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Going On A Safari? 1957 Pontiac Star Chief

'57 Pontiac Star Chief Safari right side

If you are looking for one of the few 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagons that were produced you may have come to the right place. We featured a 1956 version here back in October of 2015 (which year do you like better?). This 1957 is parked in Bettendorf, Iowa awaiting a new owner. The Star Chief Safari Wagon is listed here on eBay with zero bids at the time of writing and a starting price of $9,995.

'57 Pontiac Star Chief Safari front

If you were looking for lots of chrome and trim you can’t go wrong with a Star Chief Safari Wagon. This is a non-running project that is said to have been stored in a concrete floored climate controlled building since the early ’90s. Isn’t that nice! There are no images of the drivetrain or the undercarriage. The seller says that this will be a “mechanical restoration.” What exactly does that mean?

'57 Pontiac Star Chief Safari rust left side

There are multiple images of the areas of rust provided with the eBay ad. The seller believes this is the original paint and an untouched example of a 1957 Star Chief Safari Wagon.

'57 Pontiac Star Chief Safari 2nd seat floor

Some of the floor-pans may also need to be replaced. The seller suggested that those that are interested and are serious should view the car in person or send an agent to review the vehicle. Isn’t the off-set upholstery interesting coming from the ’50’s?

'57 Pontiac Star Chief Safari rear

The odometer shows 67,529, but the total mileage and the history of the ownership is not provided with the ad. This is a titled project and if you have any questions you are instructed to post them on the eBay ad. If you wanted a big wagon, this Safari Wagon is a trip!



  1. Avatar photo CattooButt Member

    That’s a badass looking ride there. Be fun to cruise in that for a daily driver.

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  2. Avatar photo redwagon

    So cool. Why take the beast out of the garage and then take all close up photos? O well, still nice eye candy

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  3. Avatar photo Bruce E

    Providing the under side looks as good as what is represented in the photos, this old northeast body man says he likes it. He likes it a lot !!!!

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  4. Avatar photo Donnie

    nice .and cheaper then a nomad

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  5. Avatar photo Rich

    I like it. Cheaper than a Nomad and more unique.

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  6. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    As stated in the ad, these are extremely rare. You almost never saw Pontiac “Nomad’s” ( can’t say I’ve ever seen one) as most were Chevy’s. With only 1300 produced, there can’t be more than a handful of these left. I can only hope the next owner keeps it original because it’s so rare. Super find here.

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  7. Avatar photo DENIS

    I like it and it appears fairly decent. Trim is hard to find and looks pretty useable…great find and within a few hundred miles of me for a change…

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  8. Avatar photo Danger Dan

    Very cool wagon in mint green condition. Great feature. I dug up a 2 door parked since 71 last year. Great styling and miles of chrome

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  9. Avatar photo Al8apex

    A LOT of these were canabalized in the 70’s for their tailgates, doors and glass for Nomad restorations

    Few remain intact and fewer yet all original like this one is

    Will make someone a great ride

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  10. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    It looks to have widespread and evenly distributed rusting which means a total teardown and body dipping. THEN you find out whats left. Unfortunately you wont have its originality which to me is the key decision in buying any old car. Probably wont hurt its future value as its rare.and so many folks seem to like restored vehicles.

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  11. Avatar photo Robert White

    Well worth the dollars IMHO. If only I could win the lottery!


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  12. Avatar photo krash

    ….as with many of he cars that show up on BF, I would have loved to have seen this as it sat in the showroom (new)…. the manufacturer color combos were really something back then…

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  13. Avatar photo Steve

    This car has the dreaded worm man. It’s so rare it’s worth saving however it’s going to take a boatload of cash and and old school lead man to do it right.

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  14. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    Well, someone bid, so it appears as though it will trade hands.
    Love the funky styling. Of all the fins which grew out of the rear quarters in the 50’s, these had to be the bulkiest. Such a cool car, but bring a big budget for doing the restoration. The most obviously missing trim is along the rockers. I’ll bet that those are unobtanium.

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  15. Avatar photo van

    I like it and although I love the originality of this car,
    455 HO, hood tach, judge wing,
    Call it the jury

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  16. Avatar photo David Member

    Much like another one from July, 2012. They wanted $32,500 for that one.

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