Furiously Fast: 2000 Ford Lightning Pickup

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For anyone who grew up on a steady diet of The Fast & the Furious films, this 2000 Ford F-150 Lightning pickup should be instantly recognizable. From the scene where Brian Earl Spilner drives into a curb with the bright-red super truck to the pivotal moment where the bed is loaded up with overnight parts from Japan, a red F-150 Lightning is a perfect truck to cruise in when debating the merits of using nitrous oxide in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Find it here on eBay with a $24,500 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit an offer.

It’s hard to tell from the listing language if this is the movie truck, or simply a truck that looks like the one on film because it’s red (like so many other Lightning pickups). The seller should elaborate because it’s potentially misleading the way it’s currently written. Regardless, with so many of these trucks modified and abused, it’s rare to find one in stock condition with low miles of just 40,700 like this one.

The Alcantara interior is said to be holding up nicely and the power seats still work. A/C remains ice cold, as well. I’ve always liked the SVT-blessed Lightning pickups better than the high output models from Mopar and Chevy, simply because aside from the SRT10 Rams, performance always seemed to be the primary focus for Ford, with understated looks like might not get a second look from those not in the know.

The 5.4L Triton V8 gets a healthy dose of speed courtesy of an Eaton supercharger that yields 360 b.h.p. and 440 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s still some serious scoot today, and few things sound better than a supercharged V8 under load. The price seems fair for a nicely preserved example like this, and potentially too good for an actual movie truck. Just get your hands on it before Vin Diesel hears it’s available.

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  1. Bakyrdhero

    Nice looking truck. I remember it from the movie, as well as the Supra, RX-7, and Charger. The cars were bigger stars than the actors and actresses in the first movie. For me, living in New England, I won’t buy a pick up with out 4×4, that’s just me though. I suppose this would be nice for cruise nights and car shows in the summer. Those seats looks great.

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  2. Ike Onick

    NIce. If it snows where you live you will be storing it for six months.

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  3. Andre

    Guys (or gals?). 4×4 isn’t a necessity in a pickup. Believe it or not until like 25 years ago most things were RWD.. and snow has been around long before that.

    Store it because you want to keep the salt off it? Fair. Store it because it’s RWD, that’s silly. Put some good winters on it and it’ll be fine (+ you can have a bit of fun).

    /Canuck who drives RWD (incl a truck) all year round.

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    • Ike Onick

      Bonjour Andre! I will guess you do not RWD around town in a Canadian winter with 360 HP

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      • Dave Mazz

        I live in New England and haven’t had any winter-driving problems with my 328-hp., RWD G37 sedan. Good *snow tires* on all four wheels and a few decades of winter driving experience helps. Wait, I do occasionally have problems with is *other* motorists who think all-season tires and all- wheel drive will save their ass when it snows……and it doesn’t! :-( :-(

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      • Ike Onick

        G37 with traction control and stability system? Not quite like a pickup truck.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      I’m well aware 4×4 isn’t a necessity in a pick up truck. I’m well aware snow has been around longer than 25 years and that back then trucks and many cars were RWD. I was learning how to drive them around that time. I’ve owned RWD cars and driven them in plenty of snow. I’m simply stating that for me personally, if I’m driving a truck, I’d like it to have 4×4 capabilities. If I wanted a nice looking and performing RWD Performance vehicle I’d buy a sports car. This is a nice truck, just not for me. That’s all

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      • Bakyrdhero

        This whole thread reminds me of the people that show up to work bright and early the morning after a foot of snow blows in and proclaim the driving was a breeze. Roads were so good they didn’t even need to put the $50k truck into 4×4. Then why check that particularly expensive option box if your skills are so good you’re not going to use it in snow? I mean…when do you plan to use it?

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    • al8apex

      ^ truth

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Yup, my truck is a RWD Ford and I have snow tires for winter and drive it year round. About the only time I can’t get around is days no one in their right mind should be on the road. Thing is trying to find a RWD drive only is next to impossible to find around here, most everything is a 4X4 and most of them the furthest they get off-road is the parking lot. When I bought my truck it was 2 years old and I had to go to Calif to get it, that was one of the closest ones I could find in the condition I would accept , the nearest RWD was over 1000 miles away at the time and not near as nice condition.

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      • Ike Onick

        I think the question is does anybody drive a RWD pickup with 360 HP in the snow? I think the answer is NO.

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      • Bakyrdhero

        I’m just wondering why so much effort to find a RWD truck? Money? Gas mileage?

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  4. Troy s

    Nice machine here, more than enough power for a few thrills. I’ve always been partial to the ’93-’95 Lightning’s though, and yes I believe these Lightning’s all got thrashed one way or another. After all, they were built for speed.
    Hard to believe this one is nearly twenty years old, dang!

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    • JohnfromSC

      Hi Troy s, I’m partial to the 93-95 too. I was fortunate to find this complete original ’93 with 48K miles. Original owner even put a removable bed liner on top of the factory bed liner, so original is flawless.

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      • Troy s

        Clean machine, yeah, I don’t see many like that anymore. Wanted to buy one brand new in ’95, 25000 dollar truck that it was with no haggling, just couldn’t swing the 500 dollar payment so another ride I missed on.

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    Awesome! Easy enough to add Racers Edge on the side via wrap and certainly look the part. The first F&F movie was a game changer as far as impact it had on those kids growing up that want those exact type of cars.

    For those that cry about the hobby dying and “kids” are not into cars. They are. (At least mine is) Their cars are Honda’s Mitsu’s and Supra’s. The larger import shows typically draw several thousand cars and what seems like triple number of enthusiasts on the grounds.

    What kid can afford to buy a roached and running 60’s Camaro in the neighborhood of $10K for starters and add a three year restoration on top of going to school and or working? They can’t They will have a Civic add a B series and a turbo and smoke the above Camaro while going to school and or working. Sad but true. I have that kid. It started when we watched F&F together and because of that now live it every day.

    Indecently the analogy of the Camaro wouldn’t be at our house. In this case it is an AMX (mine)

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  6. JohnfromSC

    Hi Troy s, I’m partial to the 93-95 too. I was fortunate to find this complete original with 48K miles. Original owner even put a removable bed liner on top of the factory bed liner, so original is flawless.

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  7. Geebee

    In regards to rwd vs fwd, a limited slip rear end makes a lot of difference in the rwd. I’m guessing this truck surely has that.

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  8. Comet

    It appears four wheel drive today is almost mandatory. Even down here in southern Alabama. I’ve lived in Michigan, Alaska, and Wisconsin, through many winters and never owned a 4X4. I can count the times I (or many others) couldn’t get around on one hand. Quite often 4×4’s are seen in ditches during snow storms. I believe it gives many folks a false sense of security resulting in driving too fast for conditions.

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    • Sam

      Too true. I drive a Nissan Sentra through snow in Idaho most 4×4’s don’t venture out in, and usually pass them in a ditch. Not saying I don’t own any 4×4 trucks though, as I currently own 5, lol. A Chevy K2500, a Suburban, a full size Blazer, a Tacoma, and an older Toyota Hi-Lux. They all fill a position working here, and are usually used when the snow is at blizzard levels that the Sentra just can’t power through. Mostly the ‘Burb, Blazer, or Tacoma though, as the two true trucks have very little spring over weight in the rear and can be a handful.

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