Garaged Since New: 1971 Chevy Nova

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It’s a bold move to begin your listing with a warning that you won’t accept offers below a certain amount, but it likely weeds out the tire kickers. The seller of this 1971 Chevrolet Nova claims he’s not interested in offers below $5,000 and that they are going to collect all offers and “…work their way down.” Supposedly, this Nova has been garaged since new, which one would presume means it remains in excellent condition – but I have my doubts. Find the Nova here on craigslist in Boston with 89,000 miles from new.

This sounds like one of those cars that likely belonged to an older driver, as the seller mentions it was serviced by a mechanic twice a year for all of its life. It is described as running and driveable, but that it still needs more work. There is some rust noted, but the seller further claims all paint is original. The interior is described as excellent, and it does look OK based on this grainy, behind-the-glass photo.

The paint looks tired and the chrome dingy. I know there’s a lot of love for survivors at the moment (heck, I love them) but this Nova looks like it leans heavily on the “tired driver” side of the equation, rather than “unspoiled survivor.” Throw in the fact that it’s a six-cylinder automatic, and I can’t imagine too many people are chomping at the bit to spend over $5K for a car like this, no matter how long it was garaged for.

Surface rust is plainly evident on the trunk lid, along with a dent to the chrome trim around the taillight. I can understand in the northeast we have a tendency to get excited when a vintage car is discovered that isn’t completely rotten underneath, but this Nova at least needs a stronger presentation to determine just how clean it is. Be sure to check out this Barn Finds Exclusive listing from the Georgia collection featuring a pair of Nova hatchbacks if you’re looking for a cheaper project.

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  1. ChebbyMember

    Why is the guy trying to invent his own eBay?

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  2. ChebbyMember

    Sorry for the double post…..what happened to the edit feature?

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    • Ken

      There is no edit feature in early access.

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  3. ccrvtt


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    • Ike Onick

      No- It’s “Ike Onick”

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  4. That AMC Guy

    Sounds like another “but honey, I tried to sell it!” scenario.

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    • LARRY

      He doesn’t want to sell for less than $5000..its a 1971 and in a garage since 1971..someone obviously didn’t take care of this poor car

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      • TimM

        Parking a car in a garage in Boston doesn’t keep the salt from eating the metal away!! Took a picture with the window closed!! Damn this one smells bad!!

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      • PatrickM

        Correct. All miles were put on it in less than 18 months. This car was run and not taken care of very well. Has at least one dent it…on right tail light. Buyer beware. I am not interested in this one. Couldn’t help but add my two cents worth. I don’t think he will get $5K.

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  5. Steve R

    If you want to sell it, pull it out of the garage and take decent pictures. It’s likely rusty on all of the typical areas northeastern cars are subject too, quarters, wheel wells, floors, rockers, front fenders. If not he would have shown them.

    A clean, truly is a rust free 2 door 68-72 Nova, even with a 6 cylinder would sell instantly for $5,000 in many parts of the country. People are buying the body, the drivetrain is disposable.

    Steve R

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    • Mike

      It’s Craig’s List Steve. Pulling out the car would require effort. I’m sure if he allowed you to inspect it, it would have to be in that tight garage. He did mention that the car was serviced twice a year by a mechanic. He didn’t say if he drove it to a shop or had the mechanic do everything in that garage. I believe the latter since he would have no problem driving it out for pics and then putting it back in if it was the former.

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      • Angel

        Someone forgot to close the garage door…in 1971

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  6. Cooter914 Cooter914Member

    Unless I’m mistaken that exceptional dash pad is cracked in half. And that’s just what you “can” see.

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  7. Ken Carney

    A bit of a tall tale on the seller’s part. No
    ’71 Nova’s gonna look this bad especially
    if it was put away the same year it was built. I’ve heard stories about brand new
    cars being driven a few months and then
    put into storage, and folks, this one’s not
    one of them. 89K miles? give it up pal,
    the jig is up and you’ve been caught! So
    do us all a favor and cut your price to a
    more reasonable level and you might just
    sell it and make your wife happy. I hope
    it stays original too. I’ve seen too many
    of these cars that were in better shape
    than this one cut up and turned into a
    drag car just because everyone’s doing
    it. This would make a great daily driver–
    provided it doesn’t rust to pieces before
    he gets his asking price

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  8. bull

    A 1971 model Nova with 89K miles that was also parked in 1971????

    Granny sure went to church a lot during that one year 1971.


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    • Steve R

      He’s not saying it was stored in a garage since 1971, but that it was parked in a garage. I’m sure many of you do the same thing, when you get home from work or running errands, the car goes in the garage.

      Steve R

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      • r s

        It’s worse to put a car in the garage in winter if you are driving it on roads covered with salt and road chemicals, especially if the garage is heated.

        The fact that this one was ‘garaged’ is really only a minor detail, it’s not evidence of any great attribute.

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    • John

      That’s what I was thinking. 89000 miles in one year…WOW!

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      • PatrickM

        Maybe he’s hiding it from the cops.

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  9. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    The ad is a bit misleading, it says it was garaged it’s whole life, not stored and not driven, besides, if granny put on 89K miles in a year, Schneider National would love to get a hold of her. ’71 Nova like this easily worth 5g’s.

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    • PatrickM

      …and I drove for Schneider for a while…. OOOPS!!!

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  10. Ike Onick

    Standard 1971 GM/UAW fit and finish on the trunk alignment.

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  11. junkmanMember

    How do I make a message I can just hit a button once a day that goes out to all craigslist advertisers. ” SHOW ME THE WHOLE CAR IN ONE PICTURE please”
    That’s all I have on this one.

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Start with the high bid and work your way down? That’s back-assward.

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    • Fred Alexander

      Like someone said in a previous post – – is he trying to start his own eBay – – – sure looks like it – – – gonna be fun no less than $%00.00 so we start at 5001.99 and work our way to bottom line,
      Gonna be fun on this dunderhead’s sale – – –

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    With his make an offer over 5K and we’ll work are way down, nobody even going to call.

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  14. Al

    Im sure I’ll catch some flack but I was never a fan of these granny & gramp cars no matter the emblems or drivetrain. Bland looks even with a set of Crager’s mounted to L60’s lol! Much like a shortened Duster. Like they say, there’s an _ss for every seat I guess. I’ll pass on this $2k car for the enthusiast.

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    • NovaTom

      Bland looks?? I’ll pretend I didn’t see that

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    • AMCFAN

      I never was either. I mean how many six cylinder and 307 cars are out there originally but now wearing SS emblems with any plethora of Chevy V8’s running around today? Damn near all of them.

      It was a cheap econo car at the time that you could swap an engine into and those GM diehards loved them. Much like the kids today in their 92-97 Honda Civics swapping in VTEC power. Give me the Civic.

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  15. JP

    I sold my ’70 Nova & it was in a lot better shape than this one!

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  16. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    No thanks. I like Nova’ of this generation, even bought a 69 brand new. There are a lot of these cars available and much better than this one.
    God bless America

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  17. Bob McK

    If the trunk lid is rusty, can you imagine what it looks like under the car? The garage was probably not heated. In the northeast, the salt will eat through your car in one year, if you heat your garage.

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  18. Larry Z

    I just emailed him and asked for more and better pictures.
    If I hear back I’ll let you all know more

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    • Larry Z

      Well, it’s been a few days, and guess what. No reply to my email.
      Have to agree with alot of other people, “BS” ad.

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  19. Del

    Nope 600 dollar parts car

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  20. Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

    I don’t know guys, I’ve been watching Nova values for a while now and the price doesn’t seem insane if it turns out to be solid. Unfortunately, the days of cheap driver-quality V8 Novas are over.

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  21. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    God bless America

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  22. Paul Luiso


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    really a bunch of b.s., has 1972 tail lights, has the wrong tailpipe, has a 68 or 69 grille, it has 68 or 69 door panels, this is all bulls***!!!!!

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