Garaged 43 Years: 1960 Ford Galaxie

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This 1960 Ford Galaxie is more of a garage find than a barn find – the seller says that it has been sitting in the original owner’s garage since 1973. They have it listed here on craigslist in sunny Plantation, Florida. They’re asking $8,000 for this good looking two-door Galaxie. This could be a good deal, get your calculators out. Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in this tip!

Unfortunately, they don’t have any photos of the engine or even the interior in the craigslist ad (!) but they say that they’ll add more. I’m sure that any interested parties could get in touch with them and they’d send more photos. Hopefully, they’ll post interior and engine photos soon. This car looks great to me, maybe not perfect but it’s older than I am if that’s even possible. And, the best part is that there shouldn’t be any “Two too many doors!” comments here. This isn’t the famous Starliner coupe with the sloping rear window but I prefer this two-door sedan body style myself.

The 1960 Ford was restyled and it was more modern looking than the previous models, maybe too much as they toned it down for 1961 and beyond. The owner says that the interior is excellent for its age but it needs new carpet. The engine is the base 223 six which had 145 hp but it isn’t running. They’re also selling a Ford 390 V8 that they were going to put in this car but their plans changed and they’re both for sale now. For a ballpark value, Hagerty is at $14,100 for a #4 fair condition car, minus 20% for a six-cylinder so that would be $11,280. This could be a very good buy. Have any of you owned a 1960 Ford Galaxie?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Ford sure had some great styling say from ’57 on. I liked them all, until the ’65’s and even those were nice too. Every year seemed fresh and new. Just amazes me how these older ones keep popping up. Auction the place to get them. I attended an auction over the weekend, they had an early 90’s Olds 98 Regency, I wasn’t interested, but it was in perfect shape. Not sure what it went for, but couldn’t have been much. I’m sure that’s where this came from, and not running, this buyer clearly got a deal. Was in the right place, probably got it for a grand, tops. Being as nice and ORIGINAL as this car is, I only hope the new owner leaves it as is. It’s worth a lot more original than some gas hog 390, I’d think, and the 6, automatic did just fine.

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  2. Shawn Fox Firth
    • Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

      That will definitely make it hop!

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    • scottymac

      I like the way you think, but not having $30,000 (or more), I’d probably go the other way. I’d find a newer 300ci Ford six, add some Clifford/Offenhauser speed parts plus a three speed column shift overdrive, and fool a few people! Even one of these tanks should move!

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  3. KSwheatfarmer

    This is a very nice 60, hope the new owner respects what it represents, a look back in time to what cars used to look like. Spotted a 4-door in town about a month ago and made a comment about it as we passed by. A week later my wife said I should go pick it up as she knew the lady who owned it and had written her a check,think there was some sympathy involved as the lady had recently lost her husband. Can’t get the 292 to run,internal problem preventing a full revolution. A fair amount of good body parts so not a total loss, I do have a Starliner this same year which will need most all this one has to offer.

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    • Miguel

      KSwheatfarmer, are you saying that because the engine doesn’t run, you are going to take it apart?

      Engines can be rebuilt.

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    • Dowell

      What are you asking for the car? Is it a three speed colum shift?

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  4. Steve

    As clean as this car is, I can’t help imagining how sweet it would look in all black, like this next step up in trim Starliner…

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Sounds like a timing chain issue to me.
    Or, maybe the rings are stuck. Try some
    Marvel Mystery Oil to free things up. If
    that doesn’t work, a teardown will be in
    order. Your car would be wickedly cool
    with a period correct 401 HP 390 or a
    405 HP 406. Of course, you’d have to
    use a later model C-6 tranny to deal
    with all the torque these brutes put out.
    As for this car, I’d try to get the six to
    run first, if not, send in the 390 instead.
    This one’s really clean and kudos to the
    owners for cleaning it up before they
    showed it. Too much cash for a non
    running car…..just sayin’.

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  6. KSwheatfarmer

    Kenneth, thanks for the tips, its not stuck just won’t go the full 360. Maybe a valve stuck open contacting a piston, don’t relly need it to run for any reason, just can’t help not thinking about it.Never the less its low priority now, spring time around here,plenty of tasks on the farm. Checked the distributor, it moves with the crankshaft so timing chain must still be good?

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Probably a rusty ridge on the cylinder walls. Might have to pull the heads and clean the bores, easy job, I doubt any oil will do it, but you can try. Geomechs the expert here. Try a little diesel and WD40, worked for my stuck Packard motor. It’s not a valve, as when that engine was made, they never heard of an “interference” motor.

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      • Chuck

        Kano Laboratories “Kroil Oil” works great on freeing up stuck engines. Just pull the plugs, and put some in each cylinder. It might take a week or two to free up an engine, but the times I’ve used it, I haven’t had to do a tear down! The other thing that might have happened, is the timing chain has jumped and then, while the engine would turn partially over, you would still have a piston / valve problem. Pull the distributor cap, and try to get the engine to TDC, and see where the rotor points. It should point to either #1 or # 6 cylinder plug wire, assuming the firing order is 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2. If the rotor is in a weird position, then check the timing chain.

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    • Dave K

      You might check pulling an exhaust manifold – weird check, right?

      The reason? My brother had a ‘68 Big block Camaro that he was storing in a barn for several years – same issue locking up when we tried to fire it.

      Pulled the headers and found mice had travelled all the way up the exhaust system, through the cherry bomb mufflers, and placed nesting materials in the exhaust ports – enough trash in there that the pistons couldn’t clear TDC – real story.

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  7. Sunshine

    1960 Ford – the car too wide for the times! The lines look so elegant, especially in a 4 door hardtop.

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  8. Ted

    the seller says that it has been sitting in the original owner’s garage since 1973.

    Anyone else smell curber here?

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  9. sourpwr

    Might that six be a 223 ?

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Dang, nice catch, soupwr! I fixed the typo, my apologies.

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  10. Jerry C

    So the seller is teasing us with exterior shots only. I want interior shots. I want engine shots. I want undercarriage shots.

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  11. Jay

    The six

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  12. Stilbo

    I dated a young lady who’s parents gave her a 1960 Starliner.
    It was still pretty cool in 1973 but I stopped being impressed when I was driving it around a tight right hand curve and the driver’s door unlatched and popped open..
    I remember some quick religious recitations by both of us.

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  13. Bill Hall

    Many Many years ago my Dad bought a POS 61 plain jane Ford for fifty bucks.
    I recall putting many miles on it, It was a 223 Six with three tree it was still running decent a year or so later when one of my sisters wrecked it. Hard to KILL!

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  14. local_sheriff

    It’s no Starliner but it still is a frickin’ sweet representative for the 60 Ford fullsize.
    As mentioned above ; locate a newer 300 , some go-fast goodies and a manual; then this barge will draw crowds and be a cosy cruiser.

    The best design to come out of a Dearborn facility ever

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  15. mrgreenjeans mrgreenjeans

    My Dad had a ’60 turquoise blue Galaxie with the 352 HP 4bbl when new. He traded it in ’64 for a new Plymouth Belvedere 318 in black. About 15 years ago, My Dad was gifted for his Birthday (80th) by my brother and I another turquoise ’60, but far different from his first. We bought it for him because of the low miles (50,000), a one owner, and beautiful condition. (rust free and all original). When we gave it to him, he shed some tears but proudly brings it to various car shows and loves to reminisce with others about his two – ’60s…. the first one a beast that drank premium at 10 mpg and the second one a bare bones Fairlane with 223 and column 3 speed stick.

    This white 2 door sedan Galaxie looks to be another GREAT survivor with few issues. Makes a guy want to add it to the group for dear old Dad.

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    • Miguel

      mrgreenjeans, maybe it is the picture, but that looks more baby blue than turquoise.

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  16. John

    Nice clean body… I’ll bet it wouldn’t take much to get it up & running again! Tempting as it may be to change the drive train, it’d be great to see this (true survivor) re-furbished to stock.

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  17. Frank McLaughlin

    1960 Fords are 6 feet ,8 and one half inches wide at the top of the fins, too wide for some states highways. This was the last year for a business sedan with delete back seat and delete back window cranks. South Dakota used them for State police cars with police dogs. Mine was a Fairlane base model with a 292 and standard 3 speed .It had FORD letters on the hood and trunk . I sold it to a nice lady who gave it to her husband as a surprise birthday present and they took it to Germany .Everyone liked this car.

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  18. Bob C.

    That six is worth bringing back to life. They sound like tractors, but they are super durable.

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  19. Del

    This is in very nice shape and rare.

    Unfortunately its a non runner and a six.

    Price way to high.

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  20. KSwheatfarmer

    Miguel, It’s a pretty sad 4-door ,no back window,front seat or title,If I was in the mood to start on my Starliner I would have no problem at all using the good parts off of this to save a much more desirable model.The Starliner already runs so getting this 292 running is not a priority. I used three 61 Galaxie parts cars when I restored my 61 Starliner twenty years ago. Still have the remains of those three in inventory,rest assured nothing gets crushed or goes to waste in regards to my automotive projects,about the only parts I’m missing on my 60 Starliner project would be both doors. I saved it from the crusher thirty years back, these 60’s are starting to look better all the time,might just do mine if I can find those doors

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  21. PatrickM

    This looks like a nice car. But, I have to agree with a couple previous readers that we need interior, engine and underside pics before I look seriously at it. Also, $16,100.00 is not in my wheel house, It is just too much, IMHO.

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  22. PatrickM

    WOW! Back down to $8,000.00. Now, it is getting tempting. I just wish it were closer to my home in Maryland, etc. This is just about what I am looking for.

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