Grab Bag Barn Find: Would You Buy It?

'78 Blind purchase

Here’s a first on Barn Finds. Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri is this 1978 “historic muscle machine” blind purchase for $10K. According to the seller, inside this garage is a 1978 something or other with 97,000 miles, with a 350 Turbo paired to a 3 speed transmission.  There are new tires on the mystery machine with side pipes, cyclone rims, T-tops, tinted windows and is rust free. The red running car will be unveiled at the time of purchase and you can drive it home. The seller claims the car will appraise for more then the asking price.  The seller is only taking phone calls.  “SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!”  “FOR THE SERIOUS CAR COLLECTOR!”  NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE- GUARANTEED.” Seems like a strange way to sell a car…



  1. Eric

    It’s been removed

  2. MountainMan

    Very odd

  3. Donnie


  4. MG's

    Someone will be very happy or very disappointed! Not me. Not that much of a gambler

  5. Art Fink

    Keep us updated as to what happens……..

  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    There weren’t any good cars in ’78, were there? That was my first clue.

    • Dolphin Member

      That was my thought too. Maybe `60s, but not 1978.

      I have better things to do with $10K than gamble with a CL shark.

  7. nighttrainx03

    Maybe a Trans-Am.

  8. Brian

    what about a G body

  9. joeinthousandoaks

    Turbo? Would likely be a Trans Am. If it actually existed but I would not buy a mystery car….

    • GOldman

      350 Turbo, not but maybe 403 Turbo? I still think it’s a Vette

  10. Brian

    ya right after I posted I thought about trans am but wasn’t the turbo in like 1980 or something?

    • BCG 1

      I bet the turbo was referring to the trans as it was mentioned in the same sentence as ‘3 speed’. I can’t imaging any turbo car with side pipes.

  11. Doug Towsley

    Flagged, too bad, might have been fun to see what happens. maybe the seller will repost. “Aaaaaannnnnndddd Behind door number #3!”

  12. Steve


  13. BCG 1

    ‘No dissaponintments, guaranteed’. Literally that means you get your money back if disappointed.

    Think the seller knows that?

  14. piper62j

    Don’t even go there.. Put your 10k back in the bank and sit on it for a while..

  15. Pookie Jamie p

    My thought is a Hurst olds…. 78 was a smaller car…. Or a Vette… My wife thinks Nova Super sport….

  16. DREW V.

    Not big on buying a Pig in a poke…

  17. jimbosidecar

    I wouldn’t buy any 1978 car

  18. Jason Houston

    Another scam. Welcome to the Internet, the world-class Disneyland of Fraud.

  19. RollerD

    The ad needed to be pulled. “350 Turbo”? Can’t recall any car with a factory 350 turbocharged engine. Or, as previous posters mentioned, they were referring to the transmission.

    • Hector

      Not turbocharged, Turbo-Fire. That was Chevy’s marketing term for small block engines from 1955 to the late 1970s

  20. Rob Steingruber

    Like “Let’s Make a Deal” this sounds like a ZONK!!

  21. jeff6599

    Plus there were no true muscle cars in 1978. Probably just ignorantly referring to a cam, headers and aftermarket carburetion making anything a muscle car. T tops and cyclone wheels were popular on corvettes of that era, but ‘vettes were never referred to a muscle cars either. Sport cars. Later dudes

  22. pontiactivist

    Late 70’s yenko camaros were turbo charged. Not sure if they were available in 78. But my guess is they are they are talking about the transmission.

  23. Dan h

    The whole thing is silly.

  24. Michael Rogers

    Why can’t the guy have a bit of fun?did Camaros have T Tops in 78? they did in he 80’s/.
    $10 K would be a bit lite .for a Vette wouldn’t it?

  25. Dairymen

    I was born at night…..

    This guy is brain dead! If I want to piss away $$$ I know of better ways that are a lot more fun!

  26. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Maybe the next big thing in the stratospheric pricing of collectable cars ! The garage where something was stored !

  27. jim s


  28. kenzo

    Does the building come with it?? and all the plates??
    What a load of BS. but it may sell. Who nose…..

  29. Ed P

    No thanks. Anybody want some swamp land?

  30. Willy

    The seller knows everything, and we know nothing. Who is going to get the best of that deal?

  31. Woodie Man

    Hillbilly wife has a small dispute with hilllbilly hubbie……….puts his car up fer sale….they reconcile and the ad comes down.

  32. Wayne

    I,m from Sydney Australia, if a buyer for this car is found, would they please contact me,I have a harbour bridge for sale, cheap

    • rusty

      g’day mate…you better be quick before our government sells it off [doesnt matter which gov they are all the same]. Maybe a bulk deal with the Opera House and the Harbour as their mining bubble has burst.

      Like 1
  33. randy

    I did not see Carol Merrill or Jay by the door, must be a gag.
    We need to put out an APB for Monty Hall, this was his doing.

  34. rusty

    love the concept

    wish it was still up or maybe it got sold hee hee???

    great for the gamblers.

  35. Howard A Member

    For eternal happiness, send your dollars today, to Howard A @ “Happy Dude in N.Wisconsin” Don’t delay.

  36. p

    Chevette Scooter

  37. NiftyK

    Hmm T-tops, cyclone rims, red. Not a Hurst Olds nor Pontiac, or buick . Trans Am would not have a 350 motor so I am thinking either a Camaro or a ‘vette . definitely a scam

  38. Your Name

    Surprise..surprise. It was flagged and removed.

  39. Larry M

    Chevy Chevette ?

  40. jim

    Sounds like $5000 car for $10,000.

  41. Devin

    Sounds like a Corvette or a Trans Am

  42. HeadMaster1

    T-Tops could be a Vette, Trans Am, Roadrunner, or Mustang…..Side pipes weren’t factory on anything but maybe a Stutz……..

  43. bcavileer

    fruit loop.

  44. Lovell

    Hope we get a update on this kinda like to know what he got

    • randy

      Donald Trump used a word the other day that would fit what the buyer got real well.

  45. PRA4SNW

    2 things:

    99% certain it was a joke/scam. Anyone can drive by a car buff’s garage and snap a photo to post on CL.

    350 Turbo is a popular transmission. Not sure why so many think it is an engine.

  46. Doug Towsley

    While a lot of people had negative comments on this, I think it is worth noting that of all the postings on barn finds i have subscribed to over the last year this one by far and away got the most comments and views that I am aware of.
    So, in that vein, win-win. Great post to this website, and kinda a genius idea for marketing. I am thinking that in early January I will give it a whirl on my local CL and Feebay along with some other listings just to garner page views and web traffic.
    like it or not, brilliant idea!

    • rusty

      I agree doug

      as I stated above a great concept.

      The Internet been too boring lately

      • randy

        Not boring if you look in the correct places. Not there either!!

        This old world is coming undone.

  47. rusty

    Perhaps I should rephrase that barn finds has been too angry lately. Hence boring.

    This was at least something entirely different and an interesting concept though creates it’s own anger.

  48. Dean

    Do you get the garage thrown in as well?

  49. Telly

    The only thing worthwhile from ’78 was, in my opinion, the Dodge lil’ red express pickup truck…

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