German Power: 1967 Ford Falcon Diesel

Now this is an interesting idea! The owner of this Falcon decided they wanted better fuel mileage and something truly unique, so they dropped a Mercedes-Benz inline six diesel engine and 5 speed transmission in it. They are now getting around 30 mpg and have the dependability of a late ’90s diesel. It seems like a lot of work just to save a little money on fuel, but it’s definitely an interesting idea that amazingly works. You can find this German powered Falcon here on eBay in Romulus, Michigan with an opening bid of $1k and no reserve.

As well done as the installation looks, it seems rather odd to go to so much work on a Falcon 4 door that has rust issues. The seller admits that there is a lot of Bondo on the body and that the floors are rusty. They even reinforced the floors with steel tubing, which really makes me nervous. After doing so much work, why not just fix the issues? Perhaps they figured the chassis needed reinforcing anyways, to help cope with the new engine? I can’t say for sure, but hopefully the seller will be able to provide more insight on the floors and the reinforcement work.

The interior is especially interesting, with a mixture of original Ford bits, Mercedes seats, a custom shifter and orange shag carpet. I’m not sure whether to love it or hate, but I would definitely plan on spending some time and money getting it cleaned up. The seller has new carpets for it that they are including, so that might make getting the interior cleaned up a bit easier. I would also plan on doing something different with the shifter, but to each their own.

They claim they are letting go of this odd creation due to the lack of space, we’ve been there before and understand how that goes. It’s said to be a good daily driver, but there are a few fix things that should probably be fixed to make it a comfortable driver. They don’t state which engine this is, but it appears to be a 3.0 naturally aspirated engine out of an E300. A turbo would definitely make things more interesting though. So what do you think of this creation?

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  1. Blyndgesser

    I like the Benz engine (an OM606 I think) and seats. The rest? Um…

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    That beer shifter is a tad funky but I’m not sure I’d want to turbo that thing is there’s possible structural issues with it. It may not take it. It is an interesting premise non-the-less.

  3. hhaleblian

    24 hr lemons

  4. DanaPointJohn

    It is amazing what people do to cars, but this Frankenstein is truly unique. Interesting paring and concept.

  5. RayT Member

    Have to wonder if, somewhere Out There, there’s an E-Class Mercedes with a Ford six under the hood….

    • John B

      I’d go with t-boned E-Class body and blown up Ford motor gone to the scrapyard.

  6. CMARV

    Love the carpet , that’s about it .

  7. Steve R

    No thank you.

    Steve R

  8. Jeffro

    Yeah, the “33” racing numbers would have to go. Of course, they’d be replaced by my number being “00”! I’d address the floor rust/structural integrity and add a turbo. Do I have relatives in Michigan? This looks like something me and my family would do.

    We have a gene pool…it’s just not deep. Lol

  9. Gay Car Nut

    What?! A Falcon Diesel? Why the hell didn’t Ford think of that? As long as the rest of the car can take the power, the torque, and the compression, then the car is all set.

  10. Suttree

    The Mercedes diesel can feel like a powerhouse if the car is geared right.
    I had a 1985 300D that needed a rear end. The 5 cylinder turbo engine had been geared at about 3.08. Having the rear end from a 4 cyl non turbo 240D geared at 3.49 I put it in the 300D.
    Seemed a lot stronger afterwards.
    Could the Falcon be geared at about 3.49 too? If so this car might surprise some folks with its acceleration.

  11. Luki

    Exercise in how to make a slow car to begin with even slower.

    I have an idea of what to stuff that engine into. A 90s E Class Benz.

  12. stevee

    With that engine, not the 24 Hr LeMons but the 24 Day LeMons

  13. Dan h

    I would have used the OM617 engine personally, but hey, still a Benz diesel!

  14. Cris Carver

    Never liked the design, but in it’s “racing” forum, I still don’t. But on some levels I like this one.

  15. Peter

    This body was sold in Australia with an engine range from 200 cuin 6-cylinder to 351cuin V8 engines. I wasn’t aware the same body was available in the US.

  16. levis gasser

    Weres the stacks

  17. chad

    Lookin @ the side panels – the indents near (behind) the frnt wheel wells make it look un-falcon 2 me. May B cuz I’musta the ’60 – ’65/6?

    • Peter

      The indents were not on the Australian model

  18. Big Mike

    I knew a guy from Esther, MO that put a 4 cylinder diesel in a 68 GMC pickup, and a nine speed tranny behind it. Why we asked, because somebody said he could not do it!!!!!!

  19. BMW4RunninTundra

    Gotta give this guy an A for ingenuity, application, and effort. My guess is that he got a lot of misc parts cleaned out if his work shop! Probably finally got rid of that old wrecked Mercedes the the wife had been on him about getting rid of. In the process also put the Falcon, that never ran, that the Wife was on him to get rid of, back on the road!!! He also tuned up his welding skills and was able to finally throw that old kegger, with the only thing that was making him keep it, the handle, out in the trash. He also has his priorities straight with regard to homeownership. Give the Wife a decent house, to keep her out of your hair, but have an even bigger bus as a portable “Man Cave”! You ask me, this guy has “got it going on”!!!!!!! Hope he finds someone that will respect the amount of work that went into this this t h i s ………….um…….project. Yeah, his Project!!

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