Golden Anniversary SS: 1962 Chevrolet Impala


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This 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS is a rare “Golden Anniversary” edition model, and in the best specification possible: a two-door SS. The Golden Anniversary is one of the more elusive limited-production models to find, with most experts citing production numbers of a little over 300 cars painted in this special edition “927” gold paint. Of those cars, even fewer wore the elusive SS trim, as any Impala model could be ordered with the unique gold paint job. The seller speculates only about 30 Golden Anniversary SS coupes are left in existence,  and his car is listed here on eBay as an unrestored driver with bids of just over $15,000 and the reserve unmet.

The Golden Anniversary package was not widely marketed. From what I’ve read, Chevrolet made it available to dealers but not to the public at large. So, a dealership could specify a sedan or a coupe wearing the 927 paint code, and that constituted a Golden Anniversary car. It sounds like Chevy intended for these 50th Anniversary special editions to be used as a piece of eye candy to get shoppers into the showroom, but that’s just a guess. These special edition models also got unique upholstery, which is intact inside this example but may need some light repair work. The seller describes his car as an unrestored driver, but that it does need rust repair on the “…rear passenger side” and the right-side door.

How stunning is this car! The ’62 Impala SS is a looker no matter what, but this distinctive paint scheme really sets it off. That long trunk lid and pillar-less cabin doesn’t hurt, either. So many of these gorgeous coupes have been customized past the point of no return that finding one in unrestored condition is truly a find. The seller reports that the engine under the hood is a 350 that fires off with one twist of the key, and while the engine bay isn’t overly detailed, it reinforces that this car is a driver, through and through. Other damage noted in the listing is a crack in the “….front window”, but I don’t know if that refers to the windshield or the door glass.

As you may recall, I have mentioned previously there is an Impala SS Golden Anniversary on the barn find property in north Georgia that I am helping sell vehicles out of. I keep hoping someone will snatch this rare specimen up and restore it back to its former glory, especially after seeing one that’s a runner like the subject car. I have listed our Golden Anniversary car here on eBay if anyone wants to check it out. While these 50th Anniversary cars are somewhat obscure special editions of the celebrated ’62 Impala, they are sought after and only getting harder to find.

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  1. junkmanMember

    Shameless plug for yourself ; ) LOL Ton of work there Jeff, hopefully someone with talent, time and money will grab it up.

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    • ACZ

      Not at that price.

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  2. RMac

    Are you saying it is unrestored original and has a 350 in it? NO WAY either that is a misprint about the engine or it is not original
    There was no 350 available in 62!

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    • Donnie Sears

      First year for a 350 was in a 67 Camaro. And I don’t think any other Bowtie got it until 69.

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    • ACZ

      For that matter, the TH350 didn’t come out until 1969.

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  3. Mike

    Well, I’m not sure what it is, but I know what it isn’t and that’s not an honest description.

    It has a 350 engine with 350 turbo transmission. The entire driveline is not original.

    The steering wheel is wrong…the carpeting is missing if not just pulled back to show the floor, but the floor was not black originally as it is now.

    There is considerably more rust. You can see it in the drivers door and lower fender.

    This is NOT ORIGINAL. It’s NOT a California car as it was built in Janesville Wi. The trim tag and the bumpers confirm it…

    Again, I don’t know for sure what it is, but it is NOT as described.

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  4. Taco

    Low rider

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  5. Yblocker

    No thanks, I’d rather have the 61 Starliner.

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  6. Glen

    I have a ’62 Impala 4 DOOR SEDAN in 927 paint from the factory!!! How rare is that?!?!?! All I hear about is 2 door hardtops…..

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  7. Chris Cornetto

    It is amazing how many of these are still around
    I bought a non SS coupe in 1981 or so, high-school for 65.00. I haven’t driven it since 1984. Like many mine has a non original drive line in it. I put a 396 in it. Mine has all the power accessories and the light dimmer gizmo. The car wasn’t one of my favorites but it is starting to give me the pull it out and drive it bug. I have run it every couple of months over the years. The price seams crazy but I am old and remember them stacked to the sky in junkyards.

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  8. Gordon Workman

    Badges are missing for SS no fender badges, no rear fender badges. There is one I think on trunk lid but that’s easy to put on.To many ifs as stated in other comments. Needs more docs to confirm real SS body. Not enough pictures of interior or gauges to confirm as well.

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  9. Chuck Dickinson

    There is a difference between the “Golden Anniversary Edition” and an Impala painted Anniversary Gold. The first ones built were reportedly distributed as “Golden Anniversary Editions” to dealers. However, the paint color, Anniversary Gold became an RPO color choice mid-way through the model year and could be ordered on other Impalas (I’ve owned one, a 4 dr ht). There were MANY MORE than 300 Impalas painted that color in 1962. Not every Anniversary Gold car is an “Edition” car. As for the interior, it was NOT “unique”. It was the regular “Gold” (per Chevy), but really yellow, interior which was around prior to the gold cars being built, and it was used on Corona Cream and black cars earlier. It’s not a common paint color on 62s because it was not used until later in the model year, but it isn’t as “special” as some make it out to be.

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  10. HCMember

    I agree with previous comments the 350 was either a misprint because it’s not original to this car. Steering wheel as well. I had a 64 SS and it had the console with the bucket seats. Not sure if 62 SSs came with consoles or not, or it came later in 64. 327s were the small block norm in early to mid 60s and then of course there was the 409. Powerglide trans for the automatics.

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  11. 64 Bonneville

    I had a paper route in 62, when I was 15. One of my customers bought a 62 Impala Super sport convertible. Anniversary gold color with yellow looking bucket seat interior, had a little skinny console. column shift powerglide, (62 was only year column shift automatic, 63 on was on floor) Car was fully loaded, power steering, brakes, windows, driver seat. 327 4 barrel. He ordered the car because the girl he was marrying, it’s what she wanted, he wanted a biscayne with 409 and 4 speed.

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  12. HCMember

    Gordon you’re also right about the missing SS badges on front and rear fenders. I know on my 64 SS it also had the turned or machined stainless steel trim. I really think this is a base Impala not an SS. And no one would have removed a numbers matching engine and trans from an SS car and put a 350 engine and trans in its place.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    Ended at $17,066, Reserve Not Met.

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