Out of the Barn! 1962 Chevrolet Greenbrier Camper

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Based on the new Corvair with its rear-mounted, air-cooled engine, Chevrolet expanded that product line to include a truck/van platform. The delivery version was called the Corvan 95 (for its 95-inch wheelbase) while the passenger version was the Greenbrier. The latter was in production from 1961 to 1965 and could be ordered with a camper package as was the case with the seller’s 1962 edition. Out of the barn now after 40 years, this Chevy is available here on craigslist and in Marion, New York where the asking price is $7,500. Kudos to Mitchell G. for another great find!

The Greenbrier enjoyed some initial popularity as being a derivative of the decidedly different Corvair (by 1960s Detroit standards). With its six side windows, Chevy built 18,000 or so of them in each of 1961 and 1962, after which demand began to trickle off to just 1,500 units in 1965 (Corvair the car had been redesigned in 1965, the Greenbrier and Corvan were not, and were then discontinued). Perhaps to capitalize on the success of the VW bus, Chevy dealers offered a camper package option on the Greenbrier that added things like a bed, kitchenette features, and even a luggage rack. We’re told this ’62 has that package, but the seller does not attempt to show us what it looks like.

As the story goes, this Greenbrier has been off the road since the 1980s. But apparently, it was started periodically and perhaps moved around the yard as we’re told it last ran in 2019. The fuel delivery system will need to be flushed out before attempting to coax the 145 cubic-inch “Turbo Air” six-cylinder back to life. The brakes will also need to be redone, as an attempt to replace them stalled during Covid. Yet, the seller (or someone) has installed new tires and a battery, so that work is already out of the way.

The odometer reads 65,000 miles, which could be right if it was primarily used for camping in the 1960s and 1970s. The body looks good and may have avoided much rust by being stored indoors most of the time (that’s a guess from the photos). The seller adds that the interior is in great condition, including its cabinetry, cushions, and curtains, but that was a missed photo opportunity. This could be a fun vehicle to run around in if there aren’t any gremlins lurking from being in storage.

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  1. Robert Proulx

    Love it, i think Jay Leno drove a pick up version of that on his show a long while back. Once sorted out and refreshed it would be great at cars and coffee. Just one thing, with the minimal crash protection of the era don’t rear end no one because your feet and the rest of you will be center stage at the event

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  2. Vair Nut

    If this was a 64/65 Stick I would going tomorrow to pick it up. I am not that far from where this is located. If someone needs an in person inspection I would be glad to do it for you. I am extremely well versed in Corvairs, been driving one for over 47 years. We had over 100 of them when my Dad retired and got out of the car building business. Feel free to reach out.

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    • JDMember

      Hello Vair Nut,
      Wondering how I might get in touch with you to ask about checking this out for me?

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      • Vair Nut

        Hi JD right now I am on the road (I DJ for a living) and I return to the family Sunday 20th, I could go check it Monday 21st if you like. This way I can also properly photograph it too. My work number is (315) 723-8243

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  3. David Zornig

    “Has a rare dealer installed camper package, including cabinetry, cushions, curtains, etc.”
    Something I’d be showing in the photos…

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    • Raymond B Clark

      There were different versions of that.
      Sometimes the cabinets were mounted on the doors so you could cook inside or out.
      Another had the kitchen inside

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  4. Rick H

    Supposedly has a near perfect interior yet no interior photos. I often wonder if these sellers are really interested in selling their vehicle with this half hearted effort.

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  5. Troy

    That looks like a clean ride considering what state its in and the price isn’t bad. I don’t understand New York auto records system the add says title is clean but only has registration. I guess I need to contact my state on how I can get title if I got something from out of state

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  6. Steve

    Not one photo of the rear of the Greenbrier (as well as the interior and undercarriage). Is the seller hiding something?

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    new york state didn’t have titles till about 1974. before titles the registration was used to transfer ownership, there is a section that is filled out and signed. i moved to tn. 23 years ago and brought several cars from ny with the registration signed by old owner and never had a problem. your state has a book to look up other states rules for transfer of ownership, that will show them that the registration is the proper document you need

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  8. Vair Nut

    Just a quick note to anyone interested in this van, I have made two attempts to contact the seller to no avail. It might no longer be available. I will keep trying, and I might, just might, go on an old fashion Corvair hunt (something my dad did with us as kids on many Sunday afternoons) this Sunday/Monday. I have been through that area before there are not that many back roads :)

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    • Eric B

      I also tried and no response, with only email as their contact option. I’m in western NY. It was listed a month ago, so I would imagine it sold. But it’s not difficult to delete a CL ad and then you won’t have people trying to reach you or roll up on your place looking for it : )

      Lol let us know if you have any luck. I’m also wondering if those photos are at two different locations. If you notice in the first few there are ramps in front of it.

      These are too cool and if it really has the dealer installed camper in good shape and the undercarriage is solid, this was a deal.

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    • Eric B

      Ad is finally down.

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