your left leg on those commutes into Charleston where you most likely work if you live in Culloden. If there isn’t trouble with rusty floors here, this interior should clean up fairly well.

030416 Barn Finds - 1963 Ford Falcon 5

It’s got a nice-looking, clean V8 and engine bay, which is a good sign. The ad lists the mileage as being 26,999 but I’m not sure if that’s just a place-filler or if they actually happened to stop the car just one tick shy of 27,000 miles and wanted to be as honest as possible. From what I know about folks in West Virginia, the vast majority of them are good, honest folks so maybe this one hasn’t actually turned over yet to be 126,999 instead of 26,999.

030416 Barn Finds - 1963 Ford Falcon 2

The seller mentions that this car “runs and drive nice” and is a “really nice car”; I believe it. It also has a Flowmaster exhaust for scaring cats and small children with. I love the first generation Ford Falcon and finding a 2-door Futura in good condition with that sweet, little V8 is a bonus. Is this a car you might be interested in or would you hold out for a more colorful one?


  1. Avatar photo Fred H

    The 4-lug wheels give away this anything but original 2-door Sedan that was born as a 6-cylinder car, worth about 12-1500$ in my book. All original V8 Falcons, Fairlanes, Galaxies and Mustangs had 5-lug wheels. The real Futuras and Sprints are 2-door Hardtops, not the low-budget sedan in the ad. Save your money, learn the cars and know what you’re looking at ~


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  2. Avatar photo Rick

    Guaranteed that’s 126K on the odo,not 26K, who are you kidding?. And $5500 is pretty strong, looks more like a $4K car to me, it’s a bit on the rough side

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    • Avatar photo ACE

      The 4 lug wheels kinda make me wonder if its not a v-8 transplant ?

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  3. Avatar photo E.M.

    I’d love to have it, especially with the V8 (260?)

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  4. Avatar photo TBall

    Thanks for sharing, love those old Falcon’s. This one shows well from the few distant photos and its near me, but at $5,500… One does not ‘spray can’ paint bumpers (and presumably body) of a 29k car. Engine compartment looks like some creative wiring has been done. I’d want a deep inspection before buying – for now, I’ll stick with my two projects.

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  5. Avatar photo racer99

    Don’t think a V-8 was offered in the Futura in 1963 and the HEI distributor and alternator hints at maybe a later model 5.0 living in the engine bay where there was originally a straight six with a generator (could be why the wiring looks a little butchered). Most of the Mustang upgrades can be bolted in and upgraded brakes, suspension pieces, and rear axle would be necessary if this was originally a straight six IF you wanted to end up with a decent and safe driver. Yes, the $5.5K is a little rich but for someone who wanted a basically complete and highly optioned hot rod starter that’s something unusual it’s not a bad place to start (pending the view of the underside of the car).

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  6. Avatar photo Federico H

    The 260 V8 was offered in ’63 but not in this lowly poser 2-door sedan. The 4-lug wheels give this car away as an original 6-cylinder. The Real Futura and Falcon Sprints were the 2-door hardtop, an infinitely more desirable car than this cheapie version posing as a Futura. The posted car gives away its 6-cylinder identity with the 4 lug wheels as real V8 cars along with the Fairlanes and Galaxies have 5 lug. The bucket seats and console in this car are suspect as well and at best this junker is a great donor car for a real 2 door hardtop V8 style car. Save your money and know what you’re looking at with the Falcons, which by the way, are really the predecessor of the First Mustang in an earlier body style.

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  7. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    HA, fridge white, my parents had an old Crosley fridge that was green, remember green appliances? This car is a bit confusing, as while it has the “Futura” roof and seats, nothing on the outside would indicate it being a Futura. Futura’s had special side mouldings and trim, and I agree with Federico, this must have been a 6 cylinder model, but disagree that it is a junker. Falcon’s were great cars, and it’s underpinnings were the basis for the most popular ever, the Mustang. The main concern I’d have, is the 4 bolt front suspension, not being able to handle the V-8, although, I’m not sure there was difference in the actual front suspension of 5 lug models. If it were mine, I’d finish it out in full “Futura” trim, as 63(1/2) Futura’s are pretty rare. Great find.

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  8. Avatar photo chris

    Man that’s clean, I have a 60 falcon and get offered 7500-8500 all the time. It is a straight 6 2 speed fordomatic auto. Love it.

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  9. Avatar photo Marc Lawrence

    I like the – maybe – tongue in cheek reference in the EBay listing of the car as an SUV.

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