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Nice Driver: 1951 Crosley Super Sports

The seller has done an incredible amount of work and spent lots of money on this 1951 Crosley Super Sports and he needs the shop space back, so it’s now for sale. For almost anyone looking for a fun little – at 11.5 feet, it’s little – project car, and a convertible no less, this one is for you. They have it listed here on eBay in beautiful Half Moon Bay, California, and there is a suggested opening bid price of $7,000 that hasn’t been touched yet. Thanks to Keith C. for the tip!

The Crosley Super Sports was downright luxurious compared to the Crosley Hot Shot. Ok, it basically only has doors compared to the doorless Hot Shot, but these things can be really fun little cars. As they say, it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow, and that saying could have been invented for the Crosley.

I think this spare tire placement is much better than a Continental Kit, but that’s just me. Most of us know the Crosley story of how Powel Crosley made an absolute fortune selling car parts around the turn of the 20th century and then turned to appliances and radios. Then came the car market, right before the US’ involvement in WWII. I really like Cincinnati and I like it even more knowing where the Crosley building is, just north of town. I drive by there every time I’m heading to or through that city.

The seller says that the paint on this car is original and after 73 years, that’s an amazing feat. I don’t even have all of my original paint and I’m younger than that. They have done a lot of work to this little beauty, including new carpet, and new wiring, including the turn signal lights that nobody but me uses anymore. At least it’s done, on the off chance that the next owner actually cares enough to use it on occasion. I didn’t say that out loud, did I? The seats look good but could maybe use some padding. They’re also including the full original set of side curtains and top, which will need some work but it’s great to have them for making patterns at the very least.

Other mechanical work includes a lot of work on the brakes and the engine has been rebuilt, with photos of it included in the listing. This is Crosley’s CIBA (Cast Iron Block Assembly) 44-cu.in. inline-four with 36 horsepower and 37 lb-ft of torque. It sends power through a three-speed manual to the rear wheels and that engine sure looks great in there. Please read the seller’s listing to see all of the work that they’ve done. This has to be an $8,000 to $10,000 car all day long given all of the mechanical work that’s been done. Have any of you owned a Crosley?


  1. Avatar photo RayT

    Nice write-up, Scotty!

    I’d like to own a Super sports or Hot Shot, at least if I had a garage or garden shed to store it in. I’ve driven a Hot Shot, and enjoyed it. Not fast, but the engine was pretty eager, and a lot of rowing of the gear stick made it feel as if you were really getting somewhere!

    Glad to see the Crosley radio in the dash. All this little beauty needs is some Braje speed equipment to liven it up. At the very least, one of Nick Brajevich’s neat aluminum cam covers to pretty it up.

    One correction (and it’s both minor and a common mistake): Crosley spelled his first name Powel. One “l.”

    Makes me want to attach a strap to the little beauty and see if the airlines would accept it as carry-on baggage.

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    • Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Arrrgh, is 2:00 pm too late for more coffee, sorry about that. Thanks for catching that, Ray!

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      • Avatar photo Jeffrey Ackerman

        Only 26.5 hp on a stock engine, typically add 2 – 4 hp if bored out when rebuilt. Or add twin carbs and header.

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Fun write-up Scotty, including the brief history lesson. Whenever I see a reference to these cars, I also think of Crosley Field, long-time home of the Cincinnati Reds back in the day.

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    • Avatar photo Stu Member

      They were also the first major league team to host a night game, due to Powel’s idea of installing electric lighting.

      Also, I believe all the 4 cylinder OHC Crosley motors were 26.5 hp until bumped up by subsequent owners of the motor production, including Homelite.

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  3. Avatar photo Eric in NC

    When I join the Shriners I want this and a cool fez for parades! 😊

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  4. Avatar photo Richard Williams

    These little cars were the first overhead valve sport roadsters built. First built was the hotshot in 1949. Way before Corvettes! The value has gone up to around $20K. So this is a good starting bid.

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  5. Avatar photo Bob Post

    I had to look it up.. the first Sebring race was won by a Crosley Hot Shot, not the Super Sport. Had me going to a minute… this is a beauty

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  6. Avatar photo Jerry Walton

    I still have my 48 CC Convertible. You gotta love them for what they are. Much more fun than a VW.

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  7. Avatar photo Glenn Reynolds Member

    I had a 51′. Red just like this one. I added an Isky cam, Braje speed equipment and a roll bar. Raced it at Lime Rock with the vintage club. Loads of fun. I later moved up(?) to Formula Vee

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  8. Avatar photo Henry Hall

    That Crosley engine was the go-to engine for the 3/4 Midget racers that were so popular in the 50s & 60s. They were a hoot to watch; small enough to run on indoor tracks but big enough to be real race cars. I’ve also heard that the Crosley engine was used in the Homelite outboard boat motors too, but 🤔🤷!!

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  9. Avatar photo Henry Hall

    That Crosley engine was the go-to engine for the 3/4 Midget racers that were so popular in the 50s & 60s. They were a hoot to watch; small enough to run on indoor tracks but big enough to be real race cars. I’ve also heard that the Crosley engine was used in the Homelite outboard boat motors too, but?!

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  10. Avatar photo Old Man

    “Nice Driver”
    Compared to what?

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    • Avatar photo Jimmy Novak

      … to yet another boring carbon-copy mag-wheeled Big-Three lookalike at any “krooz/ cruze” night, for starters.

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    • Avatar photo Big C

      A Whizzer, or maybe King Midget

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  11. Avatar photo Jimmy Novak

    Crosley Car Owners Club -www.facebook.com/CrosleyCarClub

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