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Gentleman’s Mustang: 1987 Mercury Cougar


This 1987 Mercury Cougar 20th Anniversary Edition here on eBay has only 2,700 original miles and it’s already got a bid at $7,000. After seeing one of these in excellent condition at a you-pull-it this weekend, I’ve become a bit enamored with the concept of the 5.0 V8 in front while being coddled by a Mercury-like ride on the inside. Does this gentleman’s Mustang scream hairdresser’s car or is it an emerging classic? 


The interior is actually a pleasant blend of comfort and style, and seems well-organized by 1980s standards. The digital dashboard is equal parts futuristic and gimmicky but it works in a car like this. As you might expect, the low mileage translates to excellent seating surfaces and carpets, along with wood trim that appears unblemished from age.


The venerable 5.0 is almost synonymous with 1980s vestiges of power and status, thanks to Vanilla Ice. In this application, it feels a bit subdued, almost secondary to the Cougar’s stylish appearances. This is one of the last times I can remember Mercury having a car that truly stood out as unique and not just a quick re-hash of an existing model. Although the Lincoln Mark VII was a similar take on the same concept, the Cougar’s styling set it apart (to my eyes, anyway).


This is the view that puts this Cougar into a category all its own: the wraparound tail lights with the Cougar emblem in the reverse lenses and that rear quarter window that dramatically cuts inward as it slopes down to the door. Combined with factory wheels whose offset seems to favor an aggressive stance and this becomes one of my favorite versions of Mercury’s big coupe. How would you take your 5.0 V8 sled – the Lincoln, Mustang or Cougar?


  1. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    I’d like to have one of each, thanks.

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  2. Avatar photo Roseland Pete

    Makes me think more of a T-bird than a Mustang.

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  3. Avatar photo roger

    Would like to have a thunder bird that body style.
    Thats the coors #9 body that Bill Elliot set speed record at talladega
    They have the one he won winston million with at museum in Darlington
    The cougar would be nice too,but price is high for me.

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  4. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    Would love a later Thunderbird… One of my father’s employees had a black one during my Highschool years and I loves it.

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  5. Avatar photo grant

    This is a really nice car. Probably more t-bird than mustang but that’s ok. The 5.0 did duty in a lot of vehicles. Someone thinks it’s worth 7k anyway, but it will probably lose value immediately if they don’t park it and preserve it. Which probably should happen because when’s the last time you saw a brand new 87 Cougar?

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  6. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Save your money for a 1st or 2nd gen – you’ll feel better

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  7. Avatar photo CattooButt Member

    After the 1969 Cougar this is my next favorite Cougar body style. Always had a better look than the original look of the 1964 1/2 & 1965 Mustang. Fastback and Mach 1 versions aside mind you. Great looking car and were I to own it I would drive this baby quite a bit but mostly on no rain days and in Portland there aren’t too many of those.

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    Nice find.. Clean car for it’s age and mileage.. My youngest son has an 87 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. Been sitting in his garage for the past 10 years.. My next restoration project is waiting..

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  9. Avatar photo Donnie

    The 302 in the 87 cougar only has 150 horse power the mustang in 87 had 225 horse power different heads and cam I think .Still a nice car just not as fast as people think.

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  10. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Never cared for these. The original Cougar’s were such nice cars. Still, I’d like to know the story on THIS car. 2,700 miles doesn’t even qualify this as a “little old lady on Sunday” car. Wasn’t the “digital dash” on these a nightmare? Like grant sez, if you’ve got a hankerin’ for a like new ’87 Cougar, this is probably as close as you are going to get. I just don’t understand how you can only amass 2,700 miles in 30 years. Sure looks nice, though.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      Howard, I think special-edition-anything causes certain people to immediately air up the car bubble and stick it inside for three decades. Wouldn’t be my approach to things, especially for such little pay-off….but to each their own.

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  11. Avatar photo Nessy

    Gee this is a nice car in everyway. It would be a shame to really drive it. The Cougar and the T Bird were fresh for 87 and were pretty hot items.

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  12. Avatar photo jim s

    very nice car but at the BIN of $ 14055 it does not work for me because i too would want to daily drive it. great find

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  13. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    My best friend who has since passed 19 years ago bought one of these new back then and his wife drove it until a few years ago. I personally liked the Bird look better.

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  14. Avatar photo DA

    Wayyyyy to much money for what it is. Beautiful cat but will never be a collector only a survivor. Where would you spend $14k if you had it laying around?

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