Garage Find 1936 Bentley Sells for Huge Amount!

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What makes a car sell at auction for over double its high estimate? Take an ultra-rare car with a great story, add a one-owner history for the past sixty years, hide the car in a garage for several decades, and then be able to document the build history through the original parts. All this adds up to the staggering amount paid for this 1936 Bentley. The car was auctioned this past Wednesday at the Imperial War Museum located in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, U.K. by H&H Auctions. The pre-auction estimate was £150,000 – £200,000 and the final hammer price was £444,375 (nearly $600,000 USD)! A brief article about the car can be found here on If you’d like more information and photos, check out the auctioneer’s website here on H&H Auctions where they have a ton of details about the history of the car and the owner. Thanks to Marc M. for the tip on this sale and let’s check out more of this awesome car!

In 1936, Bentley’s Service Department figured out they had enough new old stock (NOS) and reconditioned parts in their factory that they could assemble several cars from all the parts and pieces. Their goal was to build ten R.C. (Reconditioned Chassis) cars with four of them being 3-litres and six packing the 4.5-litre engine. This car was number R.C. 41 and was the first of the six 4.5-litres.

The auction information states: “…a 10ft 10in wheelbase chassis, standard crank 4½ Litre engine, D Type gearbox, 3.53 Speed Six-type rear axle, servo type self-wrapping front brakes with heavy type front axle and 4 Litre steering gear. Concessions to modernity included the fitment of twin SU electric fuel pumps (in place of an Autovac) and 19-inch road wheels…Chassis RC41 – RC45 were clothed by Vanden Plas with handsome aluminium two-door, four-seater Tourer bodies”

The interior has certainly seen better days but appears to be all original. I’m not sure what the new owner plans for the car, but a full restoration is probably in store. I wouldn’t be surprised if this car shows up at Pebble Beach or some other high-end show in a few years.

There is a lot more to this story. If you love automotive history, the story behind these R.C. Bentleys is certainly an interesting one. The other part of the story is the owner and his adventures through over sixty years of ownership. Not only was he a WWII hero, but he apparently did a ton of work on the car while maintaining the most important pieces. Check out the story and let us know what you think of this amazing find.

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I know little to nothing of Bentleys, but when I saw this one the first thing I thought of was John Steed in the Avengers and his Bentley. I like the looks of them but I imagine you had better have very deep pockets prior to picking on up.

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  2. JP

    I wonder if Wayne Corini knew about this one!

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

      I’m sure he did.

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  3. Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

    I’m sure he did.

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  4. Mountainwoodie

    So the 260 GBP the owner paid for it in 1952 would amount to about $10,500.00 in today’s dollars adjusted for inflation.

    Not a bad increase in value from what he paid for it. Yes it’s an academic exercise but kind of stunning when you think how much it was bought for today. Given its rarity and the kind of money floating around today it will probably be restored and sell for millions.

    Kind of crazy and I personally don’t find the car that attractive. :)

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

      The ugliest Bentley I have ever seen. Some people have just too much money.

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      • Fireman DK

        Isn’t that kind of like saying “That’s the ugliest Playboy Centerfold I have ever seen !” ……lol…..

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  5. snerd

    you mean they guy that never reveals what he paid(“I’ve always wanted one of those”…) and then flips it for profit…sells your car @ no reserve but takes his stuff home when it doesn’t meet his estimate $$ Tim Allen jerked his chain at BJ auction,well done!

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    • Ralph

      “This is real bucket list lifetime find for me”

      Comercial Break-

      “I’m at Goodings selling my lifetime bucket list find……”

      I mean, the guy has made a good living at it, but the show does come across as car snobby and fake lots of times.

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  6. Lucky strike

    600000 for that you got to be joking me

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  7. Del

    To really understand the Bentley mystique one should read the first James Bond novels. Bond’s car is one.

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    • Del

      I believe it was a 1933.

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    • Bob McK

      My life is all about old cars. However when they get this expensive I am just turned off. That is a good thing because I don’t have that kind of cash.

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  8. Greg Millard

    As it is a WO type car I agree with the last comment 1933 or earlier – 1936 was 2.5 yrs after Derby Bentley production had started so it has to have been made of leftover Crickelwood parts – a kind of kit car?

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