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Garage Find: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Survivor!

1941 Chevy Coupe Special Deluxe

When I first pulled up the listing to write about this 1941 Chevrolet Coupe Special Deluxe, I had no idea just how amazing the car would be and the condition it would be in. While it is in original condition, it has been stored inside for 20 years. The asking price is only $5,500 and it is located in North West Wichita, Kansas. It is said to have a clean title. Thank you, Ikey H, for the tip. You can take a closer look at it here on Craigslist.

1941 Chevy Coupe Special Deluxe

Unfortunately, nothing is mentioned about the car being able to move under its own power. The car is fitted with an inline six-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission. There are some decent photos of the engine, which is really good because there is not a lot else to go on. Simply based on those observations though, it does look like it wouldn’t take much to get running.

1941 Chevy Coupe Special Deluxe

The interior has some issues but has retained the original charm. The bench seat does have a few tears in it and the carpets look like it may have a few dark spots. The steering column does appear to have modern wiring, which may be for turn signals. The seller included a clear picture of the odometer and it registers 5,340 miles. The original radio is a wonderful view of the past and its simple form of in-car entertainment.

1941 Chevy Coupe Special Deluxe


The exterior body is a mix of glossed panels and un-polished panels. Yet, the paint looks good and so does the chrome. The trunk is full of some spare parts and pieces and it also includes the original tools that came with the car. This car has to be one of the coolest cars in this condition for one of the best prices I have seen this summer. If you have any interest in this car and can afford it, it would be a great opportunity to scoop it up.


  1. Avatar photo Mark

    Waiting for the usual comments from the experts to begin ……”those seats are too worn for it to be a 5,500 mile car…add 100k and cut the price in half”……lol

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  2. Avatar photo art

    What a beauty, as is. Wish I had the room for it. When I was about 11, an older neighbor, maybe 17 or 18 had one like it. I was over at his place anytime I saw him working on it. He wrecked it, was parting it out, and gave me the tail lights that I still have after many decades.
    I think it is amazingly good shape for it’s age.
    I wish I could get a whiff of that old car smell from inside…memories.

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    • Avatar photo Ken

      Nice car for the money.
      It’s a business coupe.
      Well worth saving.

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  3. Avatar photo Ken Carney

    Gotta agree Mark, but she:s in good shape for the shape she’s in. It’s funny
    but I see my MIL’s face when I look at this
    car. The headlights for her big blue eyes,
    and the grille is her big smile. Wouldn’t
    take but a weekend to wake her up. Only
    hard thing would be to sort the brakes to
    make her drivable again. Is it just me, or
    do I see a 235 under the hood? Sorry,
    it’s not worth what he’s asking though.
    Bet if I took $1,500 and waved it under his
    nose, I’d be leaving with it the same day.
    Good portrait material if I can find time
    to do it.

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  4. Avatar photo JerryDeeWrench

    I agree with the author of this post. This find looks to be original and very solid. This is a prime canidit for a fluff and bluff make it run and stop and enjoy. For what your getting the price is fair.

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  5. Avatar photo Del

    Nice shape.

    I think he will get his price

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  6. Avatar photo PatrickM

    I would definitely love to have this car. It is a business coupe…no back seat. Just room for the traveling salesman’s products. If I could/would (ooops) buy it (ahem), I would drive it. That being said, there would necessarily need to be some changes. #1 get her running. Keep the six, if possible. #2 I would have to upgrade the brakes and suspension. #3 repair the interior, keeping it as original as possible. And #4…I know I will catch a lot of flack on this one, I would relocate the gas fill to the upper left side, using a newer locking gas cap. I would also install a/c. (I like my creature comforts) and I live in Maryland, just 5 miles north of D. C. Ok…hit me. But, if this was my car, that’s what I would do.

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  7. Avatar photo Brakeservo

    Well what’s going on with the right rear wheel and the fender or is it just the angle of the photo but it doesn’t look properly centered to me.

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  8. Avatar photo bigdoc

    Good looking car wish I had the garage for it.

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  9. Avatar photo TimM

    Seems reasonable considering the condition!!!
    I’d pay that for this car!! It could use an old blanket over the seat and some paint but it looks like a solid piece of American history!! Hope it’s saved and sees the road once more!!!
    Great ride!!!

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  10. Avatar photo Keruth

    Ok, everybody saw the knee-action shocks, right? Somewhere around $400 for a rebuild, each.
    That old stove bolt 6 has Babbitt/dip oiled rods, an almost lost art anymore.
    Just no LS please, I’ve got a Poncho OHC6 in a ’67 Tempest I love!
    Find an early ’50’s GMC six and hide the oil filter housing, look the same.
    Suspension is a can of worms (&$) to change the shocks (got to be a kit from someone out there). But offset by any rebuild on oem.
    Now I would consider this a good buy for the money, just not now for me!
    But I’ll tell Dad!

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  11. Avatar photo Al Cook

    I had the same car when I was 11 yrs. old. They are a real tough car and drive nice, just upgrade to a 261 Pontiac/GMC engine, they were built between 1955 -1961,put the solid lifters and pushrods in the 261 from an (original) 216,and of course a split manifold, they sound awesome and pull hard. Oh, and if still obtainable a pair of Walker Continental blue bottle mufflers.

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  12. Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

    Hopefully, people are burning out on turning nice original classics into resto-mods, and hope this will remain original. Got a lot going for it, as is, and won’t take much. Be a shame to to “ruin” it. These just won’t come up like this much longer.

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  13. Avatar photo Tom Bell

    I strongly agree with Rube, too much irreplaceable automotive history is being lost due to people who think they can do it better than the original builder.

    Original cars need to be preserved and passed on to future generations by us, their current stewards.

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