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Go Fast Boat: 1973 Rogers Super Cyclone

'73 Rogers

This warehouse find isn’t your typical find, but she just looks so fast just sitting there that we couldn’t resist! This 1973 Rogers Super Cyclone 18′ is listed here on eBay and parked in Camarillo, California with a BIN price of $4,900!

'73 Rogers int.

Yes there is a red Fastback pony car in the background! Now back to the boat. The seller says this boat looks like it came out of a time capsule. If you wish to go fast in it though you will need an engine, the time, dollars and desire to put the pieces back together and make sure it’s still water tight.

'73 Rogers engine bay

The seller says you only need a big block Chevy. There are more images with the ad showing the parts included, a stress crack and other details for you to review if you are interested.

'73 Rogers trailer wheels

The trailer is included with the BIN price. The seller thinks that maybe the boat and trailer could only have 100 hours of use on them. What happened to the engine though? The trailer was last registered in 2006, so does that mean it was still in use just 9 years ago?

'73 Rogers stern

This boat, so says the seller, was always garaged and covered. We don’t know if you could also pick up the Fastback at the same time, but it would be worth a shot! For an idea of what a finished boat like this might bring, there is a 1973 Rogers 19 footer with a 455 Buick that will do 65 mph priced at $52.5K! If the 19 footer sells above $40K, there is a lot of room to pick this project up and still keep your head above water! What do you think? Is it worth the work?



  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Fast boats are a lot of fun, no doubt. Just something about going fast on water differs from in a car on a road, or like going fast on a snowmobile, same rush. As far as boats go, this is pretty cool. Above all, don’t forget the drain plug. ( on the seat) I’d almost prefer a high winding motor than a 455. ( unless the pump couldn’t handle it.) Sure would be fun,,,for a while.

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  2. Avatar photo Scotty G

    The trailer is worth at least half of that asking price, this is a great deal and a great winter project for someone who doesn’t already have too many winter projects..

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  3. Avatar photo jim s

    it does look like an interesting project. i wonder about the lack of a windscreen. nice find.

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  4. Avatar photo Mike G

    These things are fun, but you have to be darn careful as they tend to want to cartwheel at full throttle.

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  5. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    Go fast boats are a blast……………for a while. Then they get painful, hitting any wake and there is almost always wake, is like falling flat on your butt on concrete. You have to have wrap around sunglasses or better yet, goggles. If you don’t, you will not be able to see anything because your eyes are watering so much!! And here’s the real kicker, you ever priced gas at a MARINA? Heh, heh, yeah, you’ll need those sunglasses so people don’t see you crying over the fuel bill. There is no such thing as gas mileage so don’t think that you will just fill up at the gas station. You will burn through that in no time!!! Been there, done that, SOLD IT!! I now have a very nice fast but extremely comfortable pontoon boat! Yes! PONTOON! You would be amazed at the abilities of one!! Just my 1/2¢ worth…….
    Good luck to the seller and I hope the buyer knows a good back Dr.! They will need him/her!!

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    • Avatar photo Mark E

      You forgot the part about how jet boats go through gas 4x faster than prop boats… ^_^

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  6. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    I’m just an old country boy from the middle of Texas, but I have one question. Is this steering wheel on the wrong side of the boat? I’ve owned a lot of fishing boats over my sixty year life span and I don’t recall any of the steering wheels being on the left side of the boat.

    I still own a fairly recent model Bass boat and the wheel is on the right side of the boat. Help! Maybe there are no rules to which side of the boat the wheel is on.

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    • Avatar photo ROBERT

      every in board motor boats the steering is on the left side every outboard motor boats the steering is on the right side , reason is the gas pedal versus the throttle lever.

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      • Avatar photo Texas Tea

        Thanks for the education Robert. That makes perfect sense. Obviously I’ve never owned a boat with an inboard motor. Ha! Old dogs like me can learn new things.

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      • Avatar photo grant

        Sorry but I beg to differ. Outboard/inboard can be hooked up to a handle or a pedal, on either side of the boat. Most boats drive on the right. Some dont. It comes down to what the boat builder decided to do. Has nothing to do with engine configuration. Oh and if anyone is wondering, after 3 years the Sea Ray is done, and awaiting its turn at the shop for engine installation. Should be ready February ish.

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  7. Avatar photo Mark E

    Interesting how he has a second fix-it-up boat and a number of different go-fast boat parts for sale…

    (Oh, and the other boat also has the steering wheel on the left. Go figure…)

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  8. Avatar photo John H Bell

    Thirsty, loud flat water boats. Almost as much fun just idling along with big chrome headers. Jet power means instant reverse! I’d convert this one to a V-drive with an Oldsmobile 455 and kick some butts.

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  9. Avatar photo Chris

    Anyone else getting ‘Live & Let Die’ flash backs? It looks like the boats from the
    water chase scene.

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  10. Avatar photo Notch

    Price seems high for a hull less engine. I’d seriously doubt that 100 hour claim by looking at the bilge. Many of these were bought for their engines to go into a hot rod. Jet boats turn higher rpm than a prop so tend to burn more gas. But they are not the gas hog that’s described above. The seating and style of this one make it out to be a ski boat not some kind of race boat. Top speed my guess 55. Would not bother converting to a prop there are plenty of properly setup prop boats for this money.

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  11. Avatar photo Tom Hall

    Like lazer, boat began as an acronym.
    BOAT – Bust Out Another Thousand

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  12. Avatar photo Wayne

    The second most happiest day on your life, is when you buy a boat. The most happiest is when you sell it. BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand.

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  13. Avatar photo Triple L

    I just sold my cougar side winder for 5,000 complete motor jet all working. No place keep it .lakes are getting too rough with surf boards being towed and wake boards..Mine did 55mph with 350 cheve 4 bolt main block and 750 double pumper.

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