Golden Era Hot Rod: 1934 Ford

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What could be cooler than finding a period built hot rod that hasn’t been touched since the 1950’s? Well I am sure there are some things that come to mind, but this 1934 Ford Pickup is a very cool find. Having received an Oldsmobile Rocket V8 heart transplant in the 1950’s, this Ford has since been parked since 1959. Having spent the last 6 decades with the same family, this solid golden era hot rod is offered for the opening bid of $12,000. Check it out here on eBay out of Sophia, North Carolina.

Shoehorned into place during the earlier part of the 1950’s, this Oldsmobile Rocket V8 certainly must have lived up to its name at that point in time. This engine has not been untouched since 1959. No effort has been made to start, or turn over the engine. Take a moment to notice a few modifications made to shoehorn this engine into place. Perhaps the most curious, and ingenious, is the massive square cut out of the radiator to allow the water pump pulley to clear the cooling fins. Also the inner fender and part of the frame looks to have been notched for exhaust manifold clearance. I would guess that a push type fan was used, or perhaps no fan at all? Perhaps enough cooling was provided by air moving through the radiator while the truck was at speed?

The interior appears standard other than the upholstery, and the long curved shift lever. Minor surface rust on the dash looks as if it would clean up, and after the removal of the dirt and dust, I would say the interior is in decent shape. I assume that the floors are solid based on the overall condition of the truck.

With heavy dust and dirt, the exterior of this pickup is very solid, with only minor cosmetic damage to report. The seller seems to think that the paint may be original due to its thick consistency. It certainly seems feasible that it could be original paint. The passenger side spare is missing, but little else appears to be missing from this Ford. Period hot rod hub caps sit on the steel wheels, and there is a side exit exhaust to further emphasize this truck’s cool hot rod background. A wash would do wonders, and likely leave you with a cool appearance. There is no evidence of rot, and only minor surface rust can be found in a couple of areas. After cleaning, sorting, and discovering what all is happening with this Ford, It would be neat to revive this pickup to its former hot rod glory days. Would you restore this Ford back to its 1950’s glory, or would you take a different direction?

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    I know had I found it, it would not be for sale! With the parts available today I would move the engine back and add a rear steer IFS, aluminum radiator. Then no worries.

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    One of these was my third car. Later flathead, dropped front axle, bed cover, all black primer. Those are Oldsmobile or Pontiac wheel covers. Engine looks to be ’55 or ’56. Nice truck!

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    • moosie moosie

      Hubcaps are 1956 Olds 88, looks like they hit the boneyard for that “Rocket 88” engine and decided that they could use the hubcaps off the same car, I vaguely remember this style of Hot Rod from back in the day being a 12 year old gear head. Nice, but I think a bit too ambitious price wise,,,,, all things considered I’d be in it for 8 or 9 K , if I had the money and the physical ability.

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  3. Patrick S Newport PagnellMember

    I remember back in the mid ’70’s,Popular Hot Rodding magazine had a project truck, black ’33 or ’34 Ford with a blown small block Chevy and American Racing wheels,hood off. I always lusted for a build like that. This would be a great start.

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    • Jon

      So buy it already!!!!

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      • Patrick S Newport PagnellMember

        Man I would,but no place to keep it.

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  4. Will Fox

    The V8 looks like the 324CID that was used in `55-`56; the wheel covers are `56 Olds 88’s. And those whitewalls are definitely VERY “old school”!! Talk about your proverbial blank slates!! This baby begs for some TLC and rebuild that Olds Rocket V8!!! I bet in it’s day, this sang a sweet song rumblin’ down the highway!
    (Buyer: Please document exactly how this truck looked when found after sitting 60 years! Take a ton of photos to display with it when it’s finished.)

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    • Stillrunners

      Wonder what the flipper paid for it…..

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  5. don

    Hard to believe that things like this keep popping up .Imagine parking your car and doing nothing to it for 60 years ! Cars like this always make me wonder- did the owner park it with intentions of fixing it up one day and never got around to it, or maybe he didn’t want anyone else to own it so it was just left in a barn ? Either way, Its really cool , if I had the time and money I’d go through it and rebuild it the same way – 50’s style hot rod

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Beautiful Example of American hotrodding! Good luck to the new owner!!

    Happy Motoring


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  7. geomechs geomechsMember

    The Epicenter of earlier hot-rodding. Back before the SBC was a wink in its daddy’s eye, the Olds Rocket was the choice. A little bulky and somewhat heavier but it went like Jack, the Bear. A good friend of mine ran an Olds in his ’35 sedan for a few years, until a valve decided to let go and go through a piston on its way to the crankcase (it took the long way around–through the water jacket). He still has the car (60 years and counting) and is on at least his third SBC (yes he likes them, and I won’t comment any further). I like this truck but I might add that a ’34 pickup has always appealed to me. If this came my way, it would likely end up with a flathead back in it. And it would probably be running wire wheels as well. In other words, mostly stock. But the door is open to do with it what you wish…

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  8. Fred H

    WOW $12,000 + for a truck that doesn’t run. I will jump right on it ))

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    • Will Fox

      Fred, to a car guy that knows what this is, and what it represented back in `58-`59 to a 20 yr old, it’s a real find. This `34 was built at the height of the custom car craze; the Oakland Roadster Show had numerous rods like this all customized with wild metal-flake paint jobs! And the OHV Olds V8 WAS a rodder’s choice back then; low end torque and speed parts available made it a good choice. I can almost see George Barris smiling down on this!

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  9. chuck moorehead

    Oh My God!!

    I love this truck!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clean it up…Get it running and leave it ,,,,,,,,,,ALONE!!!!

    OLDs are great had many rides that were powered by OLDS!!!! Awesome!!!!

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  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Never saw a square hole cut in a radiator before, no fan, that’s probably why it was parked so many years ago, it probably had overheating problems. Nowadays that’s a minor problem to fix. I wish I could be the one blessed with this truck, but it’s out of the question at this point in my life. Some lucky soul will get this truck and make a beautiful pickup out of it. I hope they keep the Olds engine and build around it.
    God bless America

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  11. Bob S

    I would love to have this truck. The 34, was my second vehicle. I installed a 303 with the Hydra-matic and the Olds rearend. I eventually chopped, channeled and installed a dropped axle, but kept it full fendered.
    If I had this one, I would clean it up, solve the cooling problem that it probably had, and paint it.
    The 34 will always be my favourite truck.

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  12. Morley BrownMember

    Please , please , please bring back whitewall tires. I am so sick of this urban weekend warriour crap. We all know you posers are not the FBI or the wanna be tough guy . More chrome and whitewall tires. Oh and this hot rod is perfect, rebuild and clean. If you want to wreck something , use a Hellcat or Camaro, they make them everyday. Oh do I feel better.

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  13. bobhess bobhessMember

    Will Fox… Been there before on this but my roommate in college and I each had Olds powered ’53 Studebaker Lowery coupes, his with La Salle 3 speed and mine with a B&M early Olds automatic. With all the cams, carbs, compression, etc. they did made great sounds!

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  14. Gaspumpchas

    Morley, I use whitewalls on my classic cars, I know a hi volume tire dealer who buys all he can for his customers as they are requested. carrries a good supply also, they price good and offer free ship. To see this amazing survivor like it is with a new set of whitewalls and with or without the boss hubcaps, would warm this ol grey hairs feeble heart! Coolest thing to grace the pages of BF in a long time!!!
    Happy Motoring

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  15. JOHNMember

    Pretty cool truck, I like the built-in vacuum cleaner, just like some of the newer model family vans!

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  16. bigdoc

    Love this truck.

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  17. geomechs geomechsMember

    This one’s a ’33. People keep finding them and building them. And they still look great! Not overdone; just nice and clean, something to be enjoyed…

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  18. ctmphrs

    White walls are for customs. Black walls are for hot rods.

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  19. TimM

    Really cool looks like an old swap!!

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