Get Electra-fied: 1970 Buick Convertible


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It’s time to get Electra-fied with this “Big Beautiful Buick for a Song.” Buy your ticket for this boat ride for $750 or less. The seller’s ad says he “just pulled out the motor last week for another project.” Not sure why he felt the need to waste this big beautiful Electra 225 convertible for that, because it’s sure not like there isn’t an abundant supply of rusted and destroyed sedans he couldn’t have taken an engine from instead.


But he’s consistent. What he doesn’t know about engine sourcing, he also doesn’t know about how to sell the remains on craigslist. These are the only three photos provided, with almost no information to go along with. The photos suggest the body might be fairly decent, and the one photo of the interior shown below, confirms that if this is an “outdoor” car, it hasn’t been one for long. I like the cloth seats, different from the vinyl we usually see in convertibles.


This is a big, gorgeous floaty-boat ride, in an interesting color, and in need of some substantial TLC. Find your deuce and a quarter right here on craigslist in St. Louis. Because, wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?

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  1. Rock OnMember

    That 455 is probably sitting in some Skylark by now!

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  2. Eric Dashman

    Could be a great project. They were pretty classy cars in their day. I remember that Bubba Smith (the MSU and Dallas Cowboy defensive end…6’8″ & 300 lbs) drove a deuce and a quarter while in school. Guess how he got that car. I’ve always liked them and this could be worth some decent money if no rust. Paint doesn’t look bad and could be buffed up. Wish it were closer.

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    That 455 is probably stuffed into his Jeep J-truck or full size Cherokee

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  4. Van

    This car will need the 455.
    The 1970 buick 455 had very high torque numbers. I think 500 lbs torque is easy in one like this.
    I’d say find another big buick engine cheep or use a late model LS truck engine. I doubt if the cars value will be high enough for a major restoration.
    This would be a great car for an evening out with friends. You wouldn’t worry about who was driving as long as the driver wasn’t drinking.

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  5. Chebby

    What a jackass. Pull the engine out of a sedan or a wreck, not a convertible with seemingly little rust. And why admit that you’re the one who did it?

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    • Alan Brase

      Moron is closer than Jackass. Really, I suppose he bought it for $500 so the bottom line all looks good. Except he coulda probably got $3000 if it drove. So he really paid $2250 for that motor. Bought a motor on a skid and not had to pull it. And had lunch money left for half a year.

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  6. neil

    Dude ….
    You gotta chillax. I mean really, the guy owns the car, he can do with it as he pleases. You don’t know his situation. Pretty rude to call him names.
    We all have out likes and dislikes, but, that doesn’t mean one is superior to the other. I don’t like the notion of making hot rods out of restorable cars, but, in the end, unless I own it, my thoughts and preferences mean absolutely nothing. Realize, whatever our preferences are , doesn’t make them right. Rodder’s love their cars as much as traditionalists do. We have to learn to appreciate everyone’s right to do what pleases them. Not meant as a chop on you personally, but… you got pretty personal in calling this person a ” jackass “

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  7. Nick G

    Old tattered convertible. Someone has looked under the left front carpet. Needs a complete new interior and maybe new floor pan. Add that to huge gas bills… Gift horse… Mouth.

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