Droptop Project: 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible

Technically a Dodge Dakota Sport, reportedly only 909 examples of this unique convertible pickup were made for the 1990 model year. We’ve seen a few examples here on Barn Finds over the years and this may be the one… more»

BF Auction: 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero

The third generation of Ranchero production was somewhat unique, with cars built in 1966 featuring Falcon front sheet metal and sold as just Rancheros. For ’67, it was marketed as the Fairlane Ranchero and was equipped with the Fairlane’s… more»

Cabover Project: 1946 Ford Truck

After WWII, Ford was allowed to return to civilian production in time for model year 1946. Most manufacturers’ designs did not change much from their pre-war counterparts for a couple of years (anyone know what company was first to… more»

Travelette: 1973 International Harvester 1210

International Harvester is perhaps best known for its farm equipment, but they were also in the truck business for a time. They were always overshadowed by the “ Big 3” Detroit automakers but did accomplish at least one first:… more»

Two-Owner Survivor: 1970 Chevrolet K10 Short Bed

Barn Finds is fortunate to have readers spanning all corners of the globe, and we attempt to feature vehicles that would appeal to all tastes. It can be challenging, and some cars seem more nation-specific than others. Many might… more»

BF Auction: 1986 Dodge Ram W250 4×4

UPDATE – The seller has asked us to relist this sweet truck but with a lower reserve this time! Be sure to take another look. Finding a clean, classic 4×4 pickup can be a real challenge. This Dodge W250… more»

Pristine Pathfinder Conversion: 1981 GMC Vandura 4×4

The 1970s and 1980s were fascinating times in the automotive industry with the prevalence of aftermarket companies cozying up to the big OEMs. It was seemingly never easier to be a small outfit and able to build vehicles fresh… more»

Barn Find at No Reserve! 1982 Toyota Pickup SR5 4WD

Only the most diehard truck fans have heard of Hino Motors, founded in Japan in 1942. Two decades later, Hino was making a small truck called the Briska. Toyota approached Hino with an eye to using the Briska as… more»

Gentleman’s Pickup: 1959 Chevrolet El Camino

In 1957, Ford introduced the Ranchero, a 2-door pickup based on a station wagon platform. Chevy would join the mix in 1959 with its El Camino, which initially only lasted for two years even though it outsold the Ford…. more»

California Truck Parked In 1987: 1966 Dodge D200

“Beautiful way to load up and light out. With a big, smooth, double-wall pickup box that’s extremely easy to load. But what really makes Dodge the smartest buy in a pickup is the extra stamina Dodge puts into every… more»

Parked For A Long Time: 1969 Ford F-100

“’69 Ford pickups work like trucks, ride like cars…give you better ideas all around! Ford gives you better ideas in ride. The first time you drive a Ford pickup, you’ll be impressed by its carlike smoothness. You’ll like the… more»

Original Paint: 1968 Ford F100 Ranger

Sitting in this shed is a classic Pickup that has led a sheltered life. This 1968 Ford F100 Ranger has been part of the same family since Day One and has always been stored indoors. That has allowed it… more»

Needs No Roads: 1964 Dodge Flat-Fender Power Wagon

While many manufacturers produced military vehicles during WWII – Jeep, Ford, Studebaker, Dodge – Dodge was the first to mass produce a civilian version of its four-wheel drive three-quarter-ton WC truck. The new truck was a response to the… more»

Rare Crew Cab: 1970 Dodge Power Wagon

One of the more intriguing segments of collector vehicles are old-school pickup trucks with four full doors. Sure, these days we take it for granted that every full-size truck should have room for a small family inside, but that… more»

Super SUV: 1993 GMC Typhoon Turbo AWD

The concept of vehicles aging past the point of any likely rise in value is a concept we see played out in real-time as vehicles from the late 70s and early 80s increasingly flat-line on the pricing curve. This… more»

In the Same Family Since New: 1951 Chevrolet 3800 Project

This is my kind of pickup truck. I just love genuine, authentic, unpampered workhorse pickups who’s rust and bumps tell their story. And this one’s got a good story, but more on that later. This 1951 Chevrolet 3800 pickup… more»