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Golden Glamour: 1970 Buick Riviera


I have no idea why more folks don’t find this body style beautiful — I am very partial to the earliest Rivieras, but I love this one. It’s located in Osterville, Massachusetts and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is very low with an unmet reserve, and there’s a buy it now of $8,900.


What beautiful trim this car has! The smooth fenders and lack of dents make me strongly suspect this car has been painted. That being said, it appears to be a quality paint job. The whitewalls and Buick rallye wheels really set this car off as well.


“Just like a ray of sunshine!” Sometimes photos just strike me right. This is one of them. If only they had actually included the entire car in the shot! The seller doesn’t tell us much at all about this car, but they do tell us that it has usual wear and tear for a 1970 vehicle and that it is a “reliable every day driver” and an “eye catcher.” I can believe the latter for sure!


The leather upholstery is said to be new, and it looks very nice whether it is or not. The seller also says they have replaced the brakes, shocks, belts, hoses, and wiring. Aside from wondering why a car would need an entire wiring harness (I’m guessing they actually only meant part of the harness) that sounds like a pretty good list, and if the car really is a daily driver that says a lot for it’s reliability.


And here’s that great Buick powerplant–no shortage of horsepower in this car! 455 cubic inch V8 and air conditioning as well! The car also has power locks, seats and brakes. Again, the seller doesn’t tell us much about this one, but is it enough? Or at least enough to warrant a closer look? I’d like to know what readers think!



  1. ccrvtt

    After the iconic 1966-67 cars this one looks like the once-beautiful actress who put on weight and had too much botox.

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    • Puhnto

      And here I was thinking it was the 1963, 64, 65s that were iconic! I guess everyone has their “druthers.” (But I think this is an elegant, classy design too.)

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  2. Mr. TKD

    I’d look past this in favour of a boattail Rivi, but this is a great example that would make a wonderful weekend cruiser.

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  3. dirtyharry

    The 1970 Riviera (Riviera is Latin for “coastline”) was restyled and the final year of the third generation. Interesting that skirted rear wheels became standard, with exposed wheels an option. At the rear, a new rear bumper/taillight motif was seen. The engine was upgraded to 455 cu in (7.46 L), the largest engine Buick offered to date, rated at 370 hp and over 500 lb·ft of torque. By 1971 everything changed, the 455 engine had a lower compression ratio to meet EPA emissions requirements, reducing power to 255 hp. Needless to say, if you want some power in your Riviera this is your year. I have seen better ones for the same money, so I doubt this is much of a buy.

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  4. Roselandpete

    The seller says new seats but unless he upgraded them, I don’t think they’re leather. I have a 72 with 11k miles and the seats look vinyl to me.

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  5. Racer417

    The ’70 was a one year only body style. Makes you wonder why they bothered. It was not well-received in the day, but was the last year for the high compression 455. I don’t know where those Gran Sport and 455 badges came from; but they’re not original. Can’t see if there even on the driver’s side of this car.
    Why don’t people use all 24 pictures eBay allows?

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    • Racer417

      Self-correction: Can’t see if THEY’RE even on…..

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    This car reminds me of a pre-adolescent girl, little pudgy,acne, poor hairstyle, and clothes that don’t fit. It’s uncomfortable for everyone, but you know in time, the finished result is going to be smashing. Buick couldn’t decide which way to go with this model year, and aside from the motor(which is my favorite) it’s just blah. Same thing happened in 1977-78 to this legendary nameplate, they had to throw something out there. The bud was about to blossom( boat tail) but until then the awkward teenager remained.

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  7. cyclemikey

    OK, I’ll be the turd in the punch bowl. I’ve always liked the styling of the ’70 Riv. In fact, I like it better than the iconic ’63, which I always thought was a bit overwrought. So sue me.

    This looks like a decent enough car but with 123K on it and virtually no information given, the salesmanship is a bit lacking. He does say he’ll take offers, so that’s something.

    By “new wiring” I think he means the horribly inappropriate screaming yellow Accel plug wires which are visible in the engine bay shot.

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It’s a nice car at a nice price…..somebody buy it ! As for the what’s going on – GM had brought out the new GP in 1969 – Chevy the new MC in 1970….would guess Buick was just hanging as to what if any they were getting…..guess the boat tail was it.

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  9. Prowler

    It is not an iconic shape but I always found these interesting some one at GM definitely heard a different drummer….a one year wonder…probably filler waiting for the boat tail riv

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