Gorgeous 1939 Cadillac Woody Restomod is One of Two

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The offering is for a gorgeous 1939 Cadillac woody—one of just two built—and now equipped with a 450-horsepower Cadillac V-8 from the early 1970s, producing 450 horsepower. It’s not quite finished—carpets, AC, and finishing touches are needed—but it’s almost there. When done, it will be an incredible car. It’s on eBay in Roseville, California with an $85,000 Buy It Now. The owner will undoubtedly be losing money on the sale. Thanks to Jonny for this tip.

“Nearly complete restoration,” the owner says. “Not a lot to do. I’ve spent seven years getting it to this condition. Don’t even ask how much I’ve spent to get it to this point!” A lot of the money went into completing the extensive wood trim to a very high standard. But that was just the start.

The engine is a rebuilt and detailed 500-cubic-inch unit circa 1971 to 1973, attached to a 4L80 automatic and a GM 12-bolt positraction rear end. The car has power brakes, power steering, power windows, AC, electric wipers, and much more.

According to the vendor, “The original owner bought a Model 61 convertible and then took it to Wildanger in New Jersey to be converted to a woody wagon.  I have a lot of history on this car.  It was in very poor condition when I bought it, but the wood was in restorable shape, so I took on the project.”

The list of features is long. The engine benefits from a stainless-steel timing cover, a new starter motor, a custom intake manifold, chromed alternator, MSD distributor, Corvette linkage and a Holley BBC Corvette carb set. The new leather seats use the original frames, and sun visors were fabricated to fit. Everything was rechromed, including the bumpers and head- and taillight assemblies.

There are Trueray 56-spoke wire wheels with Cadillac center caps. Two old radios are present, one from 1940 and 1930. Hidden AM/FM uses the original AM dial glass. The radiator original to the new Cadillac engine was rebuilt, and a new windshield and side windows installed. The exhaust headers were ceramic coated. The new tilt steering column sports a wood wheel.

Honestly, this car is a true labor of love, a Herculean task beautifully executed. It’s unclear why the seller would want to abandon the project so close to the finish line. But there it is.

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  1. davidlcoop


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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    Quite a car. Lot of interesting things going on in that shop.

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  3. DavidH

    I would love to own it but as soon as it became my ride I would have just bought an amazing new doghouse where this little dog would be sleeping.

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  4. Butch smith

    Yes!! Well, this or used Escalade for same money. What would you choose?

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      How could you live with this? – No cup holders,air bags,
      lane changing avoidance systems,& most importantly,it’s
      not Bluetooth compatible.

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      • 370zpp 370zppMember

        Hey, one more thing this one doesn’t do; Shut itself off at intersections and restart when you step on the gas . . .

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  5. CadmanlsMember

    Nice build going on, although don’t quite understand the caddies future. Thirsty engine and it’s still a ways from driving. Do not misunderstand beautiful car and I am sure owner has spent quite a bit to get it here. But not sure direction was thought out all the way. Was he going to drive it, show it?

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  6. Garrison

    I would add a roof rack and smaller motor.

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  7. Dan

    One of two built, and it is ruined. What a shame.

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    • Glen Riddle

      Ruined how? Because he modified an already modified car? This wasn’t a factory build, or commission, or even a dealer custom. This was a car the customer took to an aftermarket company to modify. Yes it might have been done 84 years ago, but I see no problem with what he’s done.
      His best bet is to finish the car and then sell it. It might bring pretty serious money at one of the big auctions if a couple folks really want it. That he won’t or can’t finish it raises some red flags. Maybe it’s financial or health reasons, but a potential buyer would be understandably worried that their could be serious issues that aren’t readily apparent.
      So it might end up being a great deal for the right person, or a money pit. Best of luck to both the seller and buyer. Definitely a cool and unique ride.

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    • Mike Tobin

      Totally agree Dan. What a way to destroy a piece of history.

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  8. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Who buys a 2 door Cadillac convertible and turn it into a 4 door woody wagon?
    I know, the 60s and 70s had a lot of conversations to Cadillac wagons, since Caddy never offered a station wagon, but those cars started out as Sedan de Villes or Fleetwoods, not convertibles which are highly desired.
    Beautiful restoration though.

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    • Colonel Richard Glover, USMC (Ret.)

      Dear Angel,
      Cadillac did offer a Cadillac Station Wagon, but was called a Hearse. I’ve actually seen two that were “devoid” of all the funeral prefication. Oh, no trailer hitch either.

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      • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

        Dear Colonel,

        Cadillac NEVER offered a station wagon. In the 1950s up through the 2000s you could buy a car from Cadillac and send it out to a fabricator to have it made into whatever you wanted. Station wagon, pickup or convertible.
        As for hearses, ambulance and flower cars, that even did not involve a Cadillac dealer or GM. You went to a specialty car fabricator like, Superior, Miller-Meteor and others. THEY ordered a special frame with engine, wheels, dashboard, steering wheel and front clip from GM and then fabricated a hearse or ambulance or flower car, usually out of fiberglass with metal doors and rear quarters.
        Not all hearses were Cadillacs, either.
        Packard, Hudson, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Lincolns, Fords and a few Chryslers were also made into hearses or ambulances.
        Ok, we got this clear now?
        And guys, just because you see a Cadillac pick up truck conversion does not mean it was a flower car! It never was. Flower cars are way different from your fabricated standard Cadillac.

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    • Chris Cornetto

      Caddy offered lots of wagons through various subcontractors. They were better recognized as hearses….lol

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  9. Bobdog

    Think I’d drive it with the front clip off just for fun. Would seem the seller could hire someone to finish it and sell it or take it to a high end auction and get more money for it.

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  10. Lance

    I’d go for the Hudson parked next to it.

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  11. T. Mann

    Angle, the chassis, doors and interior are good as a station wagon.

    1939 Cadillac Series 61 Sedan-Convertible pictures:
    Bonhams Auction, $83,000, 15 years ago
    Mecum Auction, August 2017
    YouTube video

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  12. Keith M Howard


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  13. 64 Bonneville

    As a wood worker, I am impressed with the fine detailing of the woodwork. Way more than I would be capable of doing. Not even figuring in the financial commitment. Would love to have it, but if there was a decimal point between the 8 and the 5, I still couldn’t afford it.

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  14. Robert Levins

    I would have to agree with Glen Riddle. I would finish the whole project even if I needed or wanted to bring someone on board. Do it up %100 and then put it in one of the bigger auctions. This Cadillac is definitely worth it. It’s so unique and finished it will definitely fill a “Special Niche” in the collector world. They say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way “and certainly this project falls into that category. Great car and a great article too! Best of luck to all!

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  15. Brad chipman

    There is a lot left to complete from here. Beautiful car but is it worth the 120k when it’s done?

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  16. chrlsful


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  17. Kenneth Carney

    It leaves me scratching my head too
    Angel, yet here it is for our visual enjoyment. Makes me think of the
    Solid Gold Cadillac that Avon Cosmetics built to plug their Wild Country after shave that was sold in
    car and truck shaped decanters. That
    one ran a rather tame 472 V-8 mated
    to a T-400 tranny. I saw it in Peoria
    at the first Street Rod Nationals in 1970. And for a young motorhead of
    15, that was the greatest thing since
    sliced bread! Even 50+ years later, I
    still remember it. I even got to take a
    short ride in it too. I climbed in back
    and pretended to be a millionaire as
    the driver tooled around the parade
    grounds. Well, I’ve still got pictures of
    Cadillac parts lying around after I drew a portrait of the Avon car early
    last year. Combine that with what’s
    here, and I’ve got enough for one really cool car.

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  18. Ed Klapstein

    I don’t know how they can call it one of two when it didn’t start out as a woody wagon? Was it one of two that were converted from a convert? And as was stated above why modify a very expensive and desirable convertible?

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  19. Maggy

    Really cool car.This guy either got sick or needs $ now for whatever reason. It’s a shame he couldn’t finish it. Lot of labor and dough is in this baby.

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  20. Glenn SchwassMember

    That is very nicely done. I love the interior andvthevusevof a 500 CUIN V-8.

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  21. George

    400 horses in 1970, 235 in 1973. Might be close with the triple crabs, but I want to see dyno results.

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