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Grandma’s 190SL: 1962 Mercedes 190SL

There are countless stories of people finding amazing cars parked in a Grandma’s garage, but rarely is it the story teller’s Grandmother and it usually doesn’t involve a Mercedes Roadster. Well in this case the car is a 1962 Mercedes 190SL, which was bought new by the seller’s Grandmother. The car has been well maintained by the family and is now being offered here on eBay.

The seller’s Grandmother bought this car new in Columbus, Ohio and apparently used it to drive to her business, which was only a block from her home. The car has been well maintained over its entire life and has only seen 30,000 miles. The car was serviced twice a year and has documentation of each service and the work performed since the day it was new.

The engine looks clean and the seller says it runs strong. Some of the fittings, hoses, and clamps are rusty, but none of it looks serious. This car is located in Ohio, so some rust is to be expected. The 190SL is powered by a 1.9 liter straight 4, which was derived from the 300SL’s straight 6 and produces 104 hp. With some elbow grease, new hoses, and a few new fittings this engine could easily look like new.

The interior looks superb and the red on black combination looks fantastic. We aren’t sure how much of the interior is original and how much is new, but everything looks as good as the day this car left the showroom. Both the soft and hard tops look like new as well.

This car is in amazing condition, we only wish it was our Grandma that had owned it. It’s sad that the family is selling this car after keeping it for so many years. Hopefully, whoever ends up with this car will keep it in its original condition and enjoy it the way we imagine the original owner did.


  1. Ebbo

    Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous.

    Just curious, isn’t driving a car daily for only one block the worst kind of wear you can put on it?

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  2. CT

    Yep, but I still want it……

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  3. Allison

    It appears the listing has been removed from eBay.

    Amazing find & I Hope it found a great home!

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  4. knickerbocker

    The interior is “like new” because it IS. Bozo.

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  5. Autobahner44

    At an minimum opening bid of $89,500, they must be smoking a lot of dope down in Columbus these days!

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  6. Steve

    meh. The later 1960’s roadster is much better looking. Lines on these not nearly as pleasing.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    Grandma drove it to work a block away every day….in Blacklick, Ohio?

    I guess there have been stranger stories, but if there was ever a time when you don’t want stories with a car…..given the price, this is it.

    Forget about the grandma stories. Looking at the car, it seems nice. Also seems pricey. Guess 190SL prices must be riding higher on the 300SL’s coattails. For the BIN price of this you could buy 2 houses easy in Columbus right now.

    It seems very nice from the photos, but bottom line: forget the stories, you are buying what you see, nothing more.

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