Glory Days: 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

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1967 is my favorite year of Chevrolets, for a different sort of reason. It was the first year of the collapsible steering column. I once t-boned a tractor trailer in the drive axle with a 1967 Chevy and folded the car into a bit of a “U”.  The speedometer was stuck at just under a hundred. I didn’t get skewered by the steering column and was out of the hospital in a few days. This big ’67 Chevy Convertible is just in time for a winter project and is listed on craigslist in Ohio somewhere. It’s said to have only 40,000 miles and to be completely original and numbers matching 327 with the 4 barrel carb producing 275 horsepower. The asking price is $7,900 for this Canadian built SS.


This convertible has been parked for a while, with the last oil change in 1978. It looks like the rust will take some exploring and the front seats will need work, along with a new top and tires, but it runs, drives and stops. If it is as described, do you think it could be a cool driver without major restoration? If so, $7,900 might not be a bad price.


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. randy

    I think that is cheap for this car, and if it were in Oklahoma, I’d own it. My mothers second car was a ’67 Impala, they are nice cars. My sisters first car was a ’68 Impala SS.

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  2. JW

    A guy I worked with back in the early 80’s had a red 427 / 4 speed Impala SS convertible sitting in his garage waiting for some minor repairs for his daughters first car ( what a dad ). I desperately tried to buy that car from him but he stood his ground, like to know if his daughter ever got to drive it. I could have swore his had the 3 round taillights on each side, maybe I’m wrong it has been many years ago.

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    • Rocco

      Sounds like a ’68 would fit your description. “68’s had three lights on each side.

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  3. Dave H

    What year did they stop using 3 round tail lights ? Any body ?
    What year did they stop making the Impala ?

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    • HoosMember

      From Wikipedia
      1 History, origin and sales
      2 First generation (1958)
      3 Second generation (1959–1960)
      4 Third generation (1961–1964)

      4.1 1961
      4.2 1962
      4.3 1963
      4.4 1964

      5 Fourth generation (1965–1970)

      5.1 Exports
      5.2 Impala SS (1961–1969)

      6 Fifth generation (1971–1976)

      6.1 Engines (1958–1980)

      7 Sixth generation (1977–1985)
      8 Seventh generation (Impala SS, 1994–1996)

      8.1 Discontinuation

      9 Eighth generation (2000–2005)

      9.1 Impala 9C1 and 9C3
      9.2 Engines

      10 Ninth generation (2006–2013)

      10.1 Model year changes
      10.2 Impala 9C1 & 9C3 (Ninth Generation)
      10.3 Impala Limited
      10.4 Engines

      11 Tenth generation (2014–present)

      11.1 Model year changes
      11.2 Engines
      11.3 2015 Bi-Fuel
      11.4 International Markets

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    • Mark E

      Round tail lights are 1965 I think.

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      • Mark


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  4. JW

    Now that I look at pics of the 67 model year taillights on the internet the one pictured is correct, I think my coworker,s was a 65 Impala SS.

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  5. pat k

    I believe ’65 was the last year for three round tail lights.

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  6. Rick

    Back in ’74 when I was a junior in high school, I had a 67 Caprice 2 dr 396 factory 4 speed and posi, red w/ black interior, thing really boiled the tires and would wind the speedometer all the way around way past 120, was every bit a hot rod as any 396 equipped Impala. Neat thing was insurance was cheap on it because the insurance agent never figured that part out..

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    • Mark


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  7. Mike R

    Interesting ride, and seems like a reasonable price for ’67 convertible in good colors, assuming the rust isn’t too widespread.

    The TH-400 seems odd with the small block, would have thought a Powerglide…

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  8. Chris

    Better than my ’67. A 4 door hardtop cut down into a 4 dr convertible!

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  9. Mark E

    My grandpa’s 1967 Impala fastback was the ‘old’ car that I practiced upon and took my road test for my license in. That car had the same lights as this one…the lights outboard of the headlights. It’s a rather rare option.

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  10. Mike

    My Grandmother cruised for a few years in a 66 Impala Ragtop, she loved that car, and loved to cruise it, we know because of the stories about all the tickets she got in it. I can see her today as if it was yesterday, cruising up the road the top down and her wearing a silk scarf so her hair would not get messed up!!! I remember her bringing me back home from the Boot Hill of Missouri from a summer stay, like me and the brothers did each summer, she was flying up US 67, and a Highway Patrol clocked her doing 90 MPH, and she drove like that all the time, it was get in sit down, shut up and hang on. Man those were the days, I guess she is where I got my lead foot from!!!!!!

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  11. Mark

    I see no power brake booster?

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    • Rocco

      The seller said it has manual drum brakes.

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  12. Harit Trivedi

    I love these cars and own a convertible and a 2-door SS coupe. Both are 6 cylinder cars. Here in India where anything is rare, I took what I got, would have preferred a V-8.
    For this Impala there were basically 4 types of tail lights, the three round ones mounted on the boot lid and mudguard, then 3 mounted below the boot lid, then this type and the last was a rectangular type. Many Chevy’s which came to India were Canadian built and some even came in Right Hand Drive.
    I love this model and it was very popular here when it was current.

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    • randy

      Oh man, send us some pics of the local classics! I bet there are some odd Barnfinds over there.

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