Garage Find: 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV

Before there were Ferraris, red meant Alfa Romeo, and boy does it look good on this 1973 2000 GTV. This Italian classic calls Wilmington, Illinois, home, and is listed here on eBay. At the time of writing the bid has climbed to $10,800, but with over two days remaining in the auction, it’s anybody’s guess as to what the final price might look like.

The V is for “veloce”, which the car definitely is by the standards of its day. The 2.0L fuel-injected inline-4 put out 130 horsepower when it was new. When paired with a car that weighs only around 2,300 pounds, the tried-and-true twin-cam makes for sprightly acceleration, allowing the car to reach sixty in under nine seconds and giving it a top speed in excess of 120 mph. It doesn’t disappoint in the stopping department, either, with disc brakes all the way around. By all reports, these cars handle as well as or better than almost anything else of the same vintage, and feature a real five-speed transmission to boot.

Sadly, this example is in need of some attention. The current owner states that though it ran when parked, it will need to be winched out of storage. Since he mentions that the car rolls, one might assume that the engine doesn’t run. There’s no word as to whether it turns by hand, but keep your fingers crossed. Although we don’t get a look underneath, it does seem to be mostly rust free– hopefully this one wasn’t built of the same Russian steel that plagued the Alfasud. The surface rust mentioned on the driver’s side front fender looks to be down to flaking paint, and it makes you wonder about whether this is a respray gone wrong somehow or damage from a nearby fire. The interior will need some work, though not nearly as much work as some: recovered front seats, new fixtures on the doors, and a new dash should fit the bill.

Taken as a whole, and assuming the driver’s side looks as good as the passenger’s, this might be a great opportunity for someone to get into the classic Alfa game. The 2000 GTV represented an evolution of the 1750 of the late Sixties, which, in turn, was an evolution of the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce from the middle of the decade. Once restored, its timeless Bertone design and Alfa snarl should fit nicely anywhere from the cars and coffee parking lot to manicured lawns.


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  1. alphasud Member

    Anyone serious about purchasing this beauty needs to see the car and really look it over for rust and or past rust repairs. They might not have used the Russian steel during manufacturing but they rust like all Italian cars of the time. It’s definitely a worthy project to repair but knowing what you are working with needs to happen before bidding. I’m sure the Spica will need going over as well as the usual mechanics. Absolutely gorgeous cars and a shame they are now out of reach for many.
    My boss also had a 73 2000 Veloce but his was silver. His son was the tech who installed a Garrett turbo and intercooler on his car. He made a extra fuel cell to fit in the spare tire well which was filled with aviation fuel which he could turn on when running boost. Talk about a cool car.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Had a friend with a ’59 (I think) that we did routine maintenance on and as alphasud said is really a nice car. Handled like it was on rails and the power was just right for the Nevada no speed limit at the time. Lots of fun. Would have bought one new in late ’71 but the rust around the driver’s door handle from over tightening on the new paint didn’t set well with us. Do wonder what causes this car to sit so high off the ground because it sure didn’t come new that way.

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    • Quidditas

      It was jacked with a trolley jack perhaps to move it? and the front wheels have not settled down yet.

  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    That should read ’69. Too early for numbers…..

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  4. Martin Horrocks

    Good starting point if everything is as sound as the spare wheel well. But expect the price to double and to find rust when you strip it down.

    All parts available and not expensive. These go for $60-70000 in #1 condition and drive very well, very reliable when sorted. One of the few cars everyone likes.

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  5. Bruce

    I had a 1974 in red with totally black interior as a daily driver in Denver and Kansas City. Was totally amazing car and totally reliable, only broke down once and that was due to dead battery. Heater was good, no AC but the rest once you learned how to use it was so much fun. Think of slow shifts into second gear when cold.

    Took it into the mountains many time summer, spring, fall and winter without any problems. There is a switch on the fuel injection system for high altitude driving that you need to know about. When driving in the mountains you understand the gearing better as it would pull where others just did not have the torque. Many put on Webber carbs but the fuel injection is just fine and in my opinion a better solution.

    Long trips from Denver to Kansas City were not a problem and I was not exhausted when finished going either direction. Short trips shopping was even easier as it is smaller than it looks and is a dream to park. While it will not fit everywhere it comes close.

    And it would always start in the coldest winters and it running almost at first tick with the fuel injection even in the mountains. With a set of jumper cables I was able to pay for many skiing trips in Aspen, Copper Mountain and others by jump starting BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and others. I never asked they just gave me 10’s and 20’s for the help. Life was good back then INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE.

    No rust in mine, but I had to sell it when vandals broke out all my windows one night at my home. They caught them (drunken idiots) but all the glass was going to take about a month to get there at the time and I needed transportation to work so I had to sell it. TOTALLY REGRET THAT DECISION.

    Look for rust everywhere the engine is not that bad to work on and even the fuel injection system is amazing. With tuning the engine is capable of up to 150 HP and still be reliable as a couple of my friends did that to their spiders and GTV’s which had the same engine.

    The back seats are only good for people without legs but a normal person can sit side saddle if necessary but it really is just a two seater car. Will haul an amazing amount of stuff with soft luggage or groceries. This is a car I think they could remanufacture with updates for safety regulations and it would sell well. Simple, beautiful, great visibility out in all directions, fun to drive. Maybe not the fastest today but who cares when you look that good and having that much fun.

    But just my opinion.

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    • FireAxeGXP

      But it’s a GREAT opinion. The joy of any car is how it makes you FEEL. Only a tiny minority of all cars will ever see a drag strip or top 120mph so as long as the speed and acceleration make you feel good then the rest doesn’t matter. Nice to hear your fond reminiscence Bruce.

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    • Quidditas

      And out drives and out handles the Mazda Miata and the MGB and everything else made at the time, other than another Alfa.

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      • schooner

        Depends on the road. If the corners were bumpy my wifes’ tii was faster, otherwise my 1750 was equal in a very different feeling way.

    • alphasud Member

      Just your opinion and an honest one. None of my Alfas ever let me stranded. The more you drove them the happier they were. If this Alfa was a dog it would be a scrappy little Jack Russell with a heart larger than life. Ask me how I know. I’ve had them both.

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  6. its1969ok

    It’s sitting so high it must have an extremely rare off-road package.

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