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Future Find: 2011 Camaro MOTION Phase III

2011 Camaro MOTION Phase III

Sometimes I wonder about what people will hunt for in another 50 years. Will collectors still want cars from the sixties or will they have moved on to the stuff being built today? There are some interesting cars out right now that would be fun to find parked in a barn someday. Just think of how exciting it would be to find a Dodge Hellcat or something similar. Sure, I wouldn’t want to have to clean up the fuel injection system or repair the mouse-chewed wiring, but the clock keeps ticking so I wouldn’t be surprised if things go that way. Car guys used to say that pre-war cars were the only ones worth restoring, then they said fifties cars, then sixties, and now some seventies. There was a gap in good cars there for a while, but with some great cars being built today, people might be hunting for muscle cars from the teens in sixties (2060s that is). Either way, this very special Camaro is my ideal future find! Take a look at the listing here on eBay and let us know what you think.

Supercharged 427 V8

This isn’t just any old Camaro. This fire-breathing beast was built in the spirit of the original MOTION supercars. It has a supercharged 427 under the hood that’s claimed to put out around 800 horsepower! That’s about a 100 ponies more than a Hellcat! Wow, but this Camaro also sold for right around $150k when new. Wow, indeed! The Motion name was first used by a speed shop that went on to team up with the Baldwin Chevrolet dealership to build some big block bruisers in the sixties. The concept works just as well today as it did then.

Motion Interior Touches

This car may not have the mystic of the originals, but it does have much of what made them special. The interior may be a little flashy for some, but they had to do something to counteract that unexciting Camaro interior. MOTION mats and a dash plaque let your passenger know that they are riding in something special. Personally, I wouldn’t even notice the interior because my eyes would be on the road. This thing has to be a handful. It does have an upgraded transmission and suspension, but I’m sure it is still pretty squirrely.

2011 Camaro MOTION Phase III Tail

There were only three of these muscle machines built, so there isn’t much of a chance that you will ever find one in a barn. You never know though. People probably said the same thing about Cobras and Bugattis when they were knew and yet many still wound up forgotten in barns and old garages. If you really want to experience something like this though, it might be best to do it now before you and the car are too old and decrepit. Anyway, what do you think people will be hunting for in another 50 years?


  1. Avatar photo Steven C

    Looks like a Hot Wheels. Would have loved it in 4th grade.

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  2. Avatar photo krash

    Very nice, and obviously unique/rare, but I would have opted for the Ford GT instead…

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  3. Avatar photo Justin R

    I live by the original location of Baldwin motion in Baldwin New York. It’s still a speed shop by the name of speed world. I remember some sick cars coming out of Motion in the 80’s.

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  4. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    That long from now I would expect George Jetson flying cars.

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    • Avatar photo Donnie

      Wo Is George Jetson ? joking

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  5. Avatar photo Fred

    In answer to “will they want cars from the 60’s”, no… they will fall by the wayside just as prewar cars are doing today, because those that grew up with them have passed on. I think the Hellcats and other throwback muscle cars will be very desirable in 30 years and would be ideal to stick in a climate controlled barn.

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    • Avatar photo Nessy

      Fred, people will always want cars from the 60s and there are still people going after the prewar cars. Right now, one of the biggest items the younger collectors are now snatching up are the early brass era cars. New found younger money can’t keep away from them. Of course, some more normal but still wanted cars like 55,56,57 Chevys, Caddys, 55,56,57 T Birds, Camaros, Firebirds, Mustangs, GTOs, Hemis, Corvettes ect, will be just as hot 100 years from now as they are today. Some things never change and for good reason.

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  6. Avatar photo Tom

    Collectability is one thing, depending on the familiarity with the Baldwin Motion era of muscle car history. The other attraction to this car is the amazing build quality and attention to detail..to say nothing of the brute 800 HP! It’s a work of art.

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  7. Avatar photo tugdoc

    When I was coming of age in the early 60s full size chevys fords and plymouths pretty much ruled. Most familys only had one car. I did not know anyone who had a collector car. Cars had to earn their keep. People needed enclosed cabs with heaters. Lots of old cars ended up being sawmills or some other type of farm machine. Since then thousands of collectible cars have been built. People now have more disposable income, however wages seem to be getting lower. I don’t wish I had a prius to restore but my grandson may. The ads may say Fresh batteries, motor rewound! hmmm

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  8. Avatar photo Ed Kaler

    Fer your “enjoyment” !!!


    Ooops, sorry print wouldn’t “clear up” better but is readable.

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  9. Avatar photo Ed Kaler

    Rats, 2nd image didn’t load ? ! ? !

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  10. Avatar photo Big Ed

    I have a Galaxy 7 phone and it pulls the build sheet and invoice right up. With all the add on parts what you have here is an early ZL1. SLP 575 was a similar car except for the hp rating.
    I waited for the factory to do it (and my money to get right) and sprung for the 2014 automatic version. It was a birthday present to myself on May 8th.

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