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Go Pack Survivor: 1973 AMC Javelin AMX

While I personally prefer the earlier Javelin body style, these second generation cars are still cool machines. This example looks to be in nice condition overall and it’s equipped with a freshly built 360 V8, the original is with it and included. It was optioned with the Go Package, Ram Air hood and a 4-speed, so this should be a fun driver. Other than the engine, it’s said to be original. The seller also states it’s a one owner car, yet it sounds like they are the second owner. If you’d like to have a closer look at it, you can find it here on eBay in Beecher, Illinois with a current bid of $2,225 and a BIN of $18k.

Not to go on a rant, but why can’t people just be honest about how many owners the car has had? Do sellers truly believe buyers will pay them less if they state that it’s a two owner car? Personally, I don’t care if they are the second owner, as long as they can prove that the person they bought it from is the person that bought it new (or inherited it from the original owner). Honesty is always the best bet when it comes to selling a classic car online and every time we see a car listed as a one owner car by the second owner, it instantly makes us question what else the seller might be lying about.

With that rant out of the way, this actually looks like a really good find. I’m curious to know what all was done to the new engine and whether there is anything wrong with the original one. Hopefully it was a matter of the seller wanting to increase performance without modifying the original engine. If that’s the case, I’m all for having an upgraded replacement engine under the hood with the original ready to go back in if needs be. It does make transportation a bit tricky, as you will need to find some way of getting the engine shipped separately.

Depending on what all has been done to the engine, this could be a quick car. The Go Pack included the 3.54 rear end and should allow for solid quarter mile times, especially if the V8 has been worked over. So if you’ve been looking for a muscle car that is a bit different, this AMC might just be worth a closer look.


  1. Pete

    I like it something different.

  2. John H from CT

    Kinda too bad that the engine compartment wasn’t refreshed while they were replacing the engine.

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    • Sam

      Ditto, a new rant…pull/rebuild the engine and not degrease/powerwash and detail the engine bay…take a couple grand off the final price for general principle.

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    • Mike McCloud

      Like a couple Comments on same subject; maybe they hadn’t the time or inclination to put much more into it, but I’d say that the lucky guy who bought this one knows the engine comes out the same way it went in, and to me, I wouldn’t mind so much, providing I had a winter’s season of time to go thru the eng. compartment, & any other area that needed some attention. Just figure it’d be part of the deal & go with it. Think what we’d look like after 44 years on the road! Geez, help the poor thing out! Har!

    • Mark-A

      Surely it’d make sense to steamclean the Engine bay when the Engine was removed or maybe the owner decided that it was more HONEST if he didn’t bother? Personally it makes ZERO sense to me but it’s not me that’s selling it!

      • Mike McCloud

        Thanks for your Comment! I do agree that cleaning the eng bay would be ‘part of the deal’, but folks are kinda weird ya know, what one guy sees, another guy pisses up a rope-doesn’t see it, or just doesn’t bug him. Personally, I’d rather folks do a better job of presenting their personas to the world where our kids live, so maybe they’d get that there are folks to emulate. Maybe someone, in the hopefully near future(!), could build a better world! Thanks again Mark-A.

  3. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    Why the preoccupation with the number of owners? What is the difference whether a car has had one or twenty owners, after all you are buying a used vehicle and if you are satisfied with the condition of what you are wanting to buy, then just pay up and get on with it.

  4. Peter

    I think it’s adhering to the principle of honesty that is underlying the rant not the number of owners per se. I’m in the process of searching for a daily driver. What an ordeal. People lie about anything and everything and in the process waste a lot of my time. They lie about the car, they lie about themselves, they lie about the cars ownership. And……they just lie. People who respect the principle of honesty are a rare commodity these days. By the way, love the car!

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    • That AMC Guy

      It seems to be a thing common to flippers – they don’t count themselves as one of the owners.

      I would not buy a car from a flipper on general principles, unless they had added some kind of significant value to the vehicle (repairs, upgrades).

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    Technically if the guy didn’t retitle the car when he bought it then it’s still a one owner car.
    This one is pretty clean and the ask is very fair. Spend a weekend detailing it and it will shine.

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  6. Gunner

    Man I love these Javelin’s! I would prefer a 71, but this 73 is very nice. I like the color combo, third pedal, and the Go-Pak. AMC did a lot of cool and different Cars. I have grown to appreciate them more over the years. The Javelin has a way of looking like it is flying down the road just sitting there!

  7. Gary

    The T-stripe doesn’t look right to me. I had a 73 AMX and as I remember the sections on the fender weren’t as long as on this one and had a different curve as they transitioned back along the fenders. Someone else may know for sure.

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    • PaulG

      Gary, AMC used two types of T stripes. This ain’t one of them…Good eye.

  8. Patricia Pendley

    John H . I agree with you about the engine compartment. Car already over price especially with a non-oringal engine but raising a hood and seeing a compartment this dirty and out of sorts really hurts on a car already price 5-6 thousand over value.

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  9. Nancy

    I like the car, buif the owner didn’t think to clean the compartment before dropping in that pretty engine, what else didn’t he think of doing? And why no VIN?

    • KevinR

      A picture of the VIN plate is shown in the eBay ad.

  10. Troy S.

    Beautiful engine, those valve covers just sparkle! Then you top it off with a worn out looking air cleaner and drop it in that mess of an engine bay. Doesn’t do this good looking car any justice at all.

  11. Nova Scotian

    I agree with comments about putting a clean engine in between a ratty compartment. But maybe money and or life ran out after the engine purchase. Stuff happens. Maybe they thought better to have it running than with a big hole under the bonnet. Who’s gonna buy it with out an engine? Bet someone will lowball and pick up a sweet ride.
    Though I’d change the colour. IMHO.

  12. Marcello Neneman

    I had a 1970 Javelin SST 390 4 speed with a 411 rear end. Rattled itself to pieces. Quality control terrible and you couldn’t go 100 miles on a tank of gas.

    • Mike McCloud

      ( Not bein’ nasty here, but;) HAR! A 390, 4 speed AND a 4:11? You expected ‘what’ for mileage? More to the point; you bought it for ‘mileage’ ? We really didn’t care about mileage in performance cars back then, gas was cheap enough. I don’t understand the ‘Rattled itself to pieces’ part, maybe you had problems beyond your scope back then but have learned more now? Folks used to put down Triumph m’cycles too, but anyone who bought one-in those days- accepted that Triumphs were a ‘Tinkerer’s Joy’; adjusting the valve lash weekly was ‘the normal’ deal, but we thought that was okay-(kinda). Technology has sure improved over the years, and I’m sure glad of it!

  13. Boss351

    VIN is now posted on eBay and decodes correctly as described on eBay.

    I like it because it is different and may be just a little above it’s value. ( I’m thinking $15K as it seems to be a non-original motor.) Even though it has the Go pack on the 360 4v, I would have preferred the 401 4v motor with the Go-pack.

  14. jwinters

    so funny to me is that every one of these I see is an AMX go-pack car. at the AMC Kenosha show this year EVERY javelin there was an AMX. I didn’t see a single base model.

    I guess all of the ones left are fully optioned AMX cars yea right.

    • Rocco Member

      Just like 1st gen Z-28’s.

  15. Utes

    A neighboring PD had these w/401’s under the bonnet……..pursuit vehicles….surprise, surprise!

  16. Jake

    The T stripe is wrong. Which could mean the car was repainted! The non original motor doesn’t bother me. The car does appear to be very original otherwise! Would make for a cool driver, especially with the 4spd!

  17. Carl

    Had one of these in 1975, 360 V8, 4-Speed, Power Disc, Go-Package, no console, Purple Plum no stripes. Put Headers on it, good tune and in 1st & 2nd gear would pull the front end off the ground. 11.93 in the 1/4 mile, should have kept it

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