Grandma’s Car: 1966 Chevelle Malibu

left front

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This Chevelle listed on Craigslist in Memphis, Tennessee appears to be a great barn find, a completely original, low mile gem. And, it’s only got two doors and no B pillar! You might think it has shiny new paint until you see pictures from the rear. The asking is as ambitious as always, but perhaps there’s someone willing to pay $19,999 for this Chevy. It’s a numbers matching 283 automatic car with factory air. It’s said to have only 52,000 miles and to run and drive well.

left rear.

From here you can see the paint is original and needs help. The hubcaps and trim are all there and look to be in good shape.

inside front

The upholstery could even be original, but there’s no leather here. One could hope for something more sporty, but this is strictly basic.



It even has factory radio delete. The factory A/C was not a common option even in the 1960s. The carpet and pedals look to be in pretty good condition and help make the mileage claim believable.


It would have been nice to have at least one picture under the hood, but this Chevelle looks like it just might be OK under there and a nice car. I hope the new owner keeps this original, but there are lots of possibilities that include bucket seats, tall wheels and such. What would you do with it? Your comments will be interesting to read.

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  1. dj

    Wow. I can’t believe that someone hasn’t made this a Chevelle SS 396 clone yet. It’s nice to see original cars like this.

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  2. JW454

    Air conditioning and no radio… odd combo. I like it. Nice color too.

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  3. jim s

    now down to $18900. i too hope this stays stock. back when you could pick each option unlike today when you have to take a package of options. great find.

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  4. Steve

    I have a buddy who has the 67 version of this car. Same color even. It had a 327/ 3 spd that he swapped to a 4 speed. It had a vinyl top which rusted out under the back window and ruined the trunk floor. He welded in a new trunk floor but completely tore the car apart at least twenty years ago. He has two ss hoods, spare doors , factory bucket seats and console. It is sitting inside at least, with a 70 plum crazy purple challenger R/T (about half apart) and a hemi orange 70 Dart (not alart but has needed only brakes for about ten years. I have tried to talk him out of any or all of them to no avail.

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  5. Fred

    This needs to go in a museum so someday car lovers can see what an “un messed with” Chevelle looked like. Back in the day, there were probably 10 of these for every SS.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hi Fred. I was watching the BJ Auction one day and one of the announcers commented that there are far more ‘Numbers-Matching’ SS’s out there now than were ever made.

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  6. Starline58

    I’d add some period mags and front disc brakes if it doesn’t already have them – but that’s it.

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  7. Jeffsr

    I live in Memphis and this car is right down the road from where I stay, Just wish I was home so I could take a look at it but I would probably buy it. This car is one that is on my bucket list. My step dad had a 66 SS with the 283 3 speed. He sold it to a guy that beat the crap out of it.

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  8. Charles

    Great car! I would also hope that it remains original.

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  9. Chebby

    Very greedy price. Unless you enjoy everything looking worn, there’s lots of work to do on this one, and other than the (smallest) V8 and A/C it’s a base model in a boring color.

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  10. DRV

    This and the previous Satellite post are 2 great representations of the hobby that have my interest. Customs are cool, restorers are cool, mods are cool, but in these I
    see so much more.

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  11. JW

    I like it and with some body work it could be a nice driver but he needs to be realistic about the price.

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  12. Eric Dashman

    Nice car, but I would tart it up a lot. Dump the powerglide and bench seat. I like the color. Heat up the 283 a bit. A radio/CD/USB/screen would be nice as would the SS gauge package. Improve suspension and brakes.

    I know….anathema to the purists who want a low mileage grandma’s car to be kept as a museum piece, but this was not a rare car in its time and there are still lots of them around. This is a great starting point for a hot car, especially in the hardtop mode. IMHO :-)

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  13. Rando

    Very nice. However, looks to me like the driver’s front fender has been repainted. Does not match the door. Just something to check if you’re the buyer.

    Way out of my league, but great car. Hope it stays sorta stock at least. No need for another clone or pro touring rig for sale at Mecum.

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    • Rocco

      Look at it again, the right front fender is rough compared to the driver door. It almost looks like both doors were repainted. But it is a 50 year old car.

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      • Alan (Michigan)

        Likely that grandma roughed up the car here and there over the years. That would mean occasional body work, until not much of it really matched. I’d guess that there are a number of body panels which have been individually painted, and that has led to the appearance of multiple color and shine variations.

        Repriced at $17900. Still too much for a plane Jane car that is in reality not so original, or all that nice and clean.

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    My buddies passed around one of these in high school back in the late 70’s. It was aqua marine color which was hideous at the time but cool now. My first bud bought it for $100 from an old lady. I then told another buddy about it and that he wanted $250 for it, which he bought.
    Then I told another bud about it and it was sold to him for $500.
    Each of them hot rodded it and the last buddy did a color change at my suggestion to a maroon color and dyed the aqua interior black.
    That little 283 would burn wheels and was quick, I never made a dime off of these sales but by all accounts it was like my car. Pretty saavy for a 16 yr old now that I think about it LOL, fun times.

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  15. geomechs geomechsMember

    If it were in my budget I would love to take this Grandma’s car and turn it into a Grandpa’s car. Tune it up and drive it. Maybe even take it to a Sunday show’n’shine. I’ll bet it would get more attention than the half-dozen SS clones that are bound to show up.

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  16. Roselandpete

    It’s a nice car but not $20k nice. I wouldn’t do anything to it except add a radio. I like my old cars as close to stock as possible. In my experience, souped up jobs are a dime-a-dozen. It’s the bone stock ones that are hard to find.

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  17. Vince Habel

    Google me and 67 Malibu and you will find my dad’s 67. It sold at BJ.

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  18. stillrunners

    With Rocco…..that left fender just doesn’t look right….and is it not funny there is no motor or trunk picture ? Anyway nice car for under $9999.95

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  19. Rotag999

    I agree would like a peak under the hood and under neath shot. The trunk lid looks pretty rusty…..

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