Grandma’s 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix LS

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix LS

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This Pontiac Grand Prix belonged the seller’s grandparents. They purchased it brand new and took very good care of it. The seller includes a detailed story about the car and how it was mostly used by his grandma. Unfortunately, he made a few mistakes with the paint after he took ownership of it, but it still looks like a respectable cruiser. The interior is clean and has some awesome hounds tooth patterned seats! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s getting harder to find grandma cars like this, so I thought it deserved a mention. Find it here on eBay where bidding is at $1,725 with the auction ending tomorrow!

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  1. Scotty GStaff

    What a great color, a great interior, and an even better story!

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  2. Doug M. (West Coast)

    Well, I wondered where/when if ever a 78 Pontiac would show up as a car of interest! One of the very few cars I bought brand new when I was fresh out of college was a 1978 Grand Prix. Mine was silver outside with a red “velour” interior, bucket seats, glass t-tops and the wire spoke hubcaps. It was a very pretty car for being a 78 Pontiac. But it was a 78 Pontiac!! We had just had our first child, so I sold my 63 Jag XKE Coupe that was my daily driver to “do the practical thing!” I eventually painted the Pontiac black, then sold it a few years later. Then I kinda went back to older cars and I don’t think I have bought a new car since then! Probably would be kinda nice if that XKE was still in my garage!

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  3. rmward194Member

    Nicely optioned car. Plus it’s got a V8! It’s an LJ, they didn’t make and LS model in 1978. The models were base, LJ and SJ. If I remember correctly the color was called Seafoam Green. I was a porter at a Pontiac store when this was a new car.

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  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Don’t hate on me but if I had to drive one of THE most hideous body styles GM ever produced, with interior designs to match…it’d be this GP and not a Cutlass, Monte Carlo or Regal (or whatever Buick’s was).

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  5. Roselandpete

    Sad when I think of what the GPs and Monte Carlos were like before the downsizing.

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  6. Chuck

    Don’t hate the color, style or interior. I am a body man/painter & could easily make this a daily driver/ grocery getter for a fraction of what you can buy a cheap piece of new foreign crap. Just my opinion, not looking for a job—way out of my area.

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  7. geomechs geomechsMember

    Some people may like this version but I was disappointed when Pontiac changed the design of the Grand Prix. 1977 was the best design ever and they took a monstrous saw to it and chopped it off square. I might add that the LeMans got changed too. I bought a ’78 Grand Am which didn’t seem to have suffered as much as the others but still fell way short of what used to be.

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  8. David Zornig

    We had an Avis franchise in our Texaco back in `78.
    Avis pulled out mid year, leaving a Grand Prix in the parking garage across the street in the Holiday Inn. That car sat there for more than a year. despite repeated calls to Avis corporate. I think it had about 1,100 miles on it when they finally showed up to retrieve it around 1980.

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  9. Bob S

    My landlord sold me one of these that didn’t run because the plug wires were toast for $200 in the mid 80’s. It had a 305. I quite enjoyed my first personal luxury car. For the money it was very comfy on the highway and served me well till I unloaded it. Always was ugly, then and now. Only V-8 I have ever owned.

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  10. Chris


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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    I had a ’78 Grand LeMans, so similar to this car in many ways.
    The V8 in Pontiacs were 301’s. My only complaint for that car was the tires which came on it. Uniroyal, I think. Darn near square. I’d had enough at 20K miles, and invested in a set of Michelin. What a difference!
    One of my friends still mentions that car on occasion, as the one he really liked. The interior was plush and comfortable, and since I had bought it new, it was always kept clean and properly maintained. Hated to see it go.

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  12. roger

    WOW!!! Would love to have it.

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  13. Rod Munch

    When I got my learner’s permit, the very first car I drove was a 1980 Grand Prix.
    After seeing this one, however, I’m disappointed that my dad didn’t spend a little more time car shopping. Ours didn’t have too many — if any — options. Just a 3.8 V6 with an automatic and a radio. That was about it. This one is LOADED compared to the one that we had! This one looks to be a good, honest car. Interesting find!

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  14. Jubjub

    Neighbors had a burgundy one like this. Would look really nice repainted with a set of WS6 snowflakes.

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  15. Alan (Michigan )

    Sold for $2225.
    Bargain city. There is a lot of life left in that car. Someone will be enjoying a cushy ride for years.

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  16. Prowler

    When I think of a grand prix……this is not the one that comes to mind
    And the worst green ever…..but then make it triple green…..Yikes

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  17. MikeK

    Sorry, have to pass. My ex-mother-in-law had one of these… BAAAAAD JU JU!!! lol

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  18. Rando

    IMO, this is THE UGLIEST car GM ever made. Sorry. Too Boxy and that tall space between the wheel opening and fender tops was hideous. It may be a great car, but not for me.

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