Rock Mover: Allis Chalmers HD5 Track Loader

Just in time for Christmas, here’s a vintage Allis Chalmers HD5 track loader for sale on eBay, bid to $2605 with no reserve. Think of all the chores you can complete with this baby lurking in your shed –… more»

Iron Horse: McCormick-Deering 10-20 Tractor

Just days off the Long Island Antique Power Association July show (really excellent!), I’m ready to wax poetic about this McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor, here on facebook Marketplace. But first, let’s seek some context. McCormick-Deering was never a company –… more»

UK-based Diesel Tractor! 1956 Lamborghini DL25

I, for one, did not know that Lamborghini was in the tractor business before sports cars. That business began in 1948 as Lamborghini Trattori and they’re still making high-quality farm and agricultural equipment today. This beautiful example of a… more»

One-Owner 1936 John Deere Model D

Styled or unstyled, that is the question (in my best Bill Shakespeare voice). Jamie Palmer is our resident John Deere expert having spent years rolling up his sleeves in the think tank at corporate HQ, but I thought I’d… more»

Continuing A Legacy? 1975 Oldsmobile 442

Oh, what a year was 1975! If you were a domestic auto enthusiast, it was a lousy one! No more Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Challenger, Camaro Z28, Pontiac GTO or SD-455 anything, AMC Javelin, or Buick GS – what a… more»

The Beast with Two Drivetrains! Bolens GK960

As sure as the winter nights are long, a search for another item like this Bolens GK960 8×8 tractor-ish machine will not bear fruit. The seller claims this device was owned by an engineer at tractor manufacturer Bolens. We… more»

DIY Tractor: 1956 Ford Doodlebug

In the vehicular sense, the name “Doodlebug” was applied to homemade tractors made in the U.S. during World War II when production tractors were in short supply. The Doodlebug of the 1940s was usually based on a 1920s or… more»

Crawl Anywhere: 1943 Studebaker Weasel

Ingenuity during the war years resulted in myriad interesting vehicles, with an emphasis on mobility when faced with extreme terrain. These vehicles took a licking and kept on ticking – dropping into enemy territory off a helicopter sling, enduring… more»

Saved From The Crusher: 1940s Ford 9N Tractor

This tractor is a little tough to nail down the date for when it was made. The seller doesn’t show any numbers but they refer to it as a 1939 to 1942 Ford 9N. They have it listed here… more»

Hoard of Mopars and More in Texas!

Once upon a time, a Texas named John Haynie took a liking to Chrysler products and started amassing a collection of them. By the time he passed away at the age of 52, his arsenal had grown to more… more»

Everything Must Go! Variety of Cars in Kansas

When you see a group of cars offered for sale in various states of repair/disrepair, you must wonder how the collection came about. Especially when it seems the seller does not lean toward a specific make or production era…. more»

What Would You Do? 1980 FV103 Spartan Tank

Is your Uncle Ned one of those people that’s hard to find a birthday gift for? Why spend hours pouring through online sites for a new tie or pipe and get him an FV103 Spartan tank instead! It’s a… more»

WW2 Military Vehicle: Fiat Pavesi P4/100 Artillery Tractor

While certainly the majority of Barn Finds over the years have been trucks and cars, every once in a while a unique example of some other type of machine pops up, and this is one of those instances. This… more»

Field of Dreams: Huge Montana Collection For Sale!

If you find yourself out roaming around anywhere near Great Falls, Montana, there’s a treasure trove of old cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, boats, toys and other assorted stuff to be found. It’s all for sale, including both restored and… more»

Farm Find: 1980 Ford CL-9000

This would be a hard vehicle to sneak past your spouse and hide in a corner of the garage, not that any of us have done such a thing. We don’t see a lot of big trucks here, semis,… more»

289 V8 Powered International Cub Tractor!

Just when you thought that 2020 was nothing but sorrow and misery on top of heartache and strife, you see something like this International Harvester Cub with a 289 V8 and it totally redeems itself! Frankly, I can’t believe… more»

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