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Goat In The Barn For $10,500?

left rear

What’s really under the cover? This is supposed to be a real numbers matching, low miles GTO that has been there for 16 years. It’s listed on craigslist for $10,500. I wonder what someone will find when they pull it out and have a look. It’s in Houston, way south of the snow belt so it may not be bady rusted, but that is a dirt floor and if any of that fertilizer spilled it could be interesting. How do they know it’s numbers matching? They call it a “242”, the model number of the Pontaic assigned to the GTO in 1966 when it became a seperate model from the Tempest and not an option. The interior is all original, but rodents have no doubt been enjoying it for years. Wouldn’t it be great to know what they find under those rags? It’s probably a 2 barrel 245 HP car, but what if it’s the more valuable 4 barrel or even the 360 HP ram air? Anyone in the Houston area?

right cover



  1. dj

    Flagged for removal. Must have been a hoax. 2bbl GTO? How revolting.

  2. Dan

    Houston is near the coast, have 2 nephews that live there, the salt air eats cars up…drove my 1969 Z-28 down there in 1977…they swarmed the car everywhere I went, because it still had solid body panels..(Tennessee car)

    • bob

      baloney, i live in houston, had a 66 GTO and many other cars. rust is not a problem, unless you don’t take care of your car.

  3. bradshaw from primer

    I remember the GTO had 3 rear tail light panels…the Tempest/Lemans had 2 rear tail light panels on each side.

    That one looks to be a Tempest.

    • Joey Gotts

      Some clown is trying to pull a scam@!

      The rear bumper on a GTO also has backup lights, a Tempest doe not.

      The car in the picture is a Tempest.


      • Dennis

        This is a 67 GTO not a Tempest. It has all the GTO lower trim and the taillights are correct for a 1967 GTO.

    • Vic

      Yes, I had a 66 GTO and the tail light assembly had 3 rows and it bolted on. It wasn’t a part of that rear back panel.

    • jd

      That would be incorrect~GTO has double stacked twin per side~ Tempest single per side~

  4. Barzini

    I sometimes wonder if these cars can get flagged for removal so the other buyers are knocked out. These kind of photos annoy me. Please take the time to drag the car out of the barn so potential buyers can get a more accurate assessment of the car’s condition. This is way worse than leaving a car on the trailer for the photo shot, another practice that annoys many people.

  5. Leo

    Houston isnt on the coast ( it is somewhat close) and i have bought many a solid car here. Galveston is a whole nother thing though. Ad is flagged for removal so my guess is that someone had friends flag it to detour other buyers unril they could ger to it

  6. Norm

    Was it converted to lp gas? Note the tank !

  7. jeff6599

    Com’on guys, at least get your facts straight. You can google them; if not, look in your GTO handbook. The 242 prefix was use on ’66 and ’67 GTOs The 237 prefix was used on ’66 and ’67 Tempests. A 2bbl GTO was not available until at least a year later. The Tempest had a horizontal red lens on each side. These taillights are genuine GTO. The stainless rocker panel trim shown was available only one year: on the 1967 GTO. Interchange is very difficult as the entire rear valence panel must be retrofitted. The 2bbl engine began as an option due to insurance premiums on early muscle cars.

    • Rocco Member


      I would have bet the farm that there wasn’t any single 2bbl muscle cars ever. Glad I have a farm.

    • David Frank David Member

      Thank you for your comments. I learn a lot from you folks. I looked at GTO pictures, some had backup lights, some did not, but the tail lights were all like the ones in the barn. So, perhaps a 1967?

    • Lloyd in Houston

      Definitely a gennie GTO, guys. VIN beginning with “242” on 1966 thru 1971 GTOs ONLY.

      Tail lamps are ’67 GTO only.

      A regular fuel, 2V 400 – the so called “economy option” – was definitely a factory option on 1967 thru 1969 model year GTOs.

    • ANDY

      you tell them JEFF you are right on THE MONEY

  8. Joe

    Looks like a 67 GTO not 66.

  9. JW

    Yes the one pictured in the AD is a 67, I had 2 and those tail lights and rocker molding are definitely a 67 trait and 242 is the code in the VIN for a goat, I had 4 total so I know my goats.. My wife’s brother in-law has one identical to this one in the same color blue with the 400 H.O. v8 and a 4 speed. I like others suppose some one who is going to look at it has flagged it to keep others away, dirty deeds done right for a flipper I guess.

  10. Chris A.

    48 years later they are still a stunning design. The family of a Rochester NY friend bought a 67 HO red/white interior 4 spd that was waiting for him when he got off the plane from ‘Nam. Welcome home, wonder if he still has it. Beautiful car.

  11. Keith

    Clearly those are ’67 tai lights

  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Definitely a 67, I have a 66, rear tail lights were smaller slits. Mine was a field find with no dog house and missing a lot of windows.

  13. pontiactivist

    I would love to have another gto. Had a 66 years ago. This one is definitely a 67. Really want a ram air iv 4speed 70 but, would take one like this too. I would get the phs paperwork and see what it originally was and decide which way to go with it after that. Have a huge following. Would be a good investment if you were into it for that. Me myself I’m in it for enjoyment which is where the real worth is in cars to me.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      “Me myself I’m in it for enjoyment which is where the real worth is in cars to me.”


      Mostly, the enjoyment is in the driving, with some being doing the work, and the peer admiration of the finished piece.

  14. PatrickM

    ’66 GTO rear lights panels were vertical. ’67 GTO rear light panels were slanted. this car is a ’67. But, get it out in the daylight, get snapshots of under hood, under chassis, interior! If you want the money, show the product. Nice car…maybe, but not for this money. If you’re the kinda guy that has the money, time and talent, go for it.

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