Time Capsule: 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan

There are serious van camper conversions, usually built from full-sized vans, with little kitchens (galleys), sleeping accommodations, and some even have bathrooms. Then there are weekender-type van conversions, such as this time capsule 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan high-top by… more»

Kansas Field Find: 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa

The seller says that this 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa van camper was rescued from a field in Kansas. It appears to be in great condition, it looks like they did a nice job of bringing this one back and… more»

Tiny Utility Van! 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

The S-Cargo was a small utility van with retro styling that was built by Nissan in Japan between 1989 and 1991. It was designed for the home market and only about 8,000 of them were produced across three model… more»

Air-Cooled Cab-Over: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier

When Chevrolet cooked up the Corvair in 1960 with the rear-mounted, air-cooled engine, they didn’t stop with just making sedans and convertibles. They also offered truck and van versions broadly referred to as the Corvair 95 (for its 95-inch… more»

Henney Hearse Project: 1954 Packard Patrician

Henney Motor Co. was in business from 1927 to 1954, producing several vehicles, including limousines, ambulances, and hearses. One of their preferred sources was Packard Motor Car Co. Ironically, Henney got out of their business about the same time… more»

Groovy Shorty Party Van! 1976 Dodge B200 Tradesman

Once upon a time, there was an era in automotive history during the seventies when motoring just didn’t get much cooler than in customized vans, rolling domiciles created by their owners as sort of a far-out way to express… more»

Hot Wheels Bread Van! 1969 Grumman Olsonette

Grumman has produced bodies for several delivery vehicles over the years, with the most noticeable perhaps being UPS delivery vans from 1966 forward. Others include the Olsonette which served well for auto parts and baked goods deliveries. That’s how… more»

Ready For The Road: 1973 Dodge B100 Camper

This 1973 Dodge B100 camper van isn’t an actual factory camper van, but that doesn’t take away from the dream of hitting the open road for a lot of us. The seller has this homemade custom camper van posted… more»

Funeral Coach: 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

For many of us, our very last ride is likely to be in a Cadillac – a Cadillac hearse, that is. And a lot of them were built by Superior Coach Co. out of Lima, Ohio. In 1975, Cadillac… more»

No-Reserve Camper: 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia

It’s hard to beat the cool factor or visual appeal of a tricked-out vintage full-size party van, with that bright custom paint job and bubble windows on the outside plus shag carpeting and captains chairs inside.  But for functionality… more»

Radical Rarity: 1971 Brubaker Box

Like many kit cars of the era, the 1970s Brubaker Box is mechanically a Volkswagen. But it has a layout and fiberglass body that looks nothing like any of the kit cars on the market then and now. Only… more»

Rusty Relic: 1972 Volkswagen Type 2

Following a mass roll-out of the Type 2 Beetle after World War II, Volkswagen introduced the Type 2 in 1950. Depending on the decade and country, the utility vehicle would go by a variety of names: Transporter, Microbus, Kombi,… more»

The Zimmer Touch: 1982 GMC Vandura

The seller of this 1982 GMC 2500 Vandura, Zimmer equipped van suggests, “Wanting it to go to a good home“. Heck, it already looks like a good home! It certainly well represents the era, there’s no doubt about that…. more»

The Redneck Limo: 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

For just $3,000, you can be the proud owner of this extensively modified 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, aka “The Redneck Limo,” now on Facebook Marketplace in Olympia, Washington. It’s running, barely. Thanks to Yargbull for this listing.

1964 Volkswagen 21-Window Bus Project

The Volkswagen Type 2 has several aliases, including Transporter, Kombi, Microbus, and just plain Bus. While they were popular with families and campers back in the day, the “Flower Power” children of the 1960s and 1970s were constantly seen… more»

California Shorty! 1977 Dodge B200 Van

About the only thing groovier than locating a vintage party van is finding one that’s been in a forgiving climate for decades, such as this 1977 Dodge B200 Tradesman here on eBay residing in The Golden State since at… more»

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