Gallic People Mover: 1964 Peugeot 404 Wagon


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Reader Dean B. writes: Not the car that the Citroen wagons were, but appears in MUCH better condition. Address in the ad says tomoxo – that is the Canadian postal code for Eckville, Alberta, north and west of Calgary. The car is offered for sale here on kijiji for $5,000 (that’s Canadian $, $3,632 US as of today). It’s interesting to compare this to the 404 sedan we recently featured that sold for $1,825.


With a car like this that isn’t worth that much and you’re an ocean away from most of the spare parts, condition is everything. This car really looks to be in superb original condition, with 40,000 km (<25,000 miles) on the clock, and I can believe it looking at the condition. The seller does state that it’s been sitting for a while and will need the brakes redone because of that.


The interior almost matches the seller’s description of “immaculate”, with only a few cracks in the steering wheel marring the appearance. I’d like to try shifting the 4-on-the-tree shifter just to see if I could do it without issue. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t include any pictures or description of the engine’s condition, but I hope the fact that they called out the brakes for refurbishment means the rest of the mechanicals are in good shape. The seller does describe it as 100% complete and original.


The seat upholstery really looks nice, and the third row seating was a real surprise! I don’t know how much room is back there, but in the picture it actually looks like there is distance between the seats for real people (albeit no room behind the third row). Another practical classic car that could transport the family! How cool is that?


Given my propensity for Peugeot wagons (I really loved a 505 wagon I had) it’s probably a good thing for my bank account that this isn’t a bunch closer to me. Would you like to bring this Gallic people mover home?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Looks like old French plates – worth more there –

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  2. George

    And it’s gone… I would have snapped it up too!

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  3. Matt Tritt

    Dang! I actually would have made a move for this one. I also had a 505 TD wagon, and a 79 504 Diesel sedan, but they weren’t quite as fine as the earlier models in my opinion. You can still see lots of these in news clips from the middle East, where they remain popular.

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  4. Rabin

    A certain Jamie Kitman (Automibile Magazine) bought it. Hoping he documents purchase as I’m hoping it’s as nice as it appears.

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  5. J.C. Halstead

    I had two 404s, a ’69 Automatique and a ’68 four-speed. Amazing ride, great seats, terrific ground clearance; used to drive for miles on 4wd roads and only see trucks or VW Beetles (!!). And that was the Automatique, which was Just Too Slow; but it went up Pike’s Peak, twice, granted at 5mph for the last three miles…

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    • Matt Tritt

      My 505 TD wagon had an incredibly good posi-traction/worm drive rear diff that allowed following jeep roads easily. Never got it stuck in sand or snow and even pulled a few American cars out of loose sand with it. For that matter, the 2CV was virtually impossible to stick as well! I always wanted a 2CV Sahara twin engine, but now they’re worth as much as a small house in a good neighborhood.

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  6. Peter R

    Too bad this one is gone but there are some other interesting cars on that Kijiji site.
    keep in mind that the Can $ is only worth about .75 cents or less – like getting a 25% discount on the quoted price. If the mileage shown is Km. each one is only .62 of a mile so another big discount. Just be sure to ask if the mileage shown is miles or Km.
    Happy Hunting

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  7. George Kimani

    Are spares available in the USA if I buy this one?

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