Full Sized And Fine: 1967 Plymouth Fury II

What we have here isn’t a barn find, nor is it an exceptionally rare car. The rarity comes in seeing a 50 year old car on a lot amidst other cars only a decade old. This 1967 Plymouth Fury II is the middle trim level and appears to be in nice shape. Could this be a reasonably price,  first classic car for someone? Find it here on craigslist in Morgantown, West Virginia for $2495.

The photos only show limited angles but from what we can see the body is very good.  The seller says that there is some rust but I don’t see any. I even spy the Pentastar logo behind the passenger side front tire! Chrome looks good too. I suppose that most of this car could be original with only 70,000 miles on it.

The 1965-1968 Plymouth Fury was built on the C-body platform and it was considered to be full size this time. (The Fury wavered between mid-size and full size with each generation.) It was available as a 2-door, 4-door or wagon and with every engine option that Chrysler offered at the time from the slant-6 up to the 440 big block. This example has the reliable 318 with the Torqueflite automatic. Orange is the correct color for this engine but the alternator shouldn’t be orange.

The tops of the rear seat have been baked in the sun and they are split.  And other than a picture of the backseat we don’t get to see the rest of the interior. Even though this is basic transportation with 4-doors and a modest V8 it should provide someone with a reasonably priced classic Mopar that could be reliable and fun.  Would you drop a bigger engine in it or just restore and enjoy?


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  1. L.M.K. Member

    Just restore and enjoy….IMO…

    • L.M.K. Member

      And it’s gone….

  2. John D

    I would ‘tune’ the 318 then drive the daylights out of it,

  3. Per Member

    nice car. I like those with four doors.

  4. George Lawrence

    Love it. My first car was a 1967 Fury II ex-police, radio delete car. Drove the snot out of it and it never let me down. Paid $200 for it.

  5. hearsetrax

    screams for a new interior and a hellcat transplant jejejeje

  6. jdjonesdr

    I never knew they came with the alternator painted the same color as the motor.

  7. Skip

    My late friend, Jimmy, had a ’67 and a ’69 Fury. Both were nice cars. The ’69 was a fast-runner. I’ve always been a Mopar fan. I’ve had three Plymouths and two Dodges over the years.

  8. Maestro1

    I would fix the interior, do what it needs mechanically and drive it. There’s little upside market here but so what? Drive and enjoy. These Plymouths were better in switching equipment and other details than their predecessors, as well as handling. The 318 will last forever if you have some religion with oil changes and watch the cooling system.

  9. Del

    Stick wiyth original 318. I had a 65 with a big block 318. That engine weighed 80 more pounds than this one. But the car was one of the nicest ones that I ever had.

  10. mike D

    actually would have made a good police look I’d have been ok with the 383, or the 440. was a kid in 67, but the looks impressed me then and do now .. that and the 70-72s eh, well! hope the buyer does it justice

  11. Kent

    My grandfather owned this car, but in navy blue. My Dad owned a ’68 Fury III, baby blue with an Aqua Velva blue interior and white vinyl top and I later owned a ’68 Fury I, Aqua inside and out. These are great cars: spacious, tough, elegant, and easy to work on.

  12. Troy s

    Too much of a big rectangle for me, but it ain’t too bad and the price is happysville. I’d probably like to see a larger displacement V-8,like a later 360 4barrel or something like that under the hood, don’t really need a 440 to have a good cruiser.I always liked those early 60’s mopars more than these, just more stylish if anything.

  13. Rustytech Member

    I had a 67 Fury lll two door htp. for a short while in the early 70’s. It had the 383 ci. Engine with buckets and console. It almost turned me off to Mopar as it had electrical issues from day one. Finally after months trying to get it sorted out one of the mechanics I worked with and I were working up under the dash and found dry mud in places it shouldn’t have been. We started taking off other trim and interior pieces, there was mud in the doors, under the trunk mats and in the quarter panels. Turned out hurricane Agnes had had its way with it. That was before the ( R ) title was invented. The dealer I had purchased it from was out of business. I wound up junking it. I learned an expensive lesson about trusting what the seller says when plopping down my hard earned cash.

  14. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Is that how you got your BF handle, Rustytech? Getting into cars that have made it through floods to end up in your garage? Joking.

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