Tiny Utility Van! 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

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The S-Cargo was a small utility van with retro styling that was built by Nissan in Japan between 1989 and 1991. It was designed for the home market and only about 8,000 of them were produced across three model years. Despite its tiny size, the S-Cargo seemed flexible in what you could store between the front passenger seats. This one has been owned by the seller on two occasions and has been used as a daily driver, even though it has a right-hand drive. Located in Bushnell, Florida, this little oddity is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $14,500 though offers will be considered.

These were niche vehicles offered by Nissan and were sold only through their Cherry Stores in Japan. The styling of the vehicle is reminiscent of a similar delivery van built by Citroën. The name is considered an abbreviation for “Small Cargo”. Early versions of the van did not contain any Nissan branding, but that changed over time. To get around, the S-Cargo used a 1.5-liter inline-4 with a 3-speed automatic transmission and also came with air conditioning. Options include the oval-shaped portal windows (like on the seller’s unit) and a sunroof.

The seller imported this van from England in 2017. It was previously painted black but now wears Sheepshead Yellow (strange name). Over the course of his/her ownership, it was sold to a friend who accommodated a repurchase when the seller’s space situation improved. We’re told it runs great and has been treated to some recent maintenance, such as a new battery, brakes, radiator, and tires. The odometer reading is in kilometers, but when converted to miles the number is more like 93,000, indicating regular use.

We’re told that the only thing needing attention is the A/C which works but blows warm. The freon should be converted from the old-school R12 to today’s approved cooling product. This is a nifty little van that should be easy to keep going as it’s a Nissan rather than an orphan brand. How cool would it be as a local delivery vehicle with your placards on the doors to promote your business?

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  1. Roykirk

    I still have a stash of freon 12 and one car that uses it.
    Shame on me.

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    • eric22t

      you aren’t the only one roy, and everyone of my a/c rigs predate the 134 change over by a substantial margin.

      cool little rig. can’t say as i have a use for it but, i’m sure someone will

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    • Big C

      Got a stash too. Don’t have a car that uses it. But, every July 4? We open a can of it, and let freedom ring.

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  2. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Sheepshead Yellow seems appropriate.

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  3. Derek

    These were from the same series of cars as the Figaro, I think; not sure if they have the same base vehicle. I think that S-Cargo was both a reference to it being a van and also to the practicality of it in relation to the 2CV (the tin snail; escargot).

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    • Bob

      The S-Cargo was built on the Sentra/Sunny platform while the Figaro was built on the Mircra platform. You are correct that the name is a nod to the 2CV delivery vans which they borrowed styling cues from. The owner replaced the original steering wheel which was like the Citroen version with one large spoke. The replacement he used is not very good compared to the original. His asking price is optimistic. You’d think he’d at least clean all the garbage out of the car for the photos.

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      • Scooter P

        Yeah, the price seems to equate to a low mileage clean model, not a relatively high mileage vehicle full of garbage. 🙄

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  4. CadmanlsMember

    The design of the car the door area is crazy large. Different and I suppose as a delivery vehicle it works. Think I drew this when I was 3 or 4 lol.

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  5. Mike

    Looks like it was made with sheets of plywood with a shiny fiberglass shell over the top.

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    • John EderMember

      Funny that you should mention plywood- I use my S-Cargo to regularly transport 4’ x 8’ sheets of it- no problem. Much easier than my Sprinter…

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      • MsV

        Hi John, can you elaborate on fitting 4×8 sheets of plywood – do you have to remove the passenger seat? I’m looking for something I can occasionally transport a few sheets of drywall in.

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  6. Dr Ron

    I’m surprised that nobody has gone here:
    Why did the snail put a large “S” decal on the sides of his Corvette?
    So everyone would say:
    “Look at that S CAR GO!”
    Badda Boom.

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  7. jim

    Steering is on the wrong side so I will pass

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  8. geoff a

    Look at that S car go

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  9. TheOlddRanger

    Well, I’ll say it since no one else will….. this is one weird looking vehicle, but I’m guessing it’s also suited for what it was made for… so it probably evens out 👍

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