Station Wagons

Popular Classic: 1967 Ford Galaxie Country Squire Wagon

If you have ever held any doubts about the popularity of classic station wagons, then this 1967 Ford Country Squire should be able to set those doubts to rest. While there currently aren’t any bids on this 1960s classic,… more»

Patina Perfection: 1951 Plymouth Suburban

The Want-o-Meter is pegging for me on this one, even more so than usual. This 1951 Plymouth Suburban wagon can be found here on craigslist in Bend, Oregon. The seller is asking $12,500 for this fantastic looking car. Thanks… more»

Perfect Restoration Project? 1968 Ford Bronco

This 1968 Ford Bronco is going to need some TLC, but just might be the project you’ve been looking for. The seller describes it as the “perfect donor for a full restoration.” It can be found here on eBay… more»

Barn Find Wagon! 1966 Chrysler Town and Country

Wagons are hot! Add to that: one owner + original paint + 68K miles + barn find and you’ve got the recipe for an amazing car. This one is a 1966 Chrysler Town & Country and can be found… more»

Stunning Survivor: 1966 Chrysler Town & Country

This 1966 Chrysler Town & Country wagon has recently left long-term barn storage, discovered with under 70,000 original miles and minimal rust. The wagon cleans up incredibly well and has kept a tight radius after being sold new in… more»

Clean Squire Edition: 1973 Ford Pinto Wagon

This 1973 Ford Pinto wagon is not only a survivor, but a rare Squire edition that’s adorned with wood trim and other luxury-centric options. The wagon is said to be in excellent condition with just three owners from new,… more»

Blank Canvas: 1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

How is this for a great marketing vehicle? If I owned a business that needed a great delivery vehicle, you can’t get much cooler than this! It is a 1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery and can be found here on… more»

Cheap 9-Seater! ’62 Chrysler Town and Country

With its sporty 300-like grille, four-door hardtop greenhouse, and (new for ’62) lack of fins, the Chrysler Newport offered high style for high rollers. This 1962 Chrysler Newport Town and Country (station wagon) in Thomaston, Connecticut appears to retain… more»

Bit Of A Sleeper: 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne Wagon

This 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne station wagon might look a little rough, but the seller claims that it runs and drives like a champion. It has a Buy-It-Now price of $7,500 but you also have the ability to make an… more»

Parked For 20 Years: 1963 Ford Country Squire Wagon

After spending the past 20-years hidden away in a garage, this 1963 Fairlane Country Squire has emerged into the light of day, and it looks like it would be one pretty good project car. Barn Finder FordGuy1972 referred the… more»

1952 Chevrolet Tin Woody Barn Find

Tucked away in a barn for the last 12 to 15 years, this sweet unrestored Chevrolet Tin Woody is a great start. Thankfully this Tin woody is not riddled with termites(no wood), and holds little in the way of… more»

Solid Restorer: 1959 Chevrolet Nomad Impala

This 1959 Chevrolet Nomad Impala looks a bit tired, but it is a solid vehicle that has all of the makings of a great restoration project. The rust repairs that this car requires are pretty minimal, and the next… more»

Practical Italian: 1970 Fiat 124 Familiare

This 1970 Fiat 124 Familiare sure seems longer than my Audi TT does but it’s the exact same length of 13′-4″. A four-door wagon is a much more practical car and one that I would love to own compared… more»

Coolest Wagon Ever? ’57 Chevy Nomad Survivor

Two-door wagons are super-cool to begin with, and the ’57 Chevy stands as the literal icon of ’50s Cool. Put the two together and you get the fin-tastic ’57 Chevy Nomad. This particular 1957 Chevrolet Nomad in Medford, New… more»

Fantastic Options List: 1968 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

While it might be looking pretty battered and bruised, below the surface, this 1968 Mercury Colony Park Station Wagon is a solid and nicely equipped vehicle just begging to be restored. I really have to thank Barn Finder Pat… more»

Quirky French Project: 1924 Renault 6CV NN

We’ve all seen project vehicles where the restoration has proceeded at a snail’s pace, and this Renault 6CV (or Renault NN) is a perfect example. The owner purchased the car 30-years-ago as a restoration project, and this is as… more»