Giddy Up: 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 4-Speed

UPDATE 7/14/18 – This one has been relisted here on eBay and the auction is ending soon!

FROM 2/22/18 – I hope that you’re sitting down for this one, drool bib in place, seat belt on, and every other precaution that you can take while checking out this mind-blowing 1962 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409! I know! This dream machine is listed here on eBay and it will not be cheap. The current bid is over $30,000 and the reserve isn’t met and there are still three days left on the auction. It’s located in Carlsbad, California and it was owned by a big name in drag racing history. Let’s check it out.

According to the seller, this car was owned by none other than drag racing royalty Dale Armstrong. Apparently, this car was “sold to Dale Armstrong May 15, 1989, by a gentleman in Des Moines Iowa and then was driven back to L.A. by Dale Armstrong.” That’s a fun trip in a rental car, imagine doing that in a ’62 dual-quad 409 Impala SS. I literally can’t imagine it, it’s beyond my grasp of reality. I can see world peace and even both sides of the political aisle coming together in a big group hug before I could even imagine myself driving a car like this anywhere, let alone cross-country. I wonder what Mr. Armstrong paid for this car back in 1989.. hmm..

The seller “was told the car has one repaint of the original color, probably prior to 1989”, and it has a great look to me as it is now. For some monetary perspective, Hagerty is bullish at $55,900 for a #4 fair condition car. I say, $55,900 for a #4 fair condition car. What about a #3 good condition ’62 Chevy Impala SS 409 hp 409 with a 4-speed? Well, that’s a mere $90,800! NINETY-THOUSAND EIGHT-HUNDRED AMERICAN BUCK-DOLLARS. This could turn into an exercise as to what you could or would buy for $90,800 rather than this one car. I know what I would buy, or pay off is more like it, but I would sure love to have this car. Being a 1962 model myself I love 1962 vehicles. For the record, a #2 excellent car is worth $116,000. Whew.

For some odd reason, after all the hype and with 99% of us knowing that this car is all about the engine, there isn’t one engine photo! Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest! That would be illegal in my world, but to the seller’s credit they did provide four YouTube videos of this car and this one shows the engine, as does this one. It is, of course, Chevy’s 409 hp, dual quad, 409 cubic-inch V8 and paired with that sweet 4-speed floor shifter this car has to be a top-ten dream car for most of us in my age range, at least in the American iron category. The seller believes that “the interior was redone at the same time back to stock.” As in, back in 1989. Have any of you owned or driven a 4-speed dual quad posi-traction 409? I have not, but once the Powerball numbers match I’ll drive one, right into our garage. Giddy up giddy up giddy 409..


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  1. flmikey

    Wow…just….wow…the holy grail…if you can, go to the ebay site and look at the bill of sale to Dale…and see the price he paid for it….like I said…wow….

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    • Metoo

      And here most of us are and we can only dream of owning it or one like it. When am I going to hit the Powerball!?!

      • Richard Ochoa

        Hope you & Scotty don’t hold your breaths for that Power Ball??? My wife is the ORIGINAL owner of a 1961 Impala 283 P.G. in a high #3 cond. Had engine replaced about 40 years ago with another 283. Car has about 180,000 orig. miles. We have the Original Bill of Sale! Any Ideas of its Value? ANYONE???? Thanks,
        (By the way, car is a 2 Dr. Hdtp – White w/ Red trim

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    • Oscarphone

      sell the house!!

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  2. george

    why not post a photo on ebay of the most important part- the engine???? why must i go to you tube to see it???

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  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    As iconic as it gets. Anytime a hit song is named after a car, it’s got to be special.(Even though, Dennis Wilson knew very little about the car, or surfing, for that matter) It was a popular car, and most were trashed. Chevy enjoyed being on top of the heap with this car,( I believe this car would dust a 406 Ford) but it was short lived, and the 427 and the Hemi put this car behind. This car should be at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s that important. 1st of the real fast full-sized cars.

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    • Tim S. Member

      Neat little history lesson, but Dennis was the only serious surfer in the Beach Boys. Maybe there could be an automotive museum component to the Hall. Put a ’32 Ford in there, a GTO, a Cobra…

      As a side note, there ought to be a $500 fee every time someone types the word “iconic.” Maybe that would cut down on its overuse.

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      • Beatnik Bedouin

        Your suggestion sounds like it would fit in with the Petersen Museum, Tim.

        That is one of the iconic cars a lot of us dreamed about owning back when they were new.

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      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Thanks, Tim, you are right, he was the only surfer, but I read, he knew nothing about the 409 until he got a ride in a friend’s car, and decided to write a song about it. In 5 minutes and 3 chords, it became a multi-million car craze. The song was sold to Capitol Records for $300,( almost $2,500 today) of which the band got a royalty of 2.5%.
        I’m not sure what time period you are from, but some cars do deserve “iconic” status. These cars defined my generation.

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      • flmikey

        …or patina….

    • Karl Derrah Member

      Brian Wilson and Gary Usher (the car guy of the two) co-wrote “409”.

      “I’ll save my nickels and I’ll save my dimes
      For I know there will be a time
      When I will buy a brand new

      So many nickels and so many dimes!

      • Bill Morrell


    • Roger Gorski

      I don’t think Dennis Wilson WROTE any of the Beach Boy hits. It was his brother Brian and his cousin Mike Love. Mike now claims he didn’t get recognized enough as a co-writer of most of their hits.

    • Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

      I had a 406/405 in late 63, and the only thing straight from the box that could dust me was the goat

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      • Tom

        I remember the 63 406/405 Fords. My sister was dating a guy who had one. Very nice car. I bought a 66 tri-power GTO in August of 67 but by then he’d sold that Ford so we never had a match up.

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  4. Rock On

    Hi Rube, I would say this was one of the first quick full-sized cars. Oldsmobile Super 88’s and Cadillacs of the late 50’s were also fast.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      No doubt, except those cars rolled fast. These were the 1st full sized cars to turn low 14’s in the 1/4 mile, stock and with a little tweaking, high 13’s easy. Unusual for a full sized car for the time, although, I believe it was the Biscayne or BelAir that was the fastest.(anybody?)

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    • John Ryan

      Forgetting about the Wide-Tracks? My dad had a. 389 tri power Catalina 4-speed that he used to go hunt 409’s for street races and never lost one in that car. He switched the gears for 3:43’s he said for more offline punch.

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      • ronnie

        He never came across a real 1962 stock 409- 425 h.p from the factory with someone with the know how and the nerve to drive it on he street. He may have come across some of the hopped up 283 with a racing cam and phony emblems or maybe a 327 -250hp and if he was real good maybe a the 327 -250, 300/325 but I doubt if he could take topped out 348/ turning in the 380’s hp. range must less brand new 1962 425hp, positive traction,4:11 rear-end with those two big Carter 4 barrel syrup buckets with a barrel for each cylinder my best friend had,and my other friends were all running the hottest they could afford and/or build themselves and next door neighbors who where the teenagers who cruised the streets and drive ins nights of big (Mobile, Al.) and small town during the era of fast cars.the only way he beat a real 409 must less all was if they blew an engine or they were out of gas!

  5. John M.

    $1000 for this Bow Tie back in 1989? Man, that was a good score then.

    • C.Jay

      I wonder if the $1000 bill of sale was to cheat the tax man?

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      • Rodent

        When you register a car in California that was a private party or out of state sale, you pay a “use tax” based on the value of the car. I agree, the $1000 BOS probably was for Dale to cheat DMV, and it was just “an old car”. Any decent ’62 Impala 2-door would have been worth more than that in 1989, much less a 409.

        Wonder why he never registered it?

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  6. MH

    Thats my dream car for sure. Some day i will have one.

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    • Anthony in RI

      I would love to have one too. My first car was 63 Bel Air. A 409 would be a dream car,,but at these prices it going to remain a dream

    • Metoo

      Imagine what the price will be for one by then. Realistically, a Biscayne is more in my wallets league, possibly. Hey, I could live with two taillights on each side of i must.

  7. Tom

    I drove a 63 Biscayne factory 409/425 4 speed in summer of 1967. It belonged to my uncle. Very fast car, probably the fastest car I’ve ever driven and my car at the time was a 66 GTO tri-power. The Biscayne was factory red/red 2 door sedan, dog dish hubcaps. A real torque beast. We opened the cut-outs and on launch it reminded me of driving a ski boat. Very hard to connect with the pavement even with posi. Slicks definitely needed. I think he sold that car for $1500 around 1969. The ’62 posted here is a much prettier car but basically the same drive train.

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  8. Mountainewoodie

    Man oh man……oh man oh man……I would be so tempted to spend some time driving this and cleaning it up. Unless “I” needed to get my money out of it pronto there is no way….NO WAY I say……. I wouldnt fix it up a bit..and drive it down 101….I could even live with the dreaded off white interior!

  9. Michael

    My absolute favorite car….ever.

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    • Metoo

      You, me, and just about everyone else. And the prices they go for certainly reflects that.

  10. JW

    When I was 15 there were a group of seniors who hung out at a DX station down the street from us and one guy had a red and white one of these, he was the king of the streets in our town. I’m a Ford guy but would love to own this car, not enough $$$ in the bank account.

  11. Classic Steel

    I remember these from the good old days 👀
    A relative owned the 4 speed model just like this one.

    I also remember getting parts from an older gent who only let me in by knowing my grandfather to his old junkyard in a rural farm or one met his shot gun for trespassing 😏
    Now days his old run down part pickers like the many SS 409 models, early Chevelles , road runners and parts I pulled for my 55 Chevy hardtop would be considered restorable great finds.
    The late 70s they sat and early 80s they became metal cubes from a metal bailer as he got tired of people bugging him in his early 80 years of age.
    I unfortunately discovered home for college break after driving back roads one day ..😱

  12. Madmatt

    I’ve always loved 62 Impalas, and I could care less if it
    is a “SS” or a big block…the styling is just so great..!
    Iam tired of “ss” this and “ss” that…,and all the b.s surrounding
    an”ss” no one cares about a car anymore it seems,unless it says “ss”,
    it has gotten ridiculous! That said….this is an awesome Impala.

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    • Classic Steel

      I am with you on the labels and if the engine is missing it’s no longer a rare care in my book.

      I used to dislike clones but with sky rocketed prices say build clones all day long and drive it like you stole it!

      I would buy a base model one then order a new reproduction console for four speeds and drop a six speed along with new fuel injected Chevrolet engine with more power and cruise daily over this one😎

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  13. john m

    Sold for $1,000 !!!!!
    I passed on a number of cars back in the day for little money, but nothing like this

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    My Gramps bought one new in 62. Had a 283 with 3 on the tree i believe. White SS with red cloth int.
    He traded it off in 76 for a new Monte Carlo. Sorry but these will always be grampas cars to me.

    • Ensign Pulver

      My grandmother had a the 6 cyl, 3 on the tree, manual brakes, no air….and drove it until she died in 1979. My dad got it with 27k miles and I learned to drive stick. It was in mint condition on 3 sides…but she guided herself in the garage by the right side! We sold it about 5 years later with a rusted frame. When I see these I think of that tough old woman with forearms like Popey

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      • OIL SLICK

        hahaha yeah, gramps had no power steering either. I can see him huffing and puffing and farting at the same time.

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  15. gbvette62

    My cousin had a 62 409/409 3 speed (yep!) Impala (not SS) in the 60’s. He bought it in the winter of 64, after his brand new 64 Corvette was stolen.

    His was typical 60’s, nose high in front, fender well headers, Cragars in front and black and white painted steel wheels, with Atlas Bucron’s in back. And his car was fast, he set an NHRA National Record with it at Cecil County Drag-O-Way in 65, that stood for 3 whole weeks (LOL). I don’t recall now whether it was for ET or MPH, but that car made a life long “W” motor fan out of me!

    In the early 80’s, I dragged a very tired 62 Bel Air Sport Coupe (bubble top), out of a field. It was an original 409/409 4 speed, that had been sitting outside for about 10 years. I acquired tons of NOS parts for it, but eventually two kids, a full time job, a part time job on a race team, and a garage full of other cars, caused the “09” to get pushed in a back corner and forgotten. About 20’s years ago a guy made me an offer for it, that I just couldn’t refuse. He didn’t do anything with it, and unfortunately, eventually sold it to a guy that used all the NOS and 409 parts for another project, and flipped the stripped body.

    That really looks like a nice 409, and I’m glad to see it still has it’s factory tach and shifter!

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    My brother bought a 64 Biscayne wagon when he come home from the service in 72. 409 4 speed factory tach. Amazing sleeper. No power steering no power brakes, no chrome on the sides or back
    It had a heater, and an AM radio
    Fun car. He paid $500 in 72
    Those were the days. RIP Dale Armstrong

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  17. Bill Morrell

    I got out of the Air Force in Jan. 1965. One month later, I bought a 1962 Impala, all red interior and exterior 409/409, 4 speed ,4:56 positraction rear end. Absolutely perfect condition. I asked the salesman “How much?” He said $2100. I said “2100?” He said “I’ll take $1800” I said “OK!!” Got married 7 months later and she had a new,1965 Navy Blue Mustang 2 + 2 so some other happy soul drove off in my 409.

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  18. Frank

    Wow! Still such a beautiful design. I could look at this car all day!

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  19. Miguel

    Is it because of the song that the Chevrolet is worth so much more than the Ford when equipped the same?

  20. Phil

    damn !!!

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    • rocksteady

      Do you think you could retire the Charlie Brown with an Erection picture?

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      • mike D

        caught me completely off guard! sprayed the screen with soda! how about a preggers Lucy shaking her fist?

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      • Phil

        why you jealous?

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  21. Phil

    This car makes me :

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    • Miguel

      That Hemmings ad seems to blow the Hagerty’s pricing out of the water.

  22. Jerry Long

    A neighbor, who was a factory worker, bought a new 1962 Impala convertible. Anniversary gold with a 327. He had more kids than would fit in! I don’t remember how long he kept it. I have been in love with 1962 Impalas ever since.

  23. Pa Tina

    IGNORANT QUESTION WARNING! Will this run on Ethanol-free Premium pump gas or will this need some type of octane booster/racing fuel? And will it need lead additive?

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Not an ignorant question at all, Pa, it’s a huge concern. I remember years ago, these cars pinged on Clark Premium ( full 100 octane, leaded, we called it “Cherry Juice”. Some even ran Aviation gas or Racing fuel) Unless someone rebuilt the heads with hardened valve seats and valves, I don’t know what you’d feed this. Additive would get mighty expensive.

      • Pa Tina

        Rube- Thanks for a very informative answer. I love looking at these cars from my youth, but as I have stated previously, if I had the cash required for this car I would be heading over to my local Chevy dealer to sign the papers for my new Corvette Grand Sport. Each to his/her own! Have a great day.

    • Pete

      I drive my 62 Impala 4 door with a 283 and 2speed power glide on BP Premium gas or formerly called Aamco White Gas. When I remember to put additive in it, it will start with no problem. If I do not, Then I have to use Carb cleaner to get her to spark over using up most of my battery to do that. I just recently found a station that carries leaded gas. So when I run this tank out I will refill it with leaded gas and see if that helps at all, which it should. I know the 409 has a lot higher compression than my lil engine so that will make a difference one way or the other. But it will run on unleaded if you can get it started. LOL.


        Pete, I worked in a refinery for many years and leaded gasoline for highway use was banned over 20 years ago. The only leaded gasoline is sold at airports for small aircraft ONLY…For older cars a lead substitute is needed or you’ll have to do a valve job with hardened valves.

  24. Redragula

    No way this sold for 1000, even in 89 this would have got at least 7000 or more.
    I bought and sold a few old 50’s-60’s cars back then and i never claimed I paid more than $100 for any of them

  25. jimmuh

    Oh to be 18 again….Thanks to a college inheritance from my grandmother, I owned a white on turquoise 409/4spd Impala SS in junior college;-) ….very fast for a completely stock car….never was able to get it to the end of the speedo though; aerodynamics of a brick and stock shocks….
    Then I had to sell it to go to the rest of college;-)

  26. cyclemikey

    Pretty cool car in its own right. But I can’t believe the Dale Armstrong connection is worth all that much since he apparently never really legally owned the car.

  27. txchief

    Not exactly my taste in cars, particularly at that price point!


    Dale never titled the car in his name.LESSON, never leave the title open when you sell any car. My brother did and he had a real mess when the guy hit/run 3 cars and wrapped it around a tree 2 months later. He needed a lawyer, a fat wallet, and a private investigator to get out of that.

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  29. 68custom

    love all the 60s-to early 70s full size chevies but 62[‘s are my favorite with 63 a close second. then 65 or 68. this one was a real stormer back in the day and I would love to restore such a worthy beast!

  30. justbob

    bought a white 62, 327 auto in 65 for $1,000. neat car.
    after i got out of the service, bought a 66 GTO tri power. neater car.

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  31. JoeBazots

    Dad had one of these when I was just a little baby. Bought it off of a guy going to Nam. Dad’s was a 327, though and it had the quirky courtesy light package that caused all sorts of electrical gremlins. He still misses that car all these years later. Twin antennae and all.

  32. Lounge

    If this is legit, holy f……

    Don’t compare this to anything you used to have. Unless you had a 409 4 speed, your comparison is meaningless.

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  33. Joe P

    My cousin had one & it was a conv.Very fast!!!

  34. Johnny Cuda

    My brother had a 409 in a 64 Impala convertible back in the late 70’s. The body was rough, but that 409 was a screamer. He had told me he did 80 in 3rd gear out on Rt 495 (here in Massachusetts). I replied “that’s nothin’, I did 0-60 in first gear in front of the high school.” There was plenty left in first gear, but I had to shift up so I could let up and slow it down. I could actually put that in 4th gear from a standing start and drive away in 4th.

  35. ACZ

    What a sweetheart!

  36. gaspumpchas

    This car is pure America…great cars like this turned us into a nation of gearheads, Anyone think it will go over 100k>>??

    Good luck to the new owner!!

  37. Butch

    Well everything else being said and I’m sure it has been by now at least it’s not red on the inside or green on the outside!

  38. Tom

    Still have the 45….

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    • Michael

      I played my copy to death!!!!

  39. Gus

    Can’t believe the prices these are going for. I had a 62 Impala with a 283/pg buckets in nice shape I bo0ught for $50 back in 1970. Had a bad cam and put a 30-30 Duntov solid lift er cam in it and never got it running. Ha ha on dumb ass me way too much cam for that little 283 with a two barrel. I happy I got my 50 back when I sold it.

  40. ccrvtt

    Beauty, eh?

    And simply iconic…

  41. George Soffa

    Bought a red one with black bucket interior that the guy had scattered the engine in it ! So got it sans engine for $200 in 1971 . Looked all over for a decent 409 to put back in it but everybody wanted $200 or $300 for engines , big money for a college student , running a gas station nights for $4/hr ! Sold it to a guy who had an engine for $500 and smiled all the way to the bank because I now had the $1700 I had to pay for my 1955 T-Bird ! Those were the days , my friends ! We thought they’d never end !

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  42. EHide Behind

    409 was no more than 348 bored out, industrial truck motor.
    Auto was well built, comfortable to drive with well appointed interiors.
    Earlier bubble tops so appointed were popular, but 64 was the looker.
    A 406 Ford, 421 Pontiac, and 409 Chevy were neck and neck, but in 1962 413 motors of from 62 til MOPARS 426 maxi wedge had only 1 real competitor, 427 Ford full size 425 HP special stripped down galaxy.
    On street there was always some sucker 409 SONG LOVER and owner you could steal a $100-250 from in a put up or shut up,”run what ya brung” duel.
    Ford, Chevy, Ponchs, and damn near every other full size autos made MOPARS look and drive as fast but cheaper built. junk heaps.

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  43. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Holy Crappoly…wow…what a car from THE most iconic period in American car building

    Hit Me, Lottery!

  44. Husky

    Nice Chevy, but there were some other fast full sized cars Before 1962.

    In 1960, the Granatelli’s built this Chrysler 300F 2dr sedan for top speed. The 413 cu in wedge head engine, with Dual Cross-over Ram Induction was fitted with twin Paxton SN-60 Superchargers. A complete safety roll cage was fabricated and installed in the interior. Andy Granatelli drove the car to 189 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats. After the speed runs, the crew piled into the car and drove to Wendover, Nevada for lunch.

    Does anybody know were the 300 ended up?

    “It happened on the strip where the road is wide
    Two cool shorts standin’ side by side
    Yeah, my fuel injected Stingray and a 413
    We’re revvin’ up our engines and it sounds real mean”

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    • EHide Behind

      DO not know where 300 ended up at but remember reading about it at time, I had a 51 Pontiac streight 8 at that time.
      Do know as with 392 Chrysler Hem I fame. There were two different .manifolds at that time a long and a shott.
      I believe Andy’s car was running what later became NASCAR racing short rams.
      He was way ahead of his tomes on figuring flows on manifolds, single planes versus dual plane

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    • Miguel

      When I was a senior in high school, I was in auto shop one day and a sophmore brought in his T-Bird. I think it was a 1973 or 1974. He had four of the spark plug wires unplugged and was showing it to the auto shop teacher.

      He said it was to save gas since the car would only be running on four cylinders.

      Who was that kid?

      Andy Granatellis grand son. Ironic, Huh?

      Maybe it was his son, but I think it was the grand son.

      Andy owns Tune Up Masters, and a lot of them, and his family member unplugs spark plug wires trying to save gas. Crazy.

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  45. DAVID Member

    61 high school grad first car, impala 348 tri power,411 posi, only lost 1 race, 2 a 56 belair,327 fuel injected on the street, got kicked out of lion,s drag strip, 4 having twisted the driveshaft, after installing slick’ s 4 the first time, later that year i traded my 348, 4 a 409 duel quad, from the mayor’s sun who was getting 2 many ticket’s, then i only lost 1 race with it 300 c hemi 4sp. on the street

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  46. MH

    52K and there still not at the reserve. Thats crazy. Much less will buy you much nicer. It will cost over 100K to make perfect again. Overpriced!

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  47. Charles S.

    Things have sure changed! In 1972 I purchased a 63 with a 409/4 speed for $300.00. It was a running, driving car with a serious case of rust. I bought it to get the running gear to swap into a 68 GMC SWB Stepside. It made for a nice swap and weight not dissimilar to the Impala that it was fast. I trashed the diff pretty quickly, then went for a 3/4 ton diff with 3:73 gears and a posi-traction. Had some 10 inch wide 15 inch wheels fabricated to fit the 8 lug hubs, and had a whole lot of fun with that truck. By 1972 the 409 had lost favor with the racing crowd, and I was teased like crazy for choosing a 409 for my truck. In those days that Impala was just another ragged out rusted out car. These days we would rebuild the Impala and intalled a 5.3 in the truck.

  48. plwindish

    Please! Is nothing sacred? Charlie Brown with a woodie?

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  49. Butch Morgan

    Here’s my story boy’s…At just 14, I hung around a Richfield gas station in of all places…South San Francisco, one of the guys had a 62 ss 409…he asked my one day if I’d take it to the car wash in town and have it washed and vacumed out, he’d a hot date that night. Like Charlie Brown the erection grow faster than the speed of light…I could hard ly wait to get out of the driveway of the station. And he kept on with make sure they thuroly? Dry those reversed chrome wheels and baby moons over and over…all I could think of was will ya STFU? And give me the flippin keys? Did I mention it was whatever that bright red color was in those days THE color? Long and short of it…It was the shortest 8 1/2 miles I have ever drivin a car…past my girl friends house and most of my friends houses too. And when I got back…”Man that was Quick, they weren’t very busy today were they?” He sent me back out to get us KFC…cuz I told him I’d personally dried the wheels myself. That went on as a Saturday ritual for almost a year…Now, Those Were …The Good Old Days. And outa shear fear alone…I never Jumped On It Once…What a Sissy I Was back then…Today at 66 I’d burn the wheels to the ground…

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    • M1008

      Today at 66 I’d burn the wheels to the ground…


    Great stories about early Chevy muscle.

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  51. TxOldguy62

    Any of you guys and gals wanna help me start a Go Fund Me Page too make my dream come true 😁 😁

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    • Butch Morgan

      Aye, bug off pal, I thought of it first!😳

  52. Miguel

    This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.

    The car didn’t sell.


    Relisted on EBay with a starting bid of 75k, and somebody jumped in. Wow

  54. Dirk

    Hey man, it’s only money, pieces of paper with a little green ink, backed by…… well, nothing. Nice car!

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  55. Chuck Foster ChuckF 55chevy

    My first car was a $75 2 dr ht Impala, just like this! Except it wasn’t a SS 409, had a 6 cyl 3 on the tree. Sold it to a buddy for $75 when I bought a $500 69 Super Bee, oh the good old days.

  56. Troy s

    One thing I could never quite understand was the “mystery motor” connection to these engines here and the MarkIV big block Chevy. Too bad GM went back to their no racing policy from ’58, Chevrolet would have given the Chrysler hemi a good run for their money on the NASCAR circuit with a solid factory effort- the way Ford went after it. Was the 427 mystery really an early 427 BBC with funny valve covers?
    These early Super Stock cars, big as they are, could really move couldn’t they? Expensive when new, I doubt many kids could have ever afforded one brand new, and outside of the drivetrain they looked like any other full sized car with the exception of the tiny fender emblem that read “don’t mess with me” underneath two racing flags. Sweet.

  57. Ken Wittick

    Being said, current NHRA owner in Carlsbad….it’s probably owned by Ron Capps

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  58. JP

    My cousin had an Impala ’62 ragtop 409 4sp. Very fast & he really beat the heck out of it!

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  59. Crazy Fun

    This would make a great conversion to a convert . The 408 could be swapped to s LS3.

    • Dave at Old School Restorations

      ” Crazy ” for sure.

      Obviously you have never driven one of these.

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  60. Classic Steel

    Damn we’re I wish it had the coveted 283 😳🙃

    I guess one could swap the engine…

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  61. Gil

    I was born before this car was even a dream and I not only drove big power cars but owned them as well starting with a 1957 Chevy Belair 2 dr. street/gasser 4 speed 441 ci dual quads, with Halibrand quick change rear end but as follows, 1958 Chevy Biscayne 3 speed on floor posi punched out 348 ci, another 1957 Chevy Belair with a 1970 396 ci 4 speed dual quad, 1965 Oldsmobile ,( Canadian 425ci 420 hp), with 4 speed auto posi, 1961 Corvette gasser, 1962 Corvette street/gasser both with 4 speed posi rear ends, and a 1965 Buick Rivi with dual quads and a B&M hydro tranny 4 speed. and these cars were as fast as the 409’s and 406’s of the 1960’s and at age 77 I also had a 1962 Chevy Biscayne 409 4 speed 2 door post sleeper and later a 1969 Chevy 2 dr hardtop 4 speed 396 ci posi so the answer to the question ask if anyone had driven any cars similar to this 1962 Impala the answer is Yes I have and still live for speed, but now want a 6 speed posi with biggest engine like a 572ci Chevy with twin turbo set up? keep dreaming you may have it come true !!!

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