Field of Dreams: Huge Montana Collection For Sale!

If you find yourself out roaming around anywhere near Great Falls, Montana, there’s a treasure trove of old cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, boats, toys and other assorted stuff to be found. It’s all for sale, including both restored and field finds of just about every flavor of manufacturer you can think of. Many have already been sold, but literally tons of iron are left to be discovered. Check out a sampling here on craigslist and on the seller’s web site, Montana-Solid-Iron.

There are 458 pictures of cars, trucks and other whatnot listed. I’m guessing maybe 15-20% of this stuff is already marked sold. But if you’re looking for something dating as for back as 1920 and as recently as 2010, it may very well be here. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jaguar, Jeep, Plymouth, Pontiac, Volkswagen and the list goes on. Some of it can be had for a few hundred dollars, whereas a couple of vintage restorations stored indoors were up to $40,000.

As best as I can tell from what’s left, the following decades are represented for the cars and trucks alone:

1920-29: 5 cars and 2 trucks

1930-39: 4 cars and 6 trucks

1940-49: 2 cars and 13 trucks

1950-59: 49 cars and 32 (the sweet spot!)

1960-69: 35 cars and 30 trucks

1970-79: 9 cars and 19 trucks

1980-89: 2 cars and 6 trucks

1990-99: 4 cars and 2 trucks

After 2000: 2 cars

That’s at least 222 cars and trucks with for sale signs still on them. Some are complete, some look restored, and some look awfully far gone!

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  1. Big_Fun Member

    The website even lists a bridge for sale.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Is it the Brooklyn Bridge?

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      • Dave

        The small one from Vegas. Also the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

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    • Ian C

      Yes, but it is only 104′ long. I need a 108′ one.

      Like 7
    • Joseph

      Take me to the bridge.

      Like 3
      • Dave Peterson

        Where’s that confounded bridge?

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    • Howard Kerr

      Only looking at the Craigslist ad, the cars that interest me are the 63 Fairlane wagon and the 66 Fairlane sedan.

      Nice that the seller offers to hold any purchases until buyers are able to pick up.

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  2. Big_Fun Member

    Check out every page.. The website even lists a bridge for sale.

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  3. Miguelito Loveless

    Lots of Low Rider material here

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    • Don Eladio

      Loveless, I knew some Loveless’ one time…they were from Michoacán.

    • Paolo

      Mr. West and Mr Gordon will see you now.

  4. Steve Clinton

    What a shame that most of these cars have been left out in the elements to slowly rot.

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  5. Steve R

    Typical dealer, everything is overpriced. Anyone with initiative will find better cars at lower prices.

    Steve R

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  6. Phlathead Phil

    Someone had an illness.

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  7. Barney Member

    Many of the yard vehicles aren’t priced to badly but it seems obvious to me that the owner doesn’t really want to sell the restored cars. Prices for those cars are way out of line

  8. Taco

    Has anyone seen the bridge?
    Wheres the confounded brìdge?

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    • Geo

      Towards the end if you sort, as big $$ last. ($11000).

  9. George Richardson

    Checked a couple. One ad says 48 Chevy but, sure does look like a 49 to me.

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    • Bellingham Fred

      There are a lot of cars and trucks miss IDed by year, and a few GMCs listed as Chevys.

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  10. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    Awesome find! Thanks for sharing this one! Some reasonable asks, some not so much. Overall nice listing to go through. Really cool to see the C Cabs.

  11. Steve

    I’m interested in one of the trucks for sale. Has anyone done business with this seller?

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