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Grandfather’s Car: Reliant Scimitar GTE


This listing for a Reliant Scimitar GTE here on eBay in the UK shows a pretty dramatic before-and-after following the car being washed clean of its covering of mold and dust. The seller says it’s his grandfather’s old car and now that he has passed away, it is up for grabs. While it’s a long-shot for any of us here in the U.S. to own, it is rather amazing to see the transformation that took place after a quick wash! 


The body doesn’t even look that bad in the post-cleaning photos. The fiberglass construction has certainly been an asset in this situation, as a metal-bodied car left to rot in seemingly damp conditions would be a pile of rust by now. The glass is intact and the wheels are presentable; however, the next British owner will have to deal with getting a new MOT as the car hasn’t been on the road for some time. It was last started two years ago.


The interior also looks largely complete, but the seller does mention it smells damp. This is one of my least favorite aspects of project cars. If there’s the scent of mildew or that clammy feeling like only trapped moisture can provide, I want to run the other way. Seeing as the weather-stripping is hanging off the door, I’m guessing this Reliant will need all of its door and window gaskets inspected and replaced. Fortunately, it appears that the carpet and seating surfaces just need a cleaning.


It looks like the remnants of some sort of vinyl roof wrap is largely gone but I don’t see any ugliness underneath. The rear glass is clearly covered in moisture, so finding a way to keep the dampness out will be a chore for the next owner. It may even necessitate removing the carpets to air them out in the event the interior just won’t dry out. But with a solid body and a manual transmission, this could be cheap enough for our British readers to take a chance on.


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I really wish these had come over here in LHD…a nice alternative to a Volvo 1800ES (which I also like).

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  2. JW454

    The before and after pictures are pretty dramatic. They seem to have washed all the air out of the rear tire. LOL Sorry… just trying to be funny.

    I like the design of this old gal. Nice project.

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  3. Rick

    never seen one of these before, dint even know they exist!

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  4. cliffyc

    Worked with a guy here in merrie England,who had owned two Scimitars and he told the sage advice that if you crashed one ,get out fast as being plastic bodied they could get very firey,very quick!!

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  5. Glenn

    Never won any popularity contest here in Scotland. The only good thing about a Reliant Scimitar was the Ford V6 engine and gearbox.
    I remember a guy so angry at his car he kicked a hole right through the cheap quality fibreglass bodywork in broad daylight on a busy town center street.
    Reliant was also known in the UK for their moronic three wheel car known as the Reliant Robin. Laughable but true. Sadly the silly 3 wheeler grossly outsold the Scimitar.

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  6. brakeservo

    There’s a beautifully restored on here in Las Cruces, NM. Been for sale for nearly a year. You couldn’t ship the one on offer here, and restore it for anywhere near what you can buy the car in New Mexico for, even if it were given to you for free.

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  7. recar

    A neighbour has a LHD variant [Vancouver BC area ] I believe he said it was originally destined for European delivery. I was amazed at how spartan they are inside.

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  8. graham64

    I saw a fully restored one at the car show that was part of the Australia Day (January 26) celebrations in Sydney. They are rare even in the UK, so hopefully this one will be restored as well.

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  9. ydnar

    Good catch, and funny JW454. Things that make you go Hmmmm. It must be a fast leaker.

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