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Good Deal? 1953 Ford F1

left front

This old pickup listed on craigslist here in Sacramento was sitting on an almond farm for 30 years. The owner seems to have done all the mechanical work to get it running and driving. The list of what it needs to be a driver is not too long. Its needs include a gas tank and glass to be a driver as well as upholstery and a bed floor.


All they provided were pictures of the left front and the inside. The interior looks OK, but there’s no pictures of the rest of the truck. You don’t see the parking lot through the floor anyway. If this truck is rust free and has no big issues, would the asking price seem reasonable? It’s right here in town, so perhaps I’ll see if I can have a look. This seems like it could easily be a driver and perhaps improvements could be made over time. I think I’ll try to have a look and take some pictures.


  1. Avatar photo Matt M.

    Damn, deleted already!

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  2. Avatar photo Lee Hartman

    Looks like a ’52 to me.

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    • Avatar photo Eddy D. Smith

      Yeah, it’s a “52. Remember, Sanford & Son?

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  3. Avatar photo Mark H

    I’m hoping David just got himself a project pickup. Looks like a great start to a fairly straight forward, easily doable driver. Lots of restoration parts available for these. Nice truck!

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  4. Avatar photo Nicholas Malaspina

    I’m with Lee – it’s a ’52. The unique trim on the side of the hood, and the two, slightly rectangular “nostrils” are dead giveaways (’51 had three, and those found on ’48 – ’50 were a different shape). 1953 was the first year of the second generation, and was thus a completely different design. ’53 was also the first year for the f-100, 250 nomenclature, replacing f-1, f-2 etc.

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  5. Avatar photo David Member

    Must have been a great deal! Gone before I contacted him!

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  6. Avatar photo Jacob

    How much was it posted for? I’m sure it’s going to make someone very happy.

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  7. Avatar photo nighttrainx03

    Wow, what a nice looking truck and looked in great shape. How much did it sell for? Wish you could find nice unrestored trucks like this in the northeast. Just wishful thinking.

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  8. Avatar photo jim s

    truck does look good in the photos. does not look like turn signals were added to truck.

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  9. Avatar photo AMX Brian

    My grandfather and I restored a 51. It’s unique for the F Series. Those front and rear fenders are specific to 51/52. The rears can be swapped with the earlier ones or I’ve seen some with 53+ F100 rear fenders. They have finally started to make steel front fenders, but they’re $1000+. This one here reminds me of the 52 we brought back from Virginia. They always seen to have layers of blue and green paint. This one even had a gun rack. He got it running and sold it because it was too nice to use for parts. Fun Fact: The truck that chases Forest Gump when his leg braces comes is one of these.

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  10. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Neat old truck. What was the asking price?

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  11. Avatar photo MountainMan

    David, have a request. When you do the write up can you maybe tell us the asking price of the feature? So many times the listing for a vehicle is gone by th time some of us get a chance to look at it. Also, for later on it will be nice to look back and see how rthe market changes over time.
    Ex. ” ….is available here on craigslist for $3500 in Northwest Bumbelton Ohio”

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  12. Avatar photo Roland

    ‘Tis a 1952..’51’s were floor shift if memory, BAD, is correct…definitely no ’53

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  13. Avatar photo Lion

    My little workhorse is a ’52 just like this but the body is way more beat up. Got mine at an auction in 1977 for $175.00 and its been going ever since. I rebuilt the engine, clutch and breaks plus regular maintenance and it runs like a top.
    I must add, even though it has duel block heaters, I don’t drive it when it is real cold out cause the heater aint that good.

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  14. Avatar photo Leon

    I have a 52. In 53 was the start of the wrap around windshield. The 52 was the last flat glass windshield.

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  15. Avatar photo Rex Rice

    I drove a ’52 F-1 panel for almost 8 years, 5 of them pulling a 42′ trailer house from the west coast to the mid-west & back. The only mechanical problem was a broken ring which was repaired by installing a new piston as it caused no damage to the block. When I quit that job, & retired the truck & sold it. I was so sorry that I bought a ’52 F-3 & drove it for many years after replacing the engine with a rebuilt ’53 Merc. Great trucks but they averaged 10 mpg, full or empty & 5mpg pulling the trailer.. I loved driving the 4 speed unsynced tranny & taught my kids to drive in it.

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    • Avatar photo Lion

      Your right Rex, 10 MPG ! I put in a newer rear end to bring down the RPM and can get her up to 60 MPH now. 15″ Merc wheels and radial helped with control. Love the old thing.

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    • Avatar photo ROAR Member

      My 52 car hauler has a 240 OHV and AOD tranny, it gets GREAT milage,is geared so tall that it shifts out of OD with any significant rise of the road when carrying a car.
      It was built to haul roundy rounders in the early 60’s The biggest I’ve hauled is a Chrysler Cordoba

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  16. Avatar photo Rene

    I would like to se Chip Foose have a go at this.

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