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Gone To The Dogs: 1960 Porsche 356

1960 Porsche 356 Convertible

It amazes me every time I see a rusty Porsche going for big money. The cost to restore these cars can be astronomical, so why spend huge money just to buy it? I guess supply just can’t keep up with demand! That being said, this 356 certainly isn’t the rustiest one we’ve ever seen and should be saved from further deterioration. The seller has already done much of the work to get it running and claims it runs quite well now. It’s still going to need a ton of work to be a safe daily driver, but with some new tires you could probably start driving it to car shows as is. Find this project here on eBay in Sebastopol, California with a current bid of $66k!

1960 Porsche 356 Project

I can tell I’d get along with this seller. He provides lots of important details about the car, invites buyers to actually come look at it before bidding, and has the best response ever to people asking him how much he’d take to sell it offline ($200,000.46 if your wondering)!

1960 Porsche 356 Door

While the engine and transmission might be in good shape, the body isn’t in the best condition. It has rust in all the usual places, you can see both doors have rust. Someone started repairing the driver’s side door, but never finished. I think it might be easier to just replace the doors than try to repair them. I guess if you do that they won’t be numbers matching, but I doubt that’s really a big issue.

1960 Porsche 356 Interior

Fixing this Porsche up is going to be a big job, but we’ve seen 356s in worse condition restored into immaculate show cars. Personally, I would fix the floors and any other structural issues, tune up the engine and just drive it looking ratty! What about you?


  1. jaymes

    no expensive noises, awesome description. had no clue these are so valubale

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  2. Yellowjax Member

    Bought a bag of groceries today…$75. This years 60k is like 30k ten years ago. My house was 98k 20 years ago…now it’s 375k. So yes it is worth the current price if you really want it. Life is short. Live it like you want to.

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    • Cody

      The value of a dollar has not gone down that much in ten years. Yes, a bag of groceries can cost 75 dollars, but it can also cost 5 dollars. Context is important. It all depends on what you buy. Tonight I will buy a bag that has steak and bourban in it. It’s probably going to be close to 75 dollars. 30k in 2006 is equal to roughly 36k today. Also, home values change on many other factors, not just inflation of the dollar. The same is true of classic car values. While I understand your sentiment, I do not agree with your facts.

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      • D. King

        Well, if you want to calculate it, try this site:


        Of course, it doesn’t account for bubbles like houses and Porsches!

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      • waynard

        Exactly right.

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  3. sir mike

    just don’t get it….Old Porsche loving people are a different breed I guess.

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  4. MG'zer

    I would definitely make a driver of it. But bring it back to glory.

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  5. Bob Hess

    Very few of these roadsters made. Price has been skyrocketing since the early 2000s.Restored a ’60 roadster race car in the mid 80s, sold it for $14,000 delivered. It sold in the Porsche Club of America community in California in ’14 for $225,000. Think I don’t wish I’d made some different decisions back then….?

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  6. Dave Wright

    Having owned over 30 356’s before they got really expensive…….they were never cheep…….I am going to take issue with your comment about them being expensive to restore. These are very simple cars that everything is available for. The wood alone on a mid 50’s Jag would cost more than the entire interior of a 356 and speedsters are cheeper yet. Wiring is straight forward and simple as are the drivetrains. Parts can be expensive but there are not many of them and the labor requirements pale in comparison with many other collector cars. It could take a couple of months full time to rewire a 3.8s. This takes a week with a new harness. Also chrome is minimal.

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  7. Frankie

    I’m guilty of letting my Porsche sit too. I put it next to my chicken coop, they took over the car over the years. The rust is pretty … Lots of poop too…. Anyone interested? Asking 90k….

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    • Dave Wright

      I will pay your price sight unseen if it is a complete Speedster or 356 Carrera.

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  8. Leo

    Why would anyone spend 66k on a car and go down the “we cheap” road and say “I will get it running, fix structural rust areas and drive it as is”.? Bottom dollar…. They cant afford the 66k… A rusty patina just shows that you cant afford to have it properly painted. Ive seen lots worse cars bring more. This car is still relativly a bargain

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  9. bcavileer

    Buy a real car. What a crock. A well found MG or TR will run rings around these bugs. And a Jag will out handle and out “look” these upside down bathtubs any day of the week. Just looked at a knock out XK120 in PA., FOR 1/3 THE PRICE AND IN GOOD NIK. Running to boot. Evil handling, overpriced and I just don’t get it. Worst design ever built IMHO. Sorry Porsche. Even a boxy 2002 was a better car. 200k ,please…

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    • D. King

      Glad you put IMHO. Not all of us agree with you.

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    • Zaphod

      Agree. Evil handling knuckle busting maintenance, fugly styling. These are not thoroughbreds, they’re German Mustangs: VW’s in drag.

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  10. stillrunners

    wait…..my 401K is now worth 201K thanks to the last decade….what gives ?

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  11. JohnM

    Would rather have the dog.

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  12. OhU8one2

    How I ever got talked out of buying a 59 conv D in the late 80’s just baffles me. Running car,burgundy paint black top and interior. Fairly new tire’s and brakes. Owner was asking $5000 and he was thinking he had priced the car a little too high. Oh I could kick myself.

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    • Dave Wright

      I sold my last 356 parts a year ago to a great guy that has 3 Convertible D’s. All polished and lovely. One a race car and two other street cars. As I was standing in his shop looking at them it struck me there was over a million dollars. He is a German immagrent that got into them many decades ago…….the problem with this kind of stuff is to realize the profit, you have to sell them……that was not going to happen.

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  13. Robert White

    I honestly don’t think that a 60s Porsche would make for a good Rat Rad. Moreover, the body & paint on this Porsche needs restoration, and given the size of the car it would not take long to get this Porsche in top shape for cheap.


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  14. Roger

    K.I.T. C.A.R. !!!!!! I like Porsches but am not crazy enough about them to ever drop that kind of money on one, a Shelby or something along those lines bit no way $60k+++ on this. It is a cool design that I can absolutely appreciate but I can get that ” cool design ” for around $20k. I’d buy a roller that someone lost interest in and finish it myself, AND have enough left over for 2,3, or 4 more cars lol!.

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