Furyous Commercial: 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport

Meet Flo, a light blue 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport. A two-owner car, the current owner has enjoyed this Fury since 2015 and is looking to sell it in lieu of something more fuel efficient. Pat L. sent this one our way because not only is this a cool car, it was a Valvoline High Mile Club Spotlight vehicle last month in August. In the video, found here, the current owner expresses his fondness of this car and how much he has enjoyed it. The first owners bought it new with 9,000 miles on it (dealership demo vehicle) in 1978, and drove it until 2015. Sadly, the current owner is selling this car that he is clearly enamored with as can be seen in the Valvoline video. Find it here on Craigslist in Los Angeles with a $4,500 asking price. 

Though I love all cars blue, the blue on blue of this car is exceptional, if for no reason other than the blue plaid. Though dated to some, all old cars are dated, that’s why we like them! Though already a nice looking car, the blue plaid seats and door panels complete the look and really help sell the car. If I were closer and car shopping, I would buy this car possibly for the plaid alone! Though there are some minor rips here and there, the interior is in good condition for covering 108,500 maintained (not babied) miles. This Fury is clean, simple, and ready to go.

I’m not sure I would label this car as high-mileage, as at 40 years old 108,500 puts this Fury at under 3,000 miles a year aside from the initial 9,000 mile year. Most drivers average 15,000+ a year, so that means this car hasn’t seen a great amount of driving. The underside is a testament to this being a California car, and having been maintained. There is very little rust, and the only defect visible from this angle is what looks to be a leaky differential cover. The owner has fully documented service and repair records for this Plymouth, as well as the Chrysler 360 under the hood. The engine was gone through in 1991 and bored over .030″ at that time.

Since owning the car, the seller has done basic maintenance and a tune-up including new plugs, wires, hoses, etc. New door/window rubbers, carpet, and a heater core have also been installed as well as various other running gear and engine components and new tires. The seller states, “She starts great in cold weather as well as warm. Runs strong despite the lean burn Carter thermal-quadrajet carb,” and mentions that the factory AM radio and speaker still work. The car has factory A/C, but it needs to be serviced as does the cruise control. Although this car isn’t a loud and shiny head-turner, it is a nice looking machine that is straight out of the 1970s. Hopefully Flo finds the loving home she deserves!

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  1. On and On On and On Member

    A buddy I worked with bought a new one. When he picked it up it said Dodge on the hood and Plymouth on he grill. Build quality?

    • John D.

      We had a 73 Satellite Sebring Plus delivered to our dealership with 2 Magnum 500 wheels on one side and 2 Rallye Road wheels (the newer kind) on the other. So a new set of the Rallye Road wheels were ordered and installed under warranty. The next year we received another Sebring Plus the same way. The net effect: John got new wider Magnums for his GTX for free.

      • Superdessucke

        A friend’s family got a new ’73 Hornet wagon with an (upside down) Gremlin logo ahead of the passenger side armrest. I think with computers and 45 years of systems management, automotive quality has improved a lot since the early to mid 1970s.

    • whippeteer

      There was no build quality! A friend who worked at a dealership in the ’80s said that many cars came off the truck with missaligned panels, hoods, and trunks, etc. directly from the factory.

      Dodges were particularly bad.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      My parents picked up a brand new Reliant K with no transmission fluid.

  2. grant

    Good lord. I bought my ex wife one of these in ’98 when she got her car repoed. It was yellow, with the plaid interior and it looked brand new in and out. I paid $250 for it.

  3. Rock On Member

    Nice car. Thought that it would have sold by now.

    • Vin in NJ

      I thought this car looked familiar

      • Jack

        I said the same exact thing when I saw the picture… I even commented on the last one

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Me too! This car is hard to forget…..

  4. Scot Douglas

    This is the automotive equivalent of a leisure suit. Especially the color!

  5. fish56

    I owned a 76 Fury Sport, light metallic green, green interior, same white vinyl top as this 77. It had a 318 in it, was a dog. It did look sharp, however, with the Keystone Klassics I put on it, 15 x 7, E70 tires up front, 15 x 8, G70 tires in back, JC Penney Scat Tracs.
    Bench seats made a great date car!

  6. LAB3

    Had a 1975 Cinnamon Brown one which was an unmarked police car with the 360 intercepter package. Still the fastest bone stock car I’ve ever owned, torque was insane!

  7. nessy

    Was this car just featured here in June I recall? I don’t think there could be two just like this. Either way, I like this car.

  8. Ken Carney

    Yeah, my BIL bought one new in ’75. What a piece of crap! The build quality sucked, and the anemic V8 engines made things even worse. After spending six months in the shop to gix all the issues the car had, the bank allowed him
    to trade it for a better built Camaro Burlinetta. No wonder
    the Japanese kicked the crap
    out of Detroit in both sales and
    build quality. This one is about
    as malaisey as it could get.

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