Garage Find: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

This find checks off so many boxes for me! For one, it’s a first-generation Mustang GT with a 289 V8 and a 4-speed. I even like that it’s the coupe body rather than the more valuable Fastback. It’s also a garage find that could be prove to be a really nice find. It is waiting for a new owner to get it back on the street, so be sure to give it a closer look. You can find it here on eBay in Andalusia, Alabama with a current bid of $7,900.

While the car might be checking all the right boxes, the seller’s ad leaves little to be desired. This is what they put for the description, “1966 Ford Mustang A Code”. Seriously, that’s all they put for the main body description for the car. Thankfully, they wrote a bit more about it in the Item Specifics, but not much more. Apparently, it was restored 5 years ago, but they don’t state whether it was a complete restoration. They state that the engine was rebuilt with new pistons, valves, and a high-performance cam, but that’s all we get on the mechanical condition. All good things to know, but how about a little bit about the body, paint or if the interior is original?

Speaking of the interior, they do state that it’s the Pony Interior. It looks to be in nice shape, but there’s no word on if it is original, partially or fully restored. It’s hard to tell from the few photos as well, so there are going to be some questions to be asked before bidding.

What can be seen here looks pretty good. If the seller had more photos, I would probably feel comfortable bidding on it even with the lack of information, but it’s difficult to really gauge a car’s condition from five photos. A closer inspection would definitely be in order. If you are nearby and could take a look in person, this one would definitely be worth considering. So, what would you be willing to spend on this Pony?


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  1. jerry z

    Talk about a brief description! Tells me nothing.

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  2. TimM

    When a description is this vague I believe only one thing!!! The buyer has something to hide!!!

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    • Eric

      Maybe, but most likely just too lazy to properly present the car. One fuzzy pic and two are sideways. This is why BaT is the best for buying, even though you may have to pay more to get what you want.

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  3. Eric

    Why shocked; this is typical ebay crap. Then if you were to ask them for more photos and info, they’d most likely give you an arrogant attitude or the typical; “if you have questions, call me” response. That’s great, but a phone call isn’t going to fulfill the need for photos. FOUR freakin’ photos and one makes me question whether I have glaucoma. But hey, at least you know one thing; the passenger’s seat needs a back cover. SO SO glad they showed that- that’s a tough fix.

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  4. grant

    It’s shiny but it looks to have a lot of ripples, and there’s something going on with the rocker right below where the fender and door meet.

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    • Mike

      The rear quarter and the trunk lid, have issues also. It looks like it was painted with a push broom. The rear bumper doesn’t fit very well.The owner didn’t give the VIN # either. A real GT? Maybe,…maybe not.

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  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Had a dream just the other night about finding a NOS set of trumpets in a pile of stuff just the other night….it ended as I was trying to explain them to a friend what they were. Actually think I have my dad’s old used pair somewhere around the place.

  6. Jackie Hollingsworth

    I love the 1965 Mustang Coups.The Fastbacks are nice but coups are the early classic Mustangs in its purist form.

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  7. Bob McK Member

    After a full restoration, this will be a really nice car. I wonder how much rust in on the bottom…

  8. Paolo

    There’s enough description there to get my attention. If I were interested in this car I know how to take it from there.

  9. Little_Cars

    Love the color and the M500 wheels. Clearcoat is already peeling or the finish is literally melting before ones eyes. I’m thinking poor paint prep. And the seller can’t claim the pony interior for extra points because it looks like it was added later. Why is that passenger seat missing it’s backing?

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