Garage Find: 1956 Porsche Speedster

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It’s hard to believe that some of the most limited production and coveted sports cars ever made are still being found in forgotten garages. Just last week, we profiled a rare Convertible D roadster that was with the same owner for over 40 years, and now we have a highly original 1956 Speedster that’s apparently been stripped down to bare metal inside and out and covered in Gibb’s metal protectant. The seller includes numerous photos to remove any doubt about what you’re bidding on, which seems to be a very rust-free basis for total restoration – or just drive it as-is with the mechanical bits gone through. Find the Porsche here on eBay with bids to $185,100 and a Buy-It-Now of $289,995.

The seller claims this is a 100 percent original Speedster with no records or indications of prior accidents. It’s been in storage for 30 years, so it seems unlikely you’ve spotted this rather memorable car any time recently unless you have a relationship with the previous owner. The Speedster remains one of the most collectible air-cooled Porsches ever made, and also one of the more elusive cars to find today as a restoration project. Many have been discovered as tired track cars and already treated to a six-figure restoration to ensure they’re never driven in anger ever again.

What the listing doesn’t clarify is whether the current seller is responsible for stripping the car down, or if the longtime previous owner went through the motions of doing this work and then never got around to finishing the bodywork stage. Regardless of the situation, the bare surfaces reveal just how honest this Speedster is, with nary a speck of rust visible in the photos. The full array of pictures includes shots of the bare metal inside the doors and up in the fender wells, as well as the entire floorpan, and the result is always the same: gorgeous, straight sheetmetal that’s ready for primer and paint. The seats are the correct Speedster style, but no word on whether they’re original to the car.

The seller does not confirm if the engine is numbers matching, which is sort of essential for assigning value to a car like this. I can understand their position that the photos should do the talking, especially when they’ve included as many as they have, but these are important details to include no matter how brief you wish to be. The engine has been serviced (no details on what, exactly, was serviced) and new tires were installed. Overall, this is likely a very tempting project for anyone hunting for a Speedster that hasn’t already been completely restored, but here’s the question: do you paint it, or drive it looking like a DeLorean out of the 1950s?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    It’s located in Pleasanton,California.

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    • Steve R

      When I saw the location I figured it was this seller. They find really nice cars, but are very expensive. The two tend to go hand in hand.

      Steve R

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    My last Speedster was bought in 1987 for $1,500 that included two engines, the original transmission, and several boxes of parts. After some restoration time and money sold it for a good profit but really should have kept it for another 20 years or so, don’t you think?

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  3. Rick

    I guess I’m one of the rare few that just doesn’t “get” the appeal of these old Porsches. For an investment, ok, seems the market will bear it – for the moment. But do you dare drive it anywhere? For that kind of coin you could have a built replica that does everything this does but better – with no fear of breaking or denting anything. And still have a house to buy left over..

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    • Chris In Australia

      Colour me amongst your ‘rare few’ ranks too!

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  4. Howard Kerr

    Until I read the description that mentioned stripping off the paint for a re-spray I thought that someone had already painted this car…with a brush.

    I tend to agree with Rick: buy a cheaper, yet better performing replica, and pocket the difference.

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  5. angliagt angliagtMember

    Darn! – I just bought a bridge,so now I can’t afford this.

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  6. PaulG

    A friend of mine restored one exactly like this and drove it quite often. He’d bring it by to put on the lift for service and I’d tell my wife that the value of our house just doubled!

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  7. Mark_MitchellMember

    I got my 356A Convertible D when I was 16 and still have it. Paid $1500 + a ’64 Datsun Pickup for it. I wouldn’t be too excited about owning one at today’s prices!

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  8. lbpa18

    Looking at all the photos, its really clear just how much these were hand made. Fascinating really. Im not sure I see the value of $190K and then having to put another $100K+ into it to finish a 10/10 restoration, but there are those out for which money is simply not a concern or a consideration. I find the simple lines quite tasteful and imagine what it must have been like in its day to drive this on an open road. I am aware others may not find the beauty in this or desire an original. Similarly, some of those may not see beauty in a Supermarine Spitfire, a Chris Craft, or Sofia Loren. In my mind, sometimes a replica just wont do. I however, am one that must consider what something costs and as a result I dont have any of those listed. Im forced to choose to have a roof over my head and eat :)

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  9. Jwaltb

    In the mid-60’s I bought a 1600S Speedster from a friend for $400. The floor was mostly gone but that didn’t stop me from driving it like a 20 yr. old lunatic. After a year I sold it back to the same friend for $400.
    Ah, the ones that got away. Who knew?

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    • Richardd Adams

      Nothing got away.
      You simply moved on and had invested in many many more of life’s experiences.

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      • Dickie F.

        True Richardd,
        I bought one off a used car lot 30 yrs ago for $1600.
        It ran reliably well, but 30 yrs ago it handled below average, was freezing in winter, noisy with the top on, difficult to see traffic at intersections and allowed the wind to beat you up when waiting at a traffic light.
        It had a big bore kit fitted, so straight line performance was good.
        After 3 yrs I swooped it for an ex-works rally car, that was pure fun. If I had kept the rally car, it would also today be worth over 6 figures.
        But I have moved on ….

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  10. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Pleasanton, California

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  11. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Apr 25, 2021
    Current bid:US $201,099.00
    [ 22 bids ]
    Reserve not met

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